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The Dead Sparrows (Punk) stream new release “No Core”

After a year-and-a-half hiatus Ontario punk act The Dead Sparrows are streaming their new release “No Core”. You can give the 7″ a listen below.

The band have been writing a lot and say they will be back in the studio shortly to record a full length album.

“No Core” came out on June 8th and is the bands 4th release.

Limp Wrist (Hardcore Punk) Stream new album “Facades”

It’s been a long wait but legendary queercore punks Limp Wrist are back and streaming their new album ‘”Facades”. It is their first release in 9 years! The first 8 tracks are exactly what you have been waiting for all these years; fast and angry hardcore punk. However the last 3 tracks take a strange twist. Give it a listen below.

Apparently there was an issue with some of the material in the booklet. We are not sure what exactly but the label tweeted this:

“There is a first time for everything. Limp Wrist LP booklet just got refused by the printers based on the content. Too steamy for UK 2017.”

If you know much about Limp Wrist then this is probably not surprising!

Music Video: A PAGE OF PUNK – “Abe Shinzo”

Tokyo, Japan based punks A PAGE OF PUNK have premiered a music video for their track titled “Abe Shinzo.” You can watch it below.

“Abe Shinzo,” named after the current Japanese prime minister, comes from the band’s album titled “Punk Day~Beautiful Day~,” which was released on the 15th of March via I Hate Smoke Records.

DS Exclusive: RUSSKAJA (Turbo Polka) Premieres Music Video For “Alive” From New LP

“German Turbopolka” is how this spectacular, Austrian septet describes themselves and after giving them a listen, we’re not sure there’s a better label for their unique sound. The music is fast and catchy and could be considered, ska, punk or anything in between. You see,  turbopolka doesn’t fit into just one category, it’s open-minded passion is mingled with various musical styles from all around the globe, defying all traditional classifiers. This multi-national spirit is brilliantly showcased on their third full length, Kosmopoliturbo which was just released on August 8th via Napalm Records, with the band introducing the LP with the following quote: “In a world where globalism wipes away any and all boundaries, RUSSKAJA supplies a suitable soundtrack. Upbeat powerful songs swing between countries, languages and cultures.” Today we’re proud to premiere the debut music video for “Alive” from their brand new album. Give it a view or two below!

FFO: Gogol Bordello; Reel Big Fish; Leftover Crack

Show Review: From Ireland to New York City Leftover Crack Kills

All Photos by Jeff Schaer-Moses Photography
Leftover Crack made it from the stage in Dublin to the Stage in Brooklyn in less than 24-hours and looked damn good doing it .

Watching Leftover Crack frontman Scott Sturgeon perform in 2017 is somewhat akin to watching the film Logan. He’s getting old and a little beat up, but he’s still every bit as feisty as he was at 21. We even get to see him do battle with X-24 in the form of all the Crack Rock Steady imitators out there copping Stza’s swag — and just like in Logan, the original wins out.

At the ripe old age of 41, Stza finds a way to put on electric shows night after night and from nation to nation. I’m 29, and I don’t think I’d be able to play a show in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday night, then fly straight back to New York City for a 5 p.m. Sunday timeslot in Tompkins Square Park before taking the stage at 10 p.m. in Greenpoint.

But Stza does and he does it well; he brings the explosive performance of a much younger man and mixes it with skills acquired as a frontman over the past twenty years, making for one of the most engaging lead singers in punk. This was my first time seeing Leftover Crack, so I’d never seen Stza play without a guitar before, and the freedom of not having an instrument slung on his back all night really showed in his movement and stage presence.

I, unfortunately, missed the Tompkins set because I had to be at my day job, but when I informed one of the contractors at work, he snuck off across the East River to catch the show. He reappeared with photos and fresh bruises from the mosh pit.

Bass player Alec Baille

In October 2016, Choking Victim played the Warsaw on the 30th and World/Inferno Friendship Society played their annual Hallowmas the following night. In August 2017, World/Inferno led the charge, playing Brooklyn Bazaar on the 5th while Stza rolled out his other mob, Leftover Crack, to close out the weekend on the 6th. Once again, Robert and Andrew over at Scenic Presents managed to attain a festival vibe without crazy high ticket prices (or even a festival).

Stza also let fly that Leftover Crack is working on new material. He said it might take them the better part of a decade to release it, but that it is on the way.

Medication release music video for “Stalingrad”

Canadian band Medictation (featuring members of Leatherface and The Sainte Catherines) have released a video for their song “Stalingrad.”

You can check it out below.

“Stalingrad” comes from the bands’ sole album, Warm Places, which was released on January 29th via Paper + Plastick.

Lemon Law (Florida Punk) stream new album “So Long and Thanks For All The Seeds”

Florida punks Lemon Law are streaming their newest album So Long and Thanks For All The Seeds.

You can give it a listen below.

So Long and Thanks For All The Seeds is the bands’ 8th album, and was released on August 8th, 2017.

Spirits (hardcore) stream 5 songs from upcoming album “Unrest”

Boston straight edge band Spirits are currently streaming five songs off their upcoming album Unrest.

You can give those a listen below.

Unrest is the bands second LP and will be released on September 8th.

Sweat Shoppe (St. Louis Punk) stream new album “The Future Is A Made Up Mind”

St. Louis punk act Sweat Shoppe are streaming their new album The Future Is A Made Up Mind.

You can give it a listen below.

The Future Is A Made Up Mind was released on August 2nd, 2017 via Encapsulated Records.

Straightline release “Vanishing Values Outtakes”

Munich skate punks Straightline have released a new EP, Vanishing Values Outtakes, which contains a Vengaboys cover, as well as some outtakes from their latest full length album, Vanishing Values.

You can check out the EP below.

Vanishing Values came out on February 10th through Bird Attack Records.

The Reckless Heroes (Alberta Punk) stream new song “Silence”

Alberta punk act The Reckless Heroes are streaming their new song “Silence.”

You can give it a listen below.

“Silence” comes from the bands’ upcoming release Conflict.  They last released Reckless Death in September 2016.

From Parts Unknown (punk) stream video for “Radd Pitt”

Texas natives From Parts Unknown are streaming a video for their song “Radd Pitt”. The song comes off the band’s second release “Trucker Speed” which was released through Dang! Records in July.

You can check out the video below as well as a few tour dates.

Channel 3 announce new album and tour dates

Southern California punk icons Channel 3 have announced a new album as well as a short tour. The new album entitled “Put ‘Em Up” is scheduled to be released August 18th through TKO Records.

To get people pumped for the album the band is streaming a teaser video which you can check out below along with the tour dates.

“Put ‘Em Up” is the 11th release from the band, the first since 2016’s “A Home for the Homeless”. 

Bad Religion working on new album

Bad Religion bassist Jay Bentley stated in a recent interview with Krone that they have started working on a new album but haven’t booked studio time yet. He explains (thanks to for the translation):

“We have not even talked about when we go to the studio. We are still on the starting line. We do not have a plan to go where the trip is, but we want to go on the journey. Every single Bad Religion album was created exactly like this. It was never about having to do something, but to do it. I can not be forced into anything else in life.”

We’ll keep you posted as more details on the new Bad Religion album come to light. It will be their first full-length studio album since 2013’s True North as well as their first with Mike Dimkich (replacing Greg Hetson) on guitar and Jamie Miller (replacing Brooks Wackerman) on drums.

KNRD Fest: A hidden gem in the Franconian Forest

I had the pleasure of travelling with the fine folks of The Overjoyed to a little festival in the east of Germany. You can read what I thought of it below.