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I try to do my best, since september 2011, to found very interesting punk news because I STILL listening and checking this PUNK scene in general and as far as i'm concerned it isn't a DYING SCENE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the nineties, I was one of the co-former chief editor for a french paper fanzine, ,co-presenter for a radio-program ,and co-organizer of international punk shows for nearly 10 years during 'the golden age of this scene'.
I have interviewed mostly in France (before or after their concerts in their tour buses, backstages, on phone...) more than 100 bands to name a few Bad Religion (Greg, Brett and Jay), NoFx (Mike and Erik), Sick of It All (Lou), Goldfinger (John), Descendents (Bill and Stephen), Unwritten Law (Scott) , Strung Out (Jordan and Chris), Good Riddance (Russ and Chuck), Dropkick Murphys (Ken), Pennywise (Fletcher), Vodoo Glow Skulls (Casillas bros), LagWagon (Joey and Shawn), No Use for A Name (Tony, Rory, Matt), Total Chaos (Rob), The Vandals (Joe and Dave), Hard Ons, Buzzcocks, D.I (Casey), Blink 182 (Mark and Tom), AFI (Davey), MXPX (Mike) , Slackers (Vic), Hepcat (Alex), Down by Law (Dave), Ten Foot Pole (Denis), 88 Fingers Louie, Suicide Machines, Swingin Utters, Agnostic Front, Snuff, SNFU, RKL, All (Bill and stephen), No Fun At All (Ingemar), Satanic Surfers, Millencolin, Diesel Boy, DOA (Joey), The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Samiam, Refused, The Hives, The Queers, MU330, Skankin Pickle, Mr T Experience, Mc Rackins, .....local punk bands ... between 1992 and 2000 ......
Nowadays, I mostly check the internet that's LIFE ....and with a few rare exceptions i try to interview these punk guys (tragically i have done one of my latest interview with late NUFAN leader Tony SLY this past summer 2012 in MONTREAL !!!!...I don't know if i will do others interviews in the sad and disturbing stuff)

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  1. bob9746 dying

    the flyer

  2. bob9746 dying

    nice news let's listen to it

  3. bob9746 dying

    Brilliant makes my day, my week....really happy to hear that latest show in Montebello Canada

  4. bob9746 dying

    ....welcome back to the nineties it makes me feel younger or older it depends !!! But nice news for fans like us ....thanks russ and his band members

  5. bob9746 dying

    same song live @ Reading PA past Feb 2014

  6. bob9746 dying

    nice stuff guys it reminds me the only time i saw them in South of FRANCE 1999 ... a blast did interviews

  7. bob9746 dying

    NEMLESS french punk acts (RIP) I saw a LOT of melodic punk rock bands in my life around 50 a year during 10 years in the nineties but this one was very very good it was closed they will be signed by EPITAPH Europe but it didn't happen ...the guitar player is now in BABYLON CIRCUS

  8. bob9746 dying

    Smart nostalgic video PW a band is a background one of the legendary act of the southern california sound and style....just forget the skate stuff

  9. bob9746 dying

    Nice voice and energy in the vein of AWS Mute but we heard too much the drums

  10. bob9746 dying
  11. bob9746 dying

    Awsome GUYS from the SW of FRANCE to be compare as the french AWS !!!!

  12. bob9746 dying

    The flyer

  13. bob9746 dying

    Old stuff or recent stuff

  14. bob9746 dying

    Yes, it's nice to see for real the DS scenesters !!! For the moment far too far from mostly of the DS team ...

  15. bob9746 dying

    Either you like it and found this awsome or neither you hated it no average comments or opinion it's GOOD or BAD for me it's AWSOME

  16. bob9746 dying

    Definetely need to see them live ....Fat wreck still found pearls in this "punk" world but beware of them as Fat Mike said "Masked Intruder are staying at my house in Vegas tonite. I hope they steal something." recently on his tweet account

  17. bob9746 dying

    Shit !!!!! one of my fav band when i'm in Europe or Northern America i always missed them at least for one or two delays will be the same for this tour !!!

  18. bob9746 dying

    Awsome fast melodic video nice voice and shouting chorus !!!

  19. bob9746 dying

    Nice artwork and good popunk wait for the entire album

  20. bob9746 dying

    Love the album cover like "ultimate stage diving !!!!"