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At some point over the last 10 years the Punk Scene began to lose its Angst. It might have begun when mainstream media decided to dub bands of the corporate produced, high-pitched vocal variety as "punk". Unfortunately, as some of these bands saw success among the masses, many of the punk labels responsible for the golden years of the 90's saw the dollar signs in backing a publicly palatable sound and quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

Seemingly overnight a genre known for its desperation, anger and nonconformity became known for its goofyness, whininess and catchy hooks. At the same time the old bands that built the Punk Scene of the 90's began to grow stale as their own success robbed them of the discontentment that once fueled their rage and drove their music.

But that angst is still out there. I created this website to expose to wider audiences the bands that still have that fire burning inside them. I created it to pump new blood into the anemic state of true Punk Rock today and to help salvage the remains of a DYING SCENE.

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  1. "Shelter" and "A New America" by American Pinup were two of my favorite punk songs released last year! (or was it two years ago?)

  2. Shows what kind of punk rock journalist I am. I totally thought it was a brand new album. Personally, I'm excited cuz it means I have two full albums from these guys I can check out right now. "Professionally", I need to step up my reporting game!

  3. Mr. Weasel spouts out a lot of misconceptions. Do you think he's just doing it to real life troll us?

  4. Seems a little harsh and certainly not how I would describe it. Are you just trolling? You must be trolling. And I just fell for it!

  5. Never quite as good as Less Than Jake though...

  6. Sorta hate to admit it but I love it!

  7. Ha. OK, that's a start. Glad you guys are liking SOMETHING. Over the coming weeks we'll be making lots of tweaks. Who knows, maybe we keep all the layout changes but just invert back to white text on darker backgrounds again. This feedback is helpful though! And yes, the styles on these comment replies is top of the list!

  8. Stoked.

  9. Not at all what I was expecting but gotta say I quite enjoyed it. Seems more like something you'd expect to hear on "Duh" and that's not a bad thing at all.

  10. Dying Scene Records 09/21/2014 5:09 PM

    Nope. We find all our signings through the regular channels of our news coverage. In other words, submit your music for news and review consideration on and if we like your stuff enough we'll approach you about putting the album out through DS Records.

  11. Thanks, dude! Glad somebody's listening!

  12. After seeing Revival Tour last week I'm really getting more into these types of releases.

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