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Bands/artists I've been blessed enough to interview:
Kenny Livingston (Sugarcult)
Danny Thompson (Face To Face/Why We Kill)
Sergie Loobkoff (Samiam)
Alex Johnson (The Bogarts)
Sean Morris (The Reveling)
Scott Russo (Unwritten Law)
Trever Keith (Face To Face) - Thrice
Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche, etc.)
Dave Hause - twice
Mike McColgan (Street Dogs, FM359) - Thrice
Chuck Ragan - twice
Ken Casey (Dropkick Murphys)
Rick Barton (Continental, FM359, ex-Dropkick Murphys) - Twice solo, once w.FM359
Beans On Toast
TJ Welch (The Welch Boys)
Tim Barry (twice)
Lenny Lashley (solo/Street Dogs)
Jason Black (The Draft/Hot Water Music/Senses Fail)
Marc Orrell (Wild Roses, ex-Dropkick Murphys)
Nat Rufus (Blacklist Royals)
Johnny Rioux (FM359, Street Dogs)
Matt (Booze & Glory)
Wade Youman (Unwritten Law)
Jake Smith AKA The White Buffalo
Frank Turner
Gord Taylor (The Real McKenzies)
Charlie Bender (The Attack!)
Nathen Maxwell (The Bunny Gang/ Flogging Molly)
Rocco Deluca
Rob Lynch
Joshua Black Wilkins
Cory Branan
Joey Cape
Jason Cruz
Brian Baker
Rocky Votolato
Daniel Heptinstall (Skinny Lister)

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    More people should have voted for Lenny Lashley. And Face to Face. Be ashamed.

  3. jaystone dying

    Damn right it is. Highlight of my music-loving, show-going life.

  4. jaystone dying

    They aren't pictured above, but don't sleep on Lenny Lashley's "Illuminator" and Get Dead's "Bad News."

  5. jaystone dying

    Your left or my left? Hahaha. I was at one side and Jay from Fat City mag was at the other side, though I've never officially met him.

  6. jaystone dying

    Thanks for writing this. Great article. Perhaps I'm a tad sheltered, but I feel like I haven't seen a whole lot in the way of misogynistic douchebaggery at punk shows in the Boston area. Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of frat boy douchebaggery to go around, but they tend to focus on each other. That said, I'm not a female, so I've got obvious blinders on. My wife doesn't recall any blatant examples either. Metal shows, on the other hand...

  7. jaystone dying

    Agreed. I actually found myself liking, or at least sympathizing, more with them after that.

  8. jaystone dying

    Really Ragan? I didn't get that impression from where I was. My wife commented that it seemed like a lot of people were talking in the back, but where we were, the crowd was pretty into it.

  9. jaystone dying

    There's actually a spot on the website where you can contact them about pricing options, where they'll record full drum, bass and guitar tracks at a professional studio. I would have cleaned up at the high school talent show...

  10. jaystone dying

    This story makes me supremely happy. Great album, made my 2012 top ten list on here.

  11. jaystone dying

    I go back and forth as to whether "Dookie" was my gateway album. I was certainly already familiar with Pennywise, NOFX, Bad Religion and Fugazi/Minor Threat and some of the Lookout bands at the time, so it seems inevitable that I was going to stay into punk long term. 1994 in general seems to have solidified that interest, and "Dookie" was, at the very least, the piece de resistance.

  12. jaystone dying

    My point wasn't that the schtick is bad; far from it. I actually like schtick and campiness and bands that try to take the piss out of a scene that takes itself too seriously. I just don't think that's what the Misfits, particularly Glenn Danzig, were trying to do. Again, I think horror works when you can see the image in front of you, when it creates a lasting, nightmare-inducing impression. That's why I enjoy horror films, horror graphic novels, etc. Horror music from a band that takes itself too seriously, as I'd argue the Danzig-era Misfits did, is entirely different. The schtick wears off too quickly, almost like listening to a comedy album more than once or twice. Strip that away and what you're left with is a good, but certainly not ground-breaking, album.

  13. jaystone dying

    I'll be at the Flogging Molly concert at the House of Blues in Boston on February 1st. On behalf of the Dying Scene staff...I'll be sure to kick off the slam dancing.

  14. jaystone dying

    Seriously, though...65 effing pages of award nominees. I'm pretty sure I want "Porn Movie Title Writer" to be my next career.

  15. jaystone dying
    Green Day announce ¡Quatro! 12/02/2012 6:12 AM

    I watched the hour-long preview of Quatro! on Palladia yesterday. I'm among those who doesn't care for their music since American Idiot (which I genuinely like about 3/4ths of), but I found the documentary to be pretty entertaining. Hopefully the full-length version includes a little more detail on why they chose to put out three albums rather than pare down to a single LP or, at most, a double album.

  16. jaystone dying

    Damn. You're right...forgot to put the Darlings' album in my honorable mention list. Saw them twice on the f2f tour last summer...hell of a great young band. Thanks!

  17. jaystone dying

    No...no he really doesn't. Mac Miller is terrible and you know it!

  18. jaystone dying

    Good to see some of the old guys like f2f and Social D make the list.

  19. jaystone dying

    I can't tell you how many times I listened to this album in college...

  20. jaystone dying

    My critique of the original has nothing to do with the song being mainstream. This version is different in two ways: Tatiana plays the guitar herself AND her voice isn't intolerable. I don't get the whole Adele "thing"; lyrically she is as strong as anybody, but her voice kills the message.