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Streetlight Manifesto announces 20th anniversary “Keasbey Nights” show

Ska super-heavyweights Streetlight Manifesto have announced plans to play a 20th anniversary show celebrating the legendary “Keasbey Nights” album. The band will celebrate by playing the single most played album in my collection from top to bottom.

Check out a personal favorite below.

In case your unaware “Keasbey Nights” was originally recorded by New Jersey ska legends Catch 22, “way back in 98, yo”. A few years later Tomas Kolnocky left the band to focus on higher education and upon his completion of said task, brought the world the awesomeness that is Streetlight Manifesto.

Streetlight Manifesto infamously re-recorded the masterpiece and somehow made it better? At the behest of Victory Records (ahem who they later sued and won). After many years of trying to avoid the elephant in the room the band has announced they will play this gem in it’s complete amazingness on May 5, at the Pine Belt Arena in Toms River, NJ. Act fast this bad boy will sell out quickly! 

DS Staff Picks- Lia Davis Top 10 Albums of 2017

Well, another 2017 has come to a close my friends and I can say with full confidence that while it has been a banger, I will be glad to send it off with a mandatory, awkward, New Years Eve Party. And by party, I really mean lounging around in my pajamas, eating mac n cheese, and watching movies by myself– we are all different y’all. Having joined the DS team back in April, this year has been a wild ride full of music journalism, writing, editing, and re-editing again. My life has been full of change (good and bad), new beginnings, and unfortunate endings but I think we can all agree that knocking back a couple together and gearing up for 2018 with anticipation for what’s to come is the best way to close out this shit show. Check out what my top ten albums of 2017 were below, pre or post party– your call.

The Barren Marys & Teenage Bigfoot Release 7″ Split Political Party on Vinyl

Frankensense Records is announcing their first physical release of Political Party by Philly punks The Barren Marys and Teenage Bigfoot. If you’re unfamiliar with the split, you can give it a listen here (and preorder while you’re there).

The Barren Marys’ side was recorded at the Converse Rubber Tracks Studios by Brooklyn producer Brian Pugh. and was mastered by at The Bunker by Marky Kobane, of The Kobanes and The Aquaholics. The Teenage Bigfoot side was recorded by Brian McClure of Seeing Snakes/Lamplighters at Surreal Sound Studios. When we asked Frankensense Records about the release, the told us “We’re excited to release this split 7” from The Barren Marys and Teenage Bigfoot. Both bands have a special place in our heart and we can’t wait to spin them on wax for the first time.” The album will be a very limited release color vinyl 7” reserved to 150 copies.

Additionally, the record will be also distributed by Get Better Records and Rad Girlfriend Records, but If you’re in the Philadelphia area, head down to your local record shop and pick one up! And then mark your calendars for the record release show on February 3rd at The Tusk on South Street with The Up! Up! Up!s and more!

HABITS (Post Hardcore, UK) Release UK Tour Dates

After releasing their Falling Fluent EP in October, UK post-hardcore outfit HABITS are embarking on their first domestic tour. The stint begins on March 2nd, 2018 and concludes a week and a half later on the 11th. Check out the full list below, as well as the tour poster to find out if they’re playing near you.

Punk “supergroup” A Vulture Wake announce new album

Punk supergroup A Vulture Wake consisting of Chad Price (All/Drag the River), Joe Raposo (Lagwagon/RKL), Sean Sellers (Real McKenzies/Good Riddance) and Brandon D. Landelius (The Mag Seven) have announced they will be releasing a full length album. Expected to be released in January 2018 the new album titled “The Appropriate Level of Outrage” was recorded at the infamous Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado.

With no tracks being released yet the band describes the sound as honest, energetic, passionate, and at times technical punk rock with the songs always maintaining a strong sense of melody. The album will be released through Bird Attack and will be followed up with an EP in the spring of 2018. The band has played some shows with 7 Seconds, Strung Out, Pulley and more. They haven’t set any dates yet but they plan on touring in the coming year.

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for more on A Vulture Wake.

Tiny Moving Parts announce new album “Swell”

Minnesota emo band Tiny Moving Parts have announced that they will be releasing a brand new album called Swell on January 26th. The announcement comes hot off the heels of the brand new single and first track off of the album, “Caution”, which they premiered a video for last week.

Pre-orders for the album are currently available here. Stay tuned as more details regarding the record come to light.

Swell will serve as a follow-up to 2016s Celebrate, both released through Triple Crown Records.

American Nightmare announce 2018 tour with No Warning and Pissed Jeans, tease new music for 2018

American Nightmare at Wrecking Ball 2016 - Sunday

Melodic hardcore punks American Nightmare have just announced a slew of shows for the upcoming early 2018 which will run from February to early March. The guys will be heading out with No Warning, and Pissed Jeans.

Although they’ve been broken up since 2004, the guys have also just teased new music through Rise Records. We don’t know much more information but we will keep you updated as we know more.

Check it out below!

Joe Koontz (ex-Against All Authority) Launches New Label

Joe Koontz of veteran punk band Against All Authority recently announced the launch of his new label, A Jam Records. Based out of Florida, A Jam Records is an independent record label devoted to artistry, music, and fans. They are starting to put out new releases this week from Radio89 and Koontz’s new project MC1.

You can check the label out and keep up with its activities here.

Stay tuned during the upcoming weeks look for more from A Jam Records.


NOFX announces Australian shows with Hot Water Music, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and Dad Religion

Punk veterans and staples, NOFX have just announced two more shows before their date at Download Festival 2018, so all you Aussie punk fans can rejoice for more punk, and more fun. They will be playing with Hot Water Music, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, and Dad Religion.

Check out the flyer below, and make sure to pick up your tickets before they’re all sold out!

Troy Zak (The Real McKenzies) discusses working with Fat Mike, Dan Garrison, and Fat Wreck Chords on Intergalactic Interviews

Troy Zak of The Real McKenzies ventured on over to Intergalactic Interviews to talk about working with punk legend Fat Mike of NOFX, writing with Dan Garrison, and being on Fat Wreck Chords.

The episode is about two hours, so prop your feet up with some popcorn and get ready for some laughs.

Scope out the interview below.

Rebuilder Unveil Limited-Run MALDEF Fundraiser Merch

For the second time in as many holiday seasons, Boston punks Rebuilder have launched unique fundraising event geared at supporting MALDEF, the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund. Last year, the band dropped an EP that included a cover of Elvis Costello’s classic “Radio, Radio.” This year? It’s limited-run merch!

If you hadn’t noticed, the rights of many groups in this country, particularly those who were born with a skin pigment darker than “light beige,” have been under continuously escalating attack. This is an issue that strikes incredibly close to home for the Rebuilder clan; drummer Brandon Phillips is African-American, and co-frontman Sal Medrano and his brother Diego of Seattle-turned-Philly trio Ramona are first-generation Latin American immigrants. Here’s part of the band’s official statement about this project (the full version of which appears on their Facebook page here):

Sometimes it feels like the world, and more specifically our country, is moving backwards… We romanticize eras of our nation’s existence that institutionalized racism, sexism, bigotry, religious hatred, and homophobia – on the basis of making our country ‘great’ again. Our government is actively tearing down systems that attempt to provide care and protection for its citizens – on the basis of them being flawed. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world, locking up a disproportionate amount of black and brown people – on the basis of ‘law and order’ and ‘keeping our communities safe’. We hold immigrants in contempt, refusing to recognize that the only people that didn’t immigrate to this land were wiped out en masse by white Europeans, and are still oppressed to this day. We continue to vote against our own best interests – on the basis of hate and fear of different ways of living. People who look different, act different, or worship a different god. These are certainly not new problems, but the political and social landscape of our country looks a hell of a lot different than it did just a few years ago. (I choose the pronoun ‘we’ because like it or not, we’re all in this together. However dissociated ‘we’ may feel from ‘them’, or however much you feel the people in power that ‘they’ elected do not represent you, these are our fellow citizens, and however diametrically opposed to their views you may be, they’ve got a voice. and so do we.)

The TL/DR version of the full statement is that the band have printed up matching tote bags and long-sleeve T-shirts adorned in the same “Defend P.O.C Punk” mantra (pictured above), and all proceeds will be donated straight to MALDEF. Check out the gear options here, and help defend people of color both inside and outside the punk community!

Rebuilder released their “Sounds From the Massachusetts Turnpike” EP on September 1, 2017 through Panic State Records.

Introducing New Label, Heliarc Records

Earlier this year DIY label Heliarc Records was born in the bowels of Kern County, California. In the first seven months of their existence, they have signed four bands and made a ton of exciting announcements, all of which, we’ve missed! So, time for a little housekeeping!

Concord California natives, United Defiance recently recorded a music video with the incredible folks over at Bridge City Sessions. The fivesome also announced a new full length album coming in 2018!

This past summer, two more of the label’s stellar signees also premiered music videos. Vegas pop punks, Callshot released their debut video (produced and directed by our buddies over at KingRock Photo/99% Magazine) and Bakersfield, California act The ’08 Orchestra released a video for “Bartender” from newest EP Ruiner with the help of Hectic Films.

And lastly (but certainly not least-ly?), punk quartet The Withdrawals just released the first single, “Hellbound Meltdown” from their impending EP, Amurika (due out in January ’18).

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes announces second annual holiday art show

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes have announced the dates and contributors for the second annual punk rock art showcase. This years list of contributors is quite impressive, Warren Fitzgerald (Vandals), Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio, Blink 182), Hunter Burgan (AFI) and Matt Hensley (Flogging Molly) have all contributed artwork as well as many more.

The event gives the musicians a chance to showcase their boundless creativity. Matt Skiba had this to say: “I’m thrilled to be showing this round of my art with such beautiful friends and some amazing artists. Some of the new stuff is inspired by the scrawl on a childhood friend’s trapper-keeper as I remember it. He was super into death metal and was considered a ‘burner’ and ‘trouble’. They used those terms like they were a bad thing. I used lines from lyrics I’ve been writing recently combined with my friend’s graffiti. I want my new stuff to convey Hessian graffiti and ‘ignorant art’.”

The events founder Emily T. Nielsen had to say about it: “Punk Rock & Paintbrushes came into my life as a surprise two years ago with the desire to share my friend’s art with the world. I feel very privileged to work with each of these amazing and talented artists. We must continue to create art to share our personal life and feelings with the world but through the strokes of a paintbrush…all the while being punk rock”. 

So with the holiday season fast approaching it might be a good time to check out the event and maybe procure a Warren Fitzgerald for that special someone in your life. The event will be held on December 15th thru the 17th in Los Angeles, California.

For a sneak peak at what you might see at this year’s event check out below.

Anti-Flag post vegan Thanksgiving guide via PETA

Pittsburgh punk veterans Anti-Flag have teamed up with PETA to film a video about organising the perfect vegan Thanksgiving. Justin Sane and Chris No. 2 from the band worked with chef Roberto Martin to cook a proper, all-vegan holiday spread.

You can watch the video and read about why they did it on PETA’s site now.

Introducing No Affiliation Records

Put on your Suns jerseys and pink jail-issue underwear and get ready for No Affiliation Records. They’re a new label out of Phoenix, Arizona. They’ve signed their first band, First or Last, and will be releasing an EP in early 2018.

No Affiliation counts Paul Levesque (sorry, not that Paul Levesque) of Fare Game, The Letmedowns, and ex-LightSpeedGo, Mike Brockman and Bill Marcks, formerly of Authority Zero, in its ranks. That’s a pretty damn solid pedigree.

If you can’t wait for that EP to get pressed, you should check out FoL’s most recent EP below. Solid stuff if you’re a fan of the Fat Wreck sound. You can grab it for five bucks at bandcamp.

I haven’t been this hot and bothered about something coming out of Arizona since I hooked up with a returning snowbird last spring.