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    Wow, the new Bandcamp layout is slick! It's cool how they have pages for the bands with all their records on them. And it's nice to see some of the lesser known Fat bands on there.

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    Geez, this is probably the 10th time they've toured the US without stopping in Florida!

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    Tell me about it. You and me both, dude!

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    Title track's okay, not my favorite. 2nd song's awesome - super fast, really catchy. Don't Want In is also great. Overall, 2/3 isn't bad!

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    He's played drums for a ton of bands including The Ergs, Star Fucking Hipsters, House Boat, etc. He's also a solo artist. Here's one of the most popular Ergs songs (he played drums and sang in this band):

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    1) I was relaxed. Don't know what lead you to believe I wasn't but it's cool 2) I feel like you didn't get what I was saying... I wasn't talking about about your opinion, I was just telling you I said exactly what you said in your initial comment, but in the second paragraph of the actual story, and that you would have seen it and not posted "I believe this is a sketch" had you actually read the story.

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    I believe you didn't read the post to see I said exactly that in the second paragraph.

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    The band's statement listed as the email those who are interested in joining should use.

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    Eh, I've never been big on them myself but I wouldn't call them "hard rock"... I think people just like to throw that label at them now because their stuff's played on every "alternative/hard rock" radio station 24/7.

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    Definitely not deserving of 5 stars in my eyes but it's a good record.

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    Thanks, Mitch! Hope you found some new stuff to listen to :)

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    I got the 7" version w/ 2 tracks instead of the cd w/ however many tracks are on it... I think it's pretty good! The new song's awesome and so is the Tony Sly cover. I've already got the other 7"s the CD version has songs from so I already own all of the songs on the full EP. 3/5 stars seems like a fair rating!

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    Glad to hear someone likes that the battles are back! :) -Dylan

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    I was being pushed (by a bunch of drunken frat boys) into a lady in front of me at a bad religion earlier this year and after it happened the first time i said I was sorry. I guess that wasn't good enough because when it happened the second time she aggressively pushed me by my chest and told me to fuck off... Talk about unchecked aggression.

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    Really, I think that people on both sides (men and women) are at fault. There are those of us men who don't sexually assault woman at shows and there are those of us who do, and it's the same thing for women. I don't think it's really a problem with the scene as a whole, just the fuckwads who can't control themselves. To give you a little perspective from my side of the fence: I have been bothered in a sexual manner at shows before. I went to photograph face to face and teenage bottlerocket last month (i think it was last month) for the site, and for a good 10 minutes this lady behind me in her 30's (around that age) kept fucking grabbing my ass and rubbing my back - and she spilled about half of her beer on me too, which was much appreciated. I'm only 17 (and I'm sure everyone thinks a 17-year-old kid would give an arm and a leg to be felt up by a woman) and it bothered the shit out of me. It made me uncomfortable. I didn't feel like I was being assaulted, just annoyed and fucked with while I was trying to do my thing and photograph the bands and have a good time. So, there. It's not a gender problem. It's a douchebag problem. People need to control themselves and stop fucking with people who don't want to be fucked with.

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    I fixed it... Sorry for any emotional trauma my typo may have brought upon you!

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    Wow, this song is too fucking awesome!!! I'm excited to hear the rest of the album :D

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    That was a bad ass interview!!! The Lagwagon dudes are entertaining :D

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