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Royal Red Brigade (punk n roll) stream new album “On Crimson Shores”

Regina’s punk ‘n roll act Royal Red Brigade recently released their new album “On Crimson Shores” through Harvest King Records and you can stream the entire release below.

On Crimson Shores is the brand new album from Royal Red Brigade. The record delivers an explosive brand of Punk Rock N’ Roll from the cold, dead heart of the Canadian Prairies. Influenced by classic punk and rock’n roll bands, as well as by the innovative, genre-defying spirit of contemporary groups like the Bronx and the Murder City Devils, the album showcases their evolving song-writing and the fruits of extensive touring. From frantic to frightening, On Crimson Shores exhibits depth and diversity, anchored by the band’s truly unified and distinct sound.

“On Crimson Shores” is the band’s first release since 2014’s “Seasides”.

Rough Surf premiere music video for “Southside Manor”; streaming entire new album “Please Clap”

Newfoundland melodic punk band Rough Surf has just released a new music video for their song “Southside Manor” which you can watch below.

The track appears on the band’s latest full-length album, “Please Clap”, which was just released this past week (September 16th).

You can also stream the entire album below.

Nosebleed (garage punk) streaming new EP – ‘Something In My Head’

UK garage punk band (and snazzy dressers) Nosebleed just released a brand new EP, and you can stream it now below.

The release, titled Something In My Head, features six tracks of pure garage punk, and is available now on digital download or limited-edition CD right here.

The previous release from Nosebleed was their 2015 EP, It’s Alright.

Music Video: Barren Womb – “White Raven”

Norwegian noise-punk/hardcore band Barren Womb have released a music video for their song “White Raven”, and you can check it out below.

“White Raven” is taken from Barren Womb’s latest album Nique Everything, which was released last November via Spartan Records.

Duck & Cover stream new EP “Stuck In Decline”

Boston garage punk act Duck & Cover are now streaming their new EP Stuck In Decline in its entirety.

You can give it a listen below.

Stuck In Decline was released today, August 23rd, 2016.

Album Review: Hot Mass – ‘Nervous Tensions’

Hot Mass may be a relatively young band, but their members are certainly seasoned in their ways. Coming from backgrounds such as The Arteries, Dividers, and 33, there’s a whole lot of experience playing gruff punk going on here, and Hot Mass uses that to their full advantage on their debut album, Nervous Tensions. It may be their first foray into the studio world, but this is a band that knows exactly what kind of sound they’re after.

Across ten songs and thirty minutes, Hot Mass makes their mission statement loud, clear, and fast. This is an album full of dirty licks. It an album full of vocals that sound like someone gargled sandpaper every day for five years. It’s an album filled to the brim with sing-alongs that will enter and exit your head at equal speed (no, seriously, only three tracks break the three minute mark and one of those three just barely crosses that line). It’s an album that’s rock and roll as fuck.

If Nervous Tensions has any flaws, it’s that it plays a little too well into its garage punk conventions. Garage bands aren’t exactly a genre known for their innovation these days, and while there’s no bad individual songs that drag the album down, there is a sense of sameness throughout. If you get distracted while listening (say, for example, if someone pushes ahead of you while boarding a crowded train or if a driver runs a red light while you’re still crossing the street), it can be easy to lose track of when one song ends and the next begins.

Despite its sole shortcoming (which isn’t even really a shortcoming, it’s just a staple of the genre), Nervous Tensions is far from a bad album. At the end of the day, it’s a debut album. It’s consistent and fun, which is probably more important than showcasing diversity in the long run anyway.

3.5 / 5 – Stream or download the album below.

RIYL: Riverboat Gamblers, The Arteries, Hot Snakes

Rough Surf (garage-punk/surf-rock, Newfoundland) release new music video

Rough Surf from Newfoundland have released a music video for their track ‘Uykio’ from a forthcoming record entitled ‘Please Clap’.

You can watch the video below.

Chuck Norris Experiment stream their half of acoustic split EP with Trigger McPoopshute

Swedish punk ‘n’ roll group Chuck Norris Experiment are streaming three new songs that were featured on an acoustic split EP with Trigger McPoopshute (great name). You’ll find a cover of Misfits’ “She”, W.A.S.P.’s “Ballcrusher” and an acoustic version of CNE’s “The Roof Is About To Cave In” below.

Music Video: Deep Pockets – “Back To”

New York indie/grunge/punk band Deep Pockets have released a video for their song “Back To.”

Check it out below.

“Back To” comes from the bands’ latest EP Nice Life which was released on Dead Broke Rekerds.

Drunk Couples stream new album ‘Blasted’

South Carolina punks Drunk Couples have released a stream of their debut LP, Blasted!. You can give it a listen below.

Blasted! is scheduled for release on June 17, 2016 via Bob Records. You can read our review of the album here.

Music Video: Drunk Couples – “Wrecked”

South Carolina punks Drunk Couples have premiered a new music video for their song “Wrecked.” This song is one off of their debut album Blasted!. This rock and punk trio will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout any of their material and this song is no different. Check out the riffage and explosive energy that is Drunk Couples below.

Blasted! is scheduled for release on June 17th, 2016 via Bob Records.

Drunk Couples (garage punk?) streaming new track – “Raisin’ Hell In The Holy City”

South Carolina garage punk? trio Drunk Couples are now streaming a new track off their debut LP. Listen to “Raisin’ Hell In The Holy City” below.

As I mentioned, the song is off the band’s debut LP, Blasted!, which is due out next month (June 17th) on Bob Records. Check out the album artwork and tracklisting below the music.

The Shapers (garage-punk) release “Secrets” music video

France’s garage/glam punk The Shapers have released a music video for their tune “Secrets” taken from their new EP Reckless Youth and you can check it out below.

The video was directed by Mayol, the media director of Vans who previously worked with Parkway Drive and Foo Fighters.

The Shapers released Reckless Youth on February 26, 2016.

The Devil’s Troubadours release live acoustic video for new song “Control”

Portland, Oregon’s punk ‘n roll act The Devil’s Troubadours have released a music live acoustic video for a new song called “Control” and you can check it out below.

You has been added to the band’s debut, self-titled EP on bandcamp.

The Devil’s Troubadours was released on December 5th via Zomie! Media Records.

Album Review: Mind Spiders – “Prosthesis”

When you’ve been in the game as long as Mark Ryan has, you can pretty much do whatever you want.  As one of the founding members of influential garage punk band The Marked Men, a major creative force in the similar but darker group Radioactivity, and many other projects, he has definitely become a master of creating memorable and ridiculously catchy lo-fi punk tunes.  And he has no plans on slowing down.  With Prosthesis, Ryan’s constantly evolving “solo” project Mind Spiders returns for their 4th album of synth heavy garage punk.

The boys from The Marked Men seem to be getting darker and darker with each new album they put out, no matter the group.  Last years’ Silent Kill from Radioactivity was the perfect blend of poppy melodies and dark atmosphere all wrapped up in their signature garage sound.  But that album still had its brighter songs.  Prosthesis takes the next step, with the whole album giving off a gloomy vibe from start to finish.  The synths and guitar play off each other with minor and dissonant chord passages that create a sense of unease.   The band is still able to pull the songs together and come out with something catchy and memorable.

Synthesizer is featured very prominently on the album.  In some songs, it is the driving force, while in others, it serves just to create a bit more atmosphere.  Songs like “No Filter” and “Prosthesis” use the synths to lay out the main melodies of the song, while the guitar backs them up and drums keep the song moving along.  “Running” on the other hand features very little, if any, synth and relies on the guitar strumming away at power chords and haunting vocals to create what is probably the catchiest song on the album.  “Cold” uses a similar outline but has great moments in the verses when the guitar cuts out and the synth comes in to accentuate the tone of the song.

The synth heavy nature of the album might turn some people off.  Some of the songs might come off as cheesy to some, like the robotic beeps and boops of “Split in Two.”  But underneath it all, this is most definitely a Mark Ryan album, and fans will know what they are going to get: a strong songwriting foundation with familiar garage punk staples and some not so familiar changes and experimentation that prove that Mind Spiders are at the top of their game.

4.5 / 5 Stars