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I try to do my best, since september 2011, to found very interesting punk news because I STILL listening and checking this PUNK scene in general and as far as i'm concerned it isn't a DYING SCENE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the nineties, I was one of the co-former chief editor for a french paper fanzine, ,co-presenter for a radio-program ,and co-organizer of international punk shows for nearly 10 years during 'the golden age of this scene'.
I have interviewed mostly in France (before or after their concerts in their tour buses, backstages, on phone...) more than 100 bands to name a few Bad Religion (Greg, Brett and Jay), NoFx (Mike and Erik), Sick of It All (Lou), Goldfinger (John), Descendents (Bill and Stephen), Unwritten Law (Scott) , Strung Out (Jordan and Chris), Good Riddance (Russ and Chuck), Dropkick Murphys (Ken), Pennywise (Fletcher), Vodoo Glow Skulls (Casillas bros), LagWagon (Joey and Shawn), No Use for A Name (Tony, Rory, Matt), Total Chaos (Rob), The Vandals (Joe and Dave), Hard Ons, Buzzcocks, D.I (Casey), Blink 182 (Mark and Tom), AFI (Davey), MXPX (Mike) , Slackers (Vic), Hepcat (Alex), Down by Law (Dave), Ten Foot Pole (Denis), 88 Fingers Louie, Suicide Machines, Swingin Utters, Agnostic Front, Snuff, SNFU, RKL, All (Bill and stephen), No Fun At All (Ingemar), Satanic Surfers, Millencolin, Diesel Boy, DOA (Joey), The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Samiam, Refused, The Hives, The Queers, MU330, Skankin Pickle, Mr T Experience, Mc Rackins, .....local punk bands ... between 1992 and 2000 ......
Nowadays, I mostly check the internet that's LIFE ....and with a few rare exceptions i try to interview these punk guys (tragically i have done one of my latest interview with late NUFAN leader Tony SLY this past summer 2012 in MONTREAL !!!!...I don't know if i will do others interviews in the sad and disturbing stuff)

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  1. Great job happy Valentine day for all you folks love is part of punk rock culture and share it

  2. True solid punk rock forces since a long time ...never be disapointed by the santa cruz crew...brilliant video 4 great performers still on the top thanks quebec's Rawcut media.

  3. Sad day for punk rock .......RIP TBR Brandon


  5. The video with acting from the bands

  6. Great song and lyrics awsome bass line will be one of the album of 2015 if all the songs are like this one..Brad logan one of my favorite ex roadie for Rancid and leader of F MINUS !!!

  7. Take a look at this "french" Get Dead T shirt with the fat headmaster !!!

  8. US tour flyer European Flyer

  9. Check the flyer

  10. ah i like news from the very rare french DSscenesters ......i wish i could go to spain !!!!

  11. Good one you can also check this UK stuff

  12. as always amazing comp from europe !!! go Belgians !!!

  13. one french date here's the flyer

  14. .....3rd video for AF old guys on top !!!

  15. ....another documentary about this ....DYING scene ....still alive and influential

  16. ...still around the swedish RANCID !!!!!

  17. That's a problem listening music or finding news ...if you are on the road every day for long distances it's for me the best way to listening to music ...and even better on the way to a show....

  18. In your face a perfect duo !!!!

  19. the flyer

  20. 90's band still around and better than ever for mostly of them it should be the same for satanic surfers we will see good luck to them...and long 2nd live for the band!!!