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Jeff Rosenstock covers The Gaslight Anthem’s “The 59 Sound”

New York ska-folk legend Jeff Rosenstock recently filmed a live cover of The Gaslight Anthem’s “The 59 Sound”, the lead single off the band’s album of the same name. The cover was recorded at the SideOneDummy Records headquarters as part of the label’s Artist on Artist series. The idea behind the series is essentially celebrating 20 years as a label by having artists on the current roster cover bands who are either on the label or were on it at some point. You can check out the full video below.

Jeff Rosenstock last released “We Cool” in March 2015 via SideOne Dummy Records.

Jeff Rosenstock robbed in San Francisco, launches GoFundMe Page

Jeff Rosenstock just got robbed in San Francisco! Earlier today, the New York ska-folk legend posted a photo to twitter showing their van with a busted window, announced the bandit (or bandits) made off with their clothes, instruments, and equipment. Now, because the crime occurred less than 24 hours ago, there’s still some hope that the stolen goods might be found; photos of the equipment have even been posted here, on the SideOneDummy website (which, if you live in the SF area, you should totally keep an eye out for).

In response, Rosenstock has also launched a GoFundMe page aimed at raising funds to continue their current nationwide tour. Fortunately, as of writing this, the page has reached $3,500 of its $10k goal. So, if you’re a fan hoping to catch the tour, there’s probably no need to refund those tickets just yet. Instead, you can look at kicking a couple of bucks his way here.

Jeff Rosenstock releases music video for “Hall of Fame”

Jeff Rosenstock has released a music video for his song “Hall of Fame,” which appeared on his latest solo album We Cool?. You can check it out below.

We Cool? released on March 3rd through SideOneDummy Records. Rosentock will be spending the rest of 2015 touring North America with Modern Baseball, PUP, and Tiny Moving Parts.

Modern Baseball announces winter headlining tour with PUP, Tiny Moving Parts, and Jeff Rosenstock

Philly’s Modern Baseball has just announced a winter headlining tour with support from PUP, Tiny Moving Parts, and Jeff Rosenstock.

The tour is set to kick off on October 27th in Baltimore and will travel pretty much the entirety of the US and some locations in Canada.

Have a look at the complete list of tour dates and locations below.

The band’s last album, “You’re Gonna Miss It All”, was released January, 2014 through Run For Cover Records.

Jeff Rosenstock and Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room announce co-headlining tour

Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room and Jeff Rosenstock have just announced a string of upcoming headlining tour dates. The tour will take place this coming summer and will feature support from Pet Symmetry, High Dive and Spraynard. Check out the full list of dates below.

Jeff Rosenstock last released “We Cool” in March 2015 via Side One Dummy Records. Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room will be releasing “Party Adjacent” on July 17, 2015.

Andrew Jackson Jihad and Jeff Rosenstock team up for massive cover song mashup

As most of you know (because many of you attended) Andrew Jackson Jihad and Jeff Rosenstock just spent a while on the road together, touring the US with support from The Smith Street Band and Chumped. The A/V Club caught up with Rosenstock’s band and AJJ and had them each work on a medley of cover songs. The result is a nine-plus-minute opus that features the bands swtiching places mid song. You’ll hear their respective takes on songs from Weezer, Weetus, Heart, Neil Young, and a crap-ton more. Check it out here.

Andre Jackson Jihad is celebrating the one-year anniversary of their latest album, “Christmas Island,” which was released on May 6, 2014 via SideOneDummy Records.

10 Punk Songs That Will Get You Through the Rest of the Week (curated by Dying Scene editor Bizarro Dustin)

Ever wonder what the folks who run Dying Scene have been listening to lately?  We’re going to pretend you said “yes” to that question and feature a curated playlist from a different DS editor each week with the intent of exposing you to some new kickass punk bands.  This week we’re featuring Dying Scene editor, reviewer, and occasional columnist, Bizarro Dustin.

Discover some new tunes and feel weird feelings about getting old below.

Jeff Rosenstock releases music video for “You, In Weird Cities”

On Sunday March 8 former-Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock  performed five record release shows in one day – one show in each of the five boroughs of New York City. Hundreds of fans flocked to the DIY art spaces, record stores and venues that played host to Jeff’s ALL CITY! ALL AGES! extravaganza. While photos can give us a hint of the madness that went down that day, it was truly one of those “you had to be there” moments in time… until now!

Watch as Jeff and his band trek through Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Manhattan in the brand new video for “You, In Weird Cities” below.

“You, In Weird Cities” appears on Rosenstock’s new LP, We Cool?, which was released March 3, 2015 through Side One Dummy Records.

Album Review: Jeff Rosenstock – “We Cool?”

I was in High School when I first heard Bomb the Music Industry!

I didn’t get it.

The explosive synths, rapid tempo changes, and experimentalism were too much. Back then I also didn’t get screamed vocals, so the notion that music was something that could be dismantled and reformed was still far beyond me. It took years for Bomb the Music Industry! to grow on me, but when it did, it was as if it was just another necessary organ in my own undulating sack of flesh. Jeff Rosenstock became my musical messiah, teaching me that music can be resonant and emotional while never losing its progressive edge. Suddenly I found myself as someone who loved music, not just punk.

Which feels weird for me to say, because in my mind, there is no one more punk. Rosenstock is a reminder that punk ideals didn’t die with Fugazi and that to be a Fugazi, you don’t have to be cold and dogmatic. Bubbling through the frenzied instrumentation and unabashedly pop melodies there was a sense of fun. Songs about drinking and being a sadsack twenty-something could lead to a poignant statement about DIY.

We Cool? is like Vacation in a lot of ways, and could perhaps be seen as a continuation. The influences are different, or perhaps a little more dialed in this time around– less an affectation, more organic. Its pop music viewed from a wonky punk lens that distorts and broadens its scope. There’s still synth and tremolo guitar solos, but the focus is on the fundamental building blocks: the songs.

The thematics of We Cool? can be summed up in the first line of “Get Old Forever”: “When your friends are buying starter homes with their accomplishments, drinking at a house show can feel childish and embarrassing.” The album balloons with a sense of quarter-life angst, where friends grow and change and life becomes about more than just hanging out. Rosenstock battles this with his music, like an aged road warrior who knows only one thing, and knows it to be his salvation. Music brings strength and closes distances on “You, In Weird Cities.” The song opens as a bass heavy punk song with earworm melodies, before transforming into a massive singalong with the refrain of “when I listen to your records, its like I’m hanging out with you.” When the moment comes, it feels cathartic and triumphant, a reminder that art can shape and bend perspective.

Rosenstock merges his themes with slice of life imagery to keep them relevant and resonant. The details of “Nausea,” a piano-jam reminiscent of something off Scrambles, make the chorus of “I got so tired of discussing my future, I’ve started avoiding the ones that I love,” feel soaked in anxiety and desperation. It gets more heart wrenching with “I’m Serious, I’m Sorry,” which guts the listener with visceral imagery of grief and how traumas shape our lives. In the context of We Cool?, it shows how adulthood comes to us whether we want it to or not. No matter what walls we put up, skinny jeans or hoodies, it spreads to our nearest and dearest.

It all culminates with “Darkness Records.” On it, Rosenstock sings: “Burn my Mona Lisa, I’d like another chance. To put stars in her eyes, fire pipes in the sky, and brass knuckles on her hands.” Its a beautiful opening that begins a tread through what the disjointed pair art and reality make of us. When the screeching melody kicks in from “You, In Weird Cities” it says all that needs to be said about why we listen and why we create. I’d like to believe the final line is a winking allusion to that, where a drug addicted child can “breathe through the cheeks of the tauntaun.”

A reminder that when you’re being choked by change and suffocated with self, a song can be as good as a tracheotomy.


Jeff Rosenstock announces spring tour dates

Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock will be heading out on a lengthy tour starting March 18th with headliners Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Smith Street Band, and Chumped. Check out the dates below.

Rosenstocks’ solo album, We Cool? was officially released today, March 3rd through SideOneDummy Records. You can order physical copies of the record here and here.

Jeff Rosenstock of Bomb the Music Industry! ranks his own albums

Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock ranks his own band’s albums in an interview that you can read here.

We reported a few months ago that Jeff was working on a solo project through Side One Dummy Records, and his 12-track debut album, We Cool?, is due out soon.

Free Album Download: Jeff Rosenstock – “We Cool?”

Former Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock is offering his new solo LP, We Cool?, as a free download through his donation-based label Quote Unquote Records. You can download your copy here.

We Cool? will be officially released March 3, 2015 through SideOneDummy Records. You can order physical copies of the record here and here.

Stream Jeff Rosenstock’s new album “We Cool?”

Former-Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock is streaming his new solo LP, We Cool? in full and you can check it out below.

We Cool? will be officially released March 3, 2015 through Side One Dummy Records. Jeff will be hitting the road with Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Smith Street Band and Chumped for a full U.S. tour this spring.

Jeff Rosenstock streams new song “Beers Again Alone”

Former-Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock is streaming a new song called “Beers Again Alone”. The track comes off of Rosenstock’s upcoming solo LP, We Cool? and you can check it out here.

Rosenstock will release We Cool? on March 3, 2015 through Side One Dummy Records. Jeff will be hitting the road with Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Smith Street Band and Chumped for a full U.S. tour this spring.

New Music: Jeff Rosenstock – “You, In Weird Cities”

Former-Bomb The Music Industry! frontman Jeff Rosenstock has released a brand new song today. It’s called “You, In Weird Cities” for some reason, and you can check it out here.

“You, In Weird Cities” is slated to appear on Rosenstock’s upcoming LP, We Cool?, which is due out March 3, 2015 through Side One Dummy Records. Jeff will be hitting the road with Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Smith Street Band and Chumped for a full U.S. tour this spring.