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Transplants finish mixing new album

Earlier today, the Transplants announced on their Twitter profile that they have finished mixing their long-awaited new album, which is expected to be out sometime this year. They tweeted:

“Last day of mixing for new @transplantsband album. #LezzzGo”

Almost eight years have passed since the Transplants released their last studio album Haunted Cities.

Travis Barker, Soundwave founder trade insults over last minute drop-out

Travis Barker (of Blink 182) and Soundwave Founder AJ Maddah traded insults over Twitter last night in the latest developments in the fallout after Barker dropped out of the Soundwave festival.

Criticism has been pouring on Barker for the past week, leading him to respond that it was his fear of flying after a 2008 plane crash that is keeping him from the festival, adding “If they would’ve scheduled Australia around a boat schedule I would’ve made it. They didn’t though. They also didn’t schedule enough time to get from gig to gig without flying so I was forced not to go.”

To read the entire exchange, click here.

Transplants to release new album in May & tour shortly after

Transplants have announced they will be releasing their new album sometime in May, and that fans can expect the band to tour shortly after the release. For the sake of being as redundant as possible, here’s a statement from the band:

“New album out in May, touring shortly after.

We’ll keep you posted as more details on the Transplants’ upcoming album surface. Their last record, Haunted Cities, came out in 2005.

Video: Travis Barker “6 Feet Underground” featuring Tim Armstrong

Travis Barker (of Blink 182) premiered the video for his song “6 Feet Under” which features Tim Armstrong of Rancid. You can watch it here.

He recently finished working on his upcoming EP, “Psycho White.”

Music Video: Beng Beng Cocktail – “We Are The 99%”

French ska/punk/hip-hoppers (or “crystalcore” as they call it) Beng Beng Cocktail have premiered a music video for their song “We Are The 99%” off their newly released album “Choices.”  Check it out here.

“Choices” was officially released August 15th on Beer Records.

Transplants almost finished mixing new album

Earlier today, Skinhead Rob posted a message on Twitter confirming that the Transplants are now almost done mixing their new album, which is said to be released next year. He wrote:

“The new Transplants album is almost done being mixed. In my opinion, its our best work yet. But what do I know…”

The Transplants’ last record, Haunted Cities, came out in 2005.

Transplants to finish mixing new album tomorrow

Transplants just posted an update on their Twitter page, revealing that they are going to the studio tomorrow to begin finishing the mixing process of their long-awaited new album. They tweeted:

“We are in the LAB tomorrow to get back to work mixin the new album! Finally!”

The new Transplants record doesn’t have a release date yet, but since 2012 is almost over, I assume it’ll be out early next year. Their last record, Haunted Cities, came out in 2005.

Beng Beng Cocktail release music video for new song “Everything I Do Is Wrong”

French ska/punk/hip-hoppers (or “crystalcore” as they call it) Beng Beng Cocktail have just premiered a music video for their song “Everything I Do Is Wrong” off their newly released album “Choices.”  Check it out here.

“Choices” was officially released August 15th on Beer Records.

Travis Barker finishes mastering new solo album

Travis Barker (of Blink 182 and Transplants) announced via Twitter that he’s finished mixing and mastering his new solo record, “Psycho White EP.”

PSYCHO WHITE EP is officially mixed & mastered!#thatswassssup

Blink’s latest album Neighborhoods was released last September via Interscope Records, and Barker’s last solo album, “Give The Drummer Some,” was released last February.

Transplants to release new album soon

In a tweet today, California punk/hip-hop group Transplants announced that they will be releasing their new album sometime in the near future.  The tweet reads:

New album out SOON! Some things are worth the wait, some arent.

The last Transplants album released was 2005’s “Haunted Cities.”

Interview: Adam Horovitz (Beastie Boys) on MCA’s passing

Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz of the Beastie Boys did his first interview since bandmate Adam “MCA” Yauch passed away on May 4.

In it, he talks about MCA’s musical influence, his role as the oldest Beastie Boy, and his own grief.

“My wife [badass riot grrl Kathleen Hanna] is like, ‘I want to make sure you’re getting it out.’ But then I’m walking the dog and I’ll start crying on the street.”

Read it here.

The Transplants mixing new record

Though he’s too ill to tour with his day job (Blink-182) this month, Travis Barker is well enough to take to Twitter to fill us in on the new Transplants album:

Got a chance to hear 1st mixes of our new Transplant$ album today…..DAMN!

The Transplants’ last album was 2005’s “Haunted Cities.”

Beastie Boys’ MCA dead at 47

We’ve got to pay our respects here. Adam Yauch, a.k.a. MCA, of the Beastie Boys has died at age 47.

The group started out as a hardcore band in 1981, before transitioning to hip-hop, and released their classic debut, “License to Ill” in 1986. They went on to release several more excellent records, becoming one of the most influential rap groups around.

Yauch was diagnosed with cancer in his parotid (salivary) gland in 2009, which forced them to cancel several tour dates and push back the release of “Hot Sauce Committee, Part 2.” The band was recently inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Yauch has also worked as a director, both on his own projects and on Beastie Boys’ videos under the name Nathaniel Hornblower.

As a tribute, watch a few of the group’s videos here. R.I.P. MCA.

Kid Dynamite Fans check this out! Free Album Download: Tightrope – “Self Titled”

Here’s a new band for you guys to check out! Montreal, Canada’s melodic hardcore act Tightrope are offering a free download of their new self-titled 6 song EP.

You can snag it here. (Highly Recommended)

The EP dropped last March and is recommended for fans of Kid Dynamite, None More Black, No Trigger and Strike Anywhere.

Tyler, the Creator responds to Steve Albini’s rant

Tyler, the Creator from OFWGKTA has responded to the legendary Steve Albini’s rant about how unpleasant they are (you can read the original here). Rather than writing a well-thought piece Tyler chose instead to tell his side of the story through a series of Twitter posts, referring to Albini as “Albino” and “Old Ass”. Tyler also asks “What’s good with Rapeman?”, a reference to Albini’s old band who have been defunct for over twenty years. You can have a look at the Twitter posts in full here.