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  1. connor_maoil dying

    This album has had me laughing in a good genuine way for a month now. Love it.

  2. connor_maoil dying

    After this past year's lineup I definitely feel safe about buying these this early this time around.

  3. connor_maoil dying

    Came here to basically say everything in the review. Loved this one. Just like American Slang, Fallon does such a great job of capturing the "stuck in nostalgia in America" thing, but even that same concept repeated is done well enough to sound fresh and timeless.

  4. connor_maoil dying

    Quaint romanticism and the 50's greaser vibe would annoy me too....if they weren't done SO DAMN WELL here.

  5. connor_maoil dying

    I seemed to miss this when it was posted, this is awesome!

  6. connor_maoil dying

    Perhaps 2/10 is a little to harsh, yes, but I really think that the complete lack of originality in the songwriting PLUS the lack of progress create just a completely boring record. In re-reading my review I realize I also didn't stress enough the really flat lyrics. In earlier material like "Turn The Radio Off" or "Don't Start A Band" they did a great job with the whole jaded-musician style of lyrics, whereas now, the quality has deteriorated to shit like "Hiding In My Headphones" which feels like it was taken from a seventh grader's notebook. In any case, thanks for your honest opinion and critique.

  7. connor_maoil dying

    The stars function is being glitchy lately.

  8. connor_maoil dying

    Just as good as Warning Device.

  9. connor_maoil dying

    I'm in love with this already. Some of the band's best work is here.

  10. connor_maoil dying

    Reel Big Fish has a lot of good and bad covers but I love this one. It's a really cool and different take on the original and somehow the reggae jam works.

  11. connor_maoil dying

    As far as humor is concerned, I genuinely feel like songs like "Don't Start A Band" or "She Has A Girlfriend Now" were genuinely funny with some clever lines/witty quips. There was nothing on this album even similar. The only surefire way to turn good music into bad music is to repeat it over and over again.

  12. connor_maoil dying

    Is the Matt Skiba cover supposed to remind me of that Dwarves album?

  13. connor_maoil dying

    I think Stickles' voice is absolutely perfect for what he does, but vocally, he's not a good singer. That's not a slap in the face to him, I really love this band and again, his style is perfect.

  14. connor_maoil dying

    Just got this in the mail yesterday, really pumped to start reading it.

  15. connor_maoil dying

    Sounds a bit like what I imagine Frank Turner's hardcore band is going to sound like...a bit.

  16. connor_maoil dying

    Hope they tour soon. We need some of this in Wisco.

  17. connor_maoil dying

    Probably the best band that has a horrible singer.

  18. connor_maoil dying

    Because it's easier to get angry at the face of the problem, something clear and easy to see like corporations, rather than the true problem, which is the government harboring of corporate greed.

  19. connor_maoil dying

    Cool video, awesome album. Everything I loved about "Serf City" expanded upon.

  20. connor_maoil dying

    You are correct, sir! Thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix that mistake right away. -Connor