Dear Punk Rock: I'll never gonna give you up,
never gonna let you down!

Recent Comments Made By IceSea

  1. Good List... Punk Rock Hillbilly is awesome! First thing I've heard was a live Bro Hymn version (probably here on DyingScene ;)

  2. I think this is the correct Teenage Bottlerocket song

  3. Love it! I wanted to rebuy some of my Albums for some time now... buying "major" and supporting a platform for all the great smaller bands out there...

  4. So many smiles :) Agree with D.Duwaer to hear such a great tribute!

  5. Really really good Album... definitely one of the best of 2013...

  6. The Argument 04/22/2013 12:04 PM

    Anyone knows when "Nothing Fades" will be released? Or any more Infos? Got hooked on "Tasteless Life" since March...

  7. yeah, Zoli was definitely the better choice! Btw, are there any studio/demo takes of Zoli doing older PW songs?

  8. And again, thats why I fuckin love this site... This is more than just a great band, so thanks for posting this! My only problem was, why the hell can't I buy the music from Bancamp?! I hate iTunes (no, I don't want your Apple program) and even on Amazon you have to install a program for downloading entire I'd rather pay 15 USD on Bandcamp than 9 on Amazon... so dear Get Dead guys... next time, please consider it or some other alternatives that work for most parts of the world!

  9. Woah, really nice Band! Especially liked Song No.5 "Refused"...