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Crash-11 (Welsh skate punk) release self-titled EP for name-your-price

One-man-band Crash-11 has released a self-titled EP at bandcamp for name-your-price. If you like fast, loud, skate punk, you should definitely pick this up. You can also grab a CD for three and a half Theresa May-approved Brexit Bux. Check out the stream below!

Arrow Minds (hardcore) stream new album “Alcatraz Affairs”

German hardcore punks Arrow Minds are now streaming their new album “Alcatraz Affairs” via White Russian Records.

This record was teased by their stream of the track “#Jesuisenterrasse” which can be found on the release. Check it out below

French punks Dirty Fonzy release free track “Posters On the Wall”

France’s Dirty Fonzy have released “Posters On the Wall” at bandcamp. You can stream the track below, and if you like it, maybe throw them a few euros.

The Mad Murdocks and Hangtime release split for name-your-price

Ontario’s finest have teamed up to bring you a four song split. This one has straight up punk and melodic/pop punk covered between The Mad Murdocks and Hangtime, respectively. Check it out in the stream below, and as always, if you like it, be a pal and buy it!

Low Energy “Please Clap” LP is name-your-price

Philly’s Low Energy released “Please Clap” a few months ago, and you can pick it up for name-your-price at bandcamp. Check out the stream below, and don’t forget to buy it if you like it.

Undead Generation (South African punk/ska) release free single

Sexy cowboy collective Undead Generation has released “Skankin’ at Nelson Mandela University.” The two-track ska single is free, but you should be a pal and make a donation. Check out the songs below, and if you like them, throw money at bandcamp!

Canine (screamo, France) have “Boiling Drops in an Ice-Cold Ocean” EP for pay-what-you-want

Marseille, France’s Canine are offering their moody screamo EP for pay-what-you-want. It appears the EP will be available on cassette on March 1st.

Check out the stream below, and always, be sure to throw some money at Canine if you like what you hear!

The Creds (NJ Punk) stream debut self-titled EP

New Jersey punk act The Creds are streaming their self-titled debut EP in its entirety.

You can give it a listen below, and if you like what you hear, the band is offering the whole thing as a pay what you want download.

The Creds was released on January 25th, 2018.

Russian Tim and Pavel Bures bring you a great success (two songs, name-your-price)

So you’re looking for Russian pop/rock hits covered as punk songs, with musical homages to well-known punk songs thrown in? And you need it to be from Vancouver? That’s oddly specific, but I happen to have just the thing for you!

Russian Tim and Pavel Bures (Byoo-rays for those of you that don’t speak hockey or Russian) are an ensemble cover band that specializes in Russian songs done punk. They’ve released “SuperHIT” and “The Other Song” for name-your-price at bandcamp. You can stream them below, and be sure to drop some Canadian rubles for Russian Tim & company.

Octopoulpe (math-rock, hardcore, punk, noise, etc.) debut album “Man Won” available for name-your-price

If you’re down for getting weird and dig noisy stuff like The Locust, you should definitely check this guy out. “Man Won” is name your price through 5FeetUnder Records‘ bandcamp page.

Check out the stream below, and as usual, make sure to throw some money toward Octopoulpe if you like what you hear.

Terrible Love stream new EP “Doubt Mines”

UK hardcore group Terrible Love are streaming their new EP, Doubt Mines.

You can give it a listen below, and if you like what you hear, the band is offering the whole thing as a pay what you want download.

Doubt Mines  was released on January 18th.  It follows their last single, “False Flag,” that was released in September 2016.

Timeshares release new EP “On Life Support” for name-your-price

Timeshares have released “On Life Support,” their first record since 2015’s “Already Dead.”

The band assures us that the title of the EP is not a reflection of the band’s status, but a commentary on the straight white male world feeling fear for the first time.

Check out the EP in the stream below, and head to bandcamp to give Timeshares your money and get more details on what the songs are about.

Wasted Daze (UK) release B-sides & rarities “Spillage” for name-your-price

Wasted Daze have released a 10 track b-side & rarity collection for name-your-price via bandcamp. The collection includes tracks they’ve given away in the last few years along with some from 2004.

Despite a few break ups, drunken mishaps, and an unfortunate incident with a hammer in 2016, it appears that Krissy & Tylar are working on new material. Here’s hoping the band’s future is less chaotic; I’d love to hear new material.

Check out the stream for “Spillage” below, and be sure to throw Wasted Daze some fancy internet money for the record at bandcamp.

Free Music: Trophy Jump release new album “Depression Club”

Croatian punk band Trophy Jump just released their debut album Depression Club.

You can give the record a listen below, and download it for free on their Bandcamp page.

Free Music: Outtacontroller release new EP “No Echo”

Halifax power-pop/garage/punk/whatever you wanna call this band Outtacontroller have released a new EP titled No Echo. It’s got four songs on it and each one’s catchy in its own unique way.

You can check the EP out below, and download it for free on Bandcamp.