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    Thanks, Mitch! Hope you found some new stuff to listen to :)

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    I got the 7" version w/ 2 tracks instead of the cd w/ however many tracks are on it... I think it's pretty good! The new song's awesome and so is the Tony Sly cover. I've already got the other 7"s the CD version has songs from so I already own all of the songs on the full EP. 3/5 stars seems like a fair rating!

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    Glad to hear someone likes that the battles are back! :) -Dylan

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    I was being pushed (by a bunch of drunken frat boys) into a lady in front of me at a bad religion earlier this year and after it happened the first time i said I was sorry. I guess that wasn't good enough because when it happened the second time she aggressively pushed me by my chest and told me to fuck off... Talk about unchecked aggression.

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    Really, I think that people on both sides (men and women) are at fault. There are those of us men who don't sexually assault woman at shows and there are those of us who do, and it's the same thing for women. I don't think it's really a problem with the scene as a whole, just the fuckwads who can't control themselves. To give you a little perspective from my side of the fence: I have been bothered in a sexual manner at shows before. I went to photograph face to face and teenage bottlerocket last month (i think it was last month) for the site, and for a good 10 minutes this lady behind me in her 30's (around that age) kept fucking grabbing my ass and rubbing my back - and she spilled about half of her beer on me too, which was much appreciated. I'm only 17 (and I'm sure everyone thinks a 17-year-old kid would give an arm and a leg to be felt up by a woman) and it bothered the shit out of me. It made me uncomfortable. I didn't feel like I was being assaulted, just annoyed and fucked with while I was trying to do my thing and photograph the bands and have a good time. So, there. It's not a gender problem. It's a douchebag problem. People need to control themselves and stop fucking with people who don't want to be fucked with.

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    I fixed it... Sorry for any emotional trauma my typo may have brought upon you!

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    Wow, this song is too fucking awesome!!! I'm excited to hear the rest of the album :D

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    That was a bad ass interview!!! The Lagwagon dudes are entertaining :D

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    Wow, another awesome song from an awesome band!!! l totally recommend that anyone who doesn't already know about these guys checks them out!!! :)

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    Wow, this is totally worth checking out!!! These guys are pretty fucking rad.

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    What an asshole. This guys a bigger dick than that 'Ben Weasel' character!

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    But that wouldn't be nearly as fun as this is!!!

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    This actually is a REALLY funny movie. I noticed that the nofx album was on the top of that pile when he held it up and laughed. I didn't notice the offspring poster though. I'll watch it again, lol.

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    Damn dude! You just took a giant shit on this EP D= It kicks ass. Also, you made a mistake getting it on CD... The LP has so much more novelty to it.

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    Broskidoodle, KROQ is streaming the album in it's entirety (or at least i think they are...) let's just say that's how we've all hear it.

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    These albums and their artwork are all CLASSIC! Happy birthday Mark!!!

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    this song's fucking awesome!