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Eight (easycore/pop punk) streaming new EP “Eight”

Philly easycore/pop-punk group Eight are streaming their new self titled EP “Eight”.

You can give it a listen below.

It’s the second release from the band, the first since their previous self titled album released November 2015. The new and improved self titled album will be released through Dead Broke Rekerds. If you’re a fan of The Weakerthans or the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs you’ll enjoy these guys.

Hightides (California easycore/pop-punk) stream new album “Things I Can’t Explain”

Pismo Beach easycore punks Hightides are streaming their entire new album “Things I Can’t Explain”. Give it a listen below.

“Things I Can’t Explain” was released on July 14th and is the band’s latest release since “All American Summer” in October 2015.

Saintseneca release new video for “Book of the Dead on Sale”

Ohio punk group Saintseneca has released a new video for the song “Book of the Dead on Sale”. The song was released a few weeks ago to get fans pumped for the upcoming tour with Tigers Jaw.

You can watch the new video and check out their tour dates below.

Saintseneca unveil new song “Book of the Dead On Sale” (For fans of The Weakerthans)

Ohio punks Saintseneca are streaming the new song “Book of the Dead On Sale”.

The new song coincides with Saintseneca’s upcoming tour with Tigers Jaw which will begin later this week.

You can check out the new song and tour dates here.

Hightides (California easycore/pop punk) stream new track “More Like a Nightmare”

Pismo Beach easycore punks Hightides are currently streaming their new song “More Like a Nightmare.” You can listen to it below.

“More Like a Nightmare” is the first single released from the band’s upcoming debut release “The Things I Can’t Explain.”

Ten Cents Short (pop-punk) release new video for “Higher Powers”

New England pop-punkers Ten Cents Short have released a new video for “Higher Powers” off of their upcoming EP Major Steps, Minor Setbacks out May 26th. The video does a pretty good job of spoofing some more serious bands/videos and the song is killer as well. These dudes are relatively new to me, but they just made me a fan.

You can pre-order Major Steps, Minor Setbacks here, and check out the video for “Higher Powers” below.

The Better Fight (Easycore) stream new song “Captain Hindsight”

Energetic easycore/pop-punk band The Better Fight are streaming a new single called “Captain Hindsight.”

You can give it a listen below.

The Better Fight last released the single “Thoughts On A Ledge” in December 2013.

Ten Cents Short (easycore) release lyric video for new song “Beggars”

Massachusetts easycore/pop-punk quartet Ten Cents Short will be releasing their sophomore EP Major Steps, Minor Setbacks later this summer, but today, the band has shared a lyric video for the first single “Beggars.” Check it out below.

“The first half of the song basically portrays a confident and sarcastic mindset of convincing yourself that you don’t need someone and life will be fine without them,” says drummer Jonathan Costa. “But as as the song progresses, you start to realize more and more that you really miss that person and you’re having trouble moving on without them. The process of getting on with your life isn’t as easy as you expected.”

Ten Cents Short was able to recruit Four Year Strong’s Alan Day to produce and co-write the track after what many young bands would consider a dream senario at Warped Tour in 2014. “The band and I were there passing out demo CDs and flyers with our info on them throughout the day,” says Costa. “We decided to go to the Four Year Strong meet and greet and gave Alan our CD and just asked if they could take the time to listen to it and that we’d really appreciate it. We took a picture and went on with our day. A couple months went by, and Alan ended up leaving us a message in our Facebook inbox asking if we’d be interested in recording with him up in Western MA. The rest is history. Four Year Strong has inspired a lot of the songs we’ve written in the past so this was a huge opportunity for us to get to work one on one with him and his engineer Mike Harmon.”

The lyric video for “Beggars” was created by Zack Williams of ZW Multimedia and pre-orders for Major Steps, Minor Setbacks will be available soon. The remaining four songs on the forthcoming EP were co-written, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Chris Piquette at No Boundaries Studios.

Coast To Coast (pop-punk) release lyric video for new song “Heredity”

Birmingham punk band Coast to Coast have released a lyric video for their brand new song “Heredity,” and you can watch it below.

Commenting on their new single ‘Heredity’ vocalist Keiran Hyland explained:

“These lyrics were probably the most emotional and honest I have ever written, listening back to recordings always leaves me with a lump in my throat, however, I am super excited to play this one live and transfer those emotions into a live performance. The song is based on my relationship with my dad and links in with some of the other tracks on the EP. I never had a bad relationship with him but I often feel like I didn’t appreciate him enough or spend as much time as I should have with him. The lyrics explain how it is important to spend valuable time with your loved ones and not take them for granted, I didn’t realise how selfish I had been until I moved back in with my dad when I had nowhere else to go. A personal favourite lyric is “I look more like you every day” which is a reference to how many people have told me I look and act like my dad more and more recently, that’s not a bad thing, I’m very proud of that”.

“Heredity” will appear on the band’s upcoming EP, The Length of a Smile, which is due for release on March 24th on Fox Records, and will serve as the follow-up to the EP Dwell, which was released last April.

Music Video: Coast to Coast – “Post Graduation”

Birmingham punk band Coast to Coast have released a music video for their brand new song “Post Graduation,” and you can watch it below.

The song appears on the band’s upcoming EP, The Length of a Smile, which is due for release on March 24th by Fox Records, and will serve as the follow-up to the EP Dwell, which was released last April.

Like Pacific stream new single “Stay Pissed”

Pop punks Like Pacific have released a remastered version of an older song that never quite saw a proper release, “Stay Pissed.”

You can give it a listen below.

Like Pacific’s last release was the album Distant Like You Asked, which was released on February 19th, 2016 via Pure Noise Records,

Bad Case of Big Mouth announce US Tour with Safe, So Simple and Settle Your Scores

NJ easycore band Bad Case of Big Mouth have announced a tour of the United States, starting on the first of November. You can find tour dates and locations below.

Bad Case of Big Mouth will be joined by Safe, So Simple from the 4th of November to the 18th, and Settle Your Scores will support from the 20th of November to the 4th of December.

Bad Case of Big Mouth recently released EP “Break It To Build It” on August 19th through Manic Kat Records.

Free Music: We Were Kids (pop punk) – ‘Thank You’

Cleveland pop-punk/easycore group We Were Kids are giving you a chance to download their newest EP, Thank You, for free/name your price. Listen and/or download a copy below.

The band released the EP last week (September 24th). It serves as a follow-up to their 2014 EP, Somewhere Back Home, which you can also download for free/name your price over here.

Like Pacific announce fall tour with Broadside, Rarity, and Boston Manor

Pop punks Like Pacific have announced some fall tour dates where they will be joined by fellow pop punk act Broadside, Toronto based Rarity, and UK emo/pop-punk band Boston Manor.

You can check out all the dates and locations below.

Like Pacific’s last release was the album Distant Like You Asked, which was released on February 19th, 2016 via Pure Noise Records.

Tonight We Fight announce acoustic EP

Tonight We Fight have announced an acoustic EP, Where You’ve Been. They have also released a lyric video for a new song titled “The Wild,” which you can watch below.

Tonight We Fight will self-release Where You’ve Been on June 21, 2016. It will be available on their Bandcamp page and, like the rest of their discography, will be available as a name-your-price download.