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A Better Hand (pop-punk) release acoustic video for “A Better Hand”

Minneapolis, MN based pop-punks A Better Hand have released a video for an acoustic rendition of recent single “So Long Goodbye”. The track is taken from the band’s EP “The Longest Drive“, which came out March of last year.

You can watch the video below

The Amsterdam Red Light District release new video “Carry On”

French melodic hardcore exports The Amsterdam Red Light District have released a video for new track “Carry On”. The track has been premiered ahead of new album “Sapere Aude”, which is out on March 2nd via Red Light Records.

You can watch the video below, along with reading a statement about the track from the band and seeing their upcoming European dates.

#Goals release video for “Squishy Anthem”

Los Angeles punk supergroup #Goalswho feature ex-members of Bad Religion (Greg Hetson) and Circle Jerks (Lucky Lehrer, Earl Liberty), have released a video for “Squishy Anthem”, taken from the band’s debut EP, which was released last month.

You can watch the video below.

Watch Hundredth perform “Youth” live from the Rock Room

Hundredth are the latest artist to feature for the The Rock Room‘s live sessions. The band, who released album  “Rare” back in June  on Hopeless Records, perform “Youth”.

You can watch the performance below.

Withered Bones release “Rotten Thoughts” music video

Arizona’s Withered Bones have released a new music video for “Rotten Thoughts”, taken from their latest album In Search of Self-Evidence. Check it out here.

The album was released in December through Blood & Ink Records.

Senses Fail premiere video for new song “Gold Jacket, Green Jacket…”

Senses Fail have released a brand new song and video for their latest single, “Gold Jacket, Green Jacket…” off of their upcoming album, If There Is Light, It Will Find You. The track is one of 12 on the band’s anticipated 7th album, which is set to be released through Pure Noise Records.

On the topic of the new song, vocalist Buddy Nielsen says:

This song is an attempt to give a voice to the millions of people struggling everyday to follow their dreams and passions. We as a generation have endured and sacrificed much more than our elders give us credit for. War, climate change, mass shootings, economic uncertainty and crippling debt are just some of the struggles that we have been handed by the generation before us, all while be told we aren’t doing enough to succeed. Despite all this we are strive to do whats right, follow our hearts and try to leave this world a better place.

Fans will already notice the band returning to their original roots in both sound and ability to push lyrical and musical boundaries. Changes in Nielsen’s life over the past few years have fuelled the fire of this record directly and fans will be pleased to hear what is now Nielsen’s first ever attempt at writing an entire record alone.

You can check the video out below. Pre-orders for the album are currently being taken here.

If There Is Light, It Will Find You is scheduled for release on February 18th and will serve as a follow-up to the band’s 2017 acoustic EP, In Your Absence. 

Struggle Session (hardcore punk) release release short Morocco/Spain tour documentary

Beijing fun hardcore punk band Struggle Session recently embarked on a tour of Morocco and Spain, which they documented and logged. The final result of their epic journey is a 20-minute long documentary of the tour, which includes clips of shows, dialogue from the band members, and a peak in to the punk rock scenes around the world.

After an onslaught of great scenery, amazing hospitality, sick bands, amazing local scenes, hidden gems, and festivals, Struggle Session had no choice but to share this tour doc with the hope of promoting the scenes that exist and encouraging bands to get themselves over to these countries to get involved with the rad communities that exist there. 

The band summed up their tour nicely:

Morocco is rad… go there.

It really looks like that is true based on what we see in the clips, so if you need the extra kick to go visit or maybe tour with your own band, check this video out and see what lies in store for you just across the pond. You can check the video out below.

Struggle Session’s last release was a split LP in June 2017 with Guangzhou’s own hardcore rippers DieChiwawa! Die!.

Breaklights release music video for “Runaways”

Austin Texas Pop-punks Breaklights have released a video for their song “Runaways.”

You can check it out below.

“Runaways” comes from the bands’ upcoming EP, Don’t Try So Hard, which is set to be released on January 19th via Wiretap Records.

We Were Sharks release new video for new track “Ashley”

Ottawa pop-punks We Were Sharks have released a video for new song, “Ashley”, which clocks in at just 82 seconds. The track’s taken from their upcoming album “Lost Touch”.

“Lost Touch” is out February 23th through Victory Records. You can watch the video below.

Lame Shot release “Home Alone” music video

French pop-punks Lame Shot have released a music video for their new song “Home Alone”, featuring scenes from the classic Christmas film of the same name. Check it out below.

The track is taken from their upcoming album, set to release in April. The band last released Nice Try in 2012. I recommend visiting their Bandcamp and giving that a listen.

Cooper (Dutch pop punk) premiere video from upcoming EP

Dutch pop punk stalwarts Cooper are releasing a new EP on February 14th on Kicking Records, and they’ve premiered a video off the upcoming eight-track EP.

“1st EP” was mixed by Bill Stevenson of Descendents and, you guessed it, the band’s first EP (though they have 6 LPs behind them). Check out the video for “Back on Track” below. You can also pre-order the EP from Kicking Records.

Werthless (Thrash) release video for “Mr. Melk”

Tacoma thrash punks Werthless have released a video for their song “Mr. Melk”. The video featuring an 80’s shaggin’ wagon, quite literally the largest port-o-potty I have ever seen, was seemingly shot on the drummers front lawn. None the less it is full of energy and some straight in your face vocals.

Take a trip to Tacoma below.

“Mr. Melk” comes off the band’s first full length release “Roadkill” which came out back in September. If you like hard, fast, in your face punk these guys are for you.

The Scutches perform “Worth Enough” live from The Rock Room

“Worth Enough”, recorded as part of The Scutches‘ performance at The Rock Room, is streaming now. “One True Crutch” and “Don’t Go” from the same session are also still up.

You can watch the live performance below.

The Raging Nathans release video for new track “B1505”

Ohio pop-punks The Raging Nathans have released a video for “B1505”, a track from upcoming album “Cheap Fame”, out in February on Rad Girlfriend Records.

You can watch the video below.

#Goals release video for “Dirge”

Los Angeles punk supergroup #Goalswho feature ex-members of Bad Religion (Greg Hetson) and Circle Jerks (Lucky Lehrer, Earl Liberty), have released a video for “Dirge”, taken from the band’s debut EP, which was released last month.

You can watch the video below.