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The Right Here releasing “Another Round,” collection of b-sides, acoustic songs, and covers

Minneapolis’ The Right Here are releasing “Another Round,” an album’s worth  of b-sides, covers, and acoustic songs. The album will release on May 18th on Rum Bar Records. You can preview five of the tracks below.

The Right Here’s last album was 2016’s “Stick to the Plan.”

Sewerside Bombers (Florida punk) release new single “Banshee” off upcoming EP

Miami’s Sewerside Bombers have released “Banshee,” a single off their upcoming EP. It’s due out some time this summer. You can check out “Banshee” below.

Sewerside Bomber’s last release was 2017’s “Keeping the Skies Friendly.”

Cousin Boneless (spooky street folk) announces new album, “Possession”

Pittsburgh’s Cousin Boneless has announced their latest album, “Possession,” will release on June 7th. You can preorder the album at bandcamp and preview two tracks in the stream below.

Cousin Boneless’ most recent release is “Revel in the Rubble” in 2017.

Jake Martin (UK acoustic folk punk) releases “1,555 Syllables That Mean Everything” EP

Brighton’s Jake Martin has released a new four song EP after having to re-record it due to a spiteful hard drive. You can stream it below and pick it up from Aaahh!!! Real Records for three pounds at bandcamp.

Jake’s last release was the “We Take Them at Dawn” album in 2016.

New Heart stream new album “Feel The Change”

Indianapolis hardcore punks New Heart are now streaming their new album “Feel the Change” from Richmond label Blood & Ink Records.

These guys last released their EP “Time Is Running Out” in May of 2015.

Check out the new album below.

Daydream (pop punk) stream single “Die In Paradise”

Oakland, CA pop punks Daydream are now streaming their new single “Die In Paradise.”

The three piece have last released their prevous single “Run Walk Run” in October of 2017.

Check out the new single below.

Retirement Party stream second track “Shoulder It” off of upcoming album “Somewhat Literate”

Emo act Retirement Party are now streaming a second track “Shoulder It,” which comes off of their upcoming album “Somewhat Literate” via Counter Intuitive Records. 

The new album is set for release on May 25th.

“Somewhat Literate” serves as follow up to their last EP of “Strictly Speaking” which was released on January 1, 2017.

Stream the new track here.

Clumsy Words (emo-punk) stream new EP “Rumination”

Akron, OH emo punks Clumsy Words are now streaming their new EP, “Rumination.”

The new independent EP serves as follow up to their last release of “Love. Trust. Hate. Broken.” in October of 2016.

Check out the new material below.

Debt Neglector announce east coast tour dates

Orlando’s Debt Neglector have just announced that they’ll be making a run of east coast dates during the end of May and through June.

These guys last released their album “Atomicland” off Smartpunk Records.

Check out the dates below!

I Feel Fine (emo-punk) stream new EP “Long Distance Celebration”, release video for “Beached Community”

Brighton punks I Feel Fine have just released their new EP, “Long Distance Celebration” off of Failure By Design Records.

The four piece has also released a new video for “Beached Community,” the second track off of their new EP.

The five track piece follows up their release of “Everyday Safari” in February of this year.

Check out the EP below, and watch the video for “Beach Community” below.

Stomper 98 announce new album “Althergebracht”

German powerhouses Stomper 98 have announced their new album “Althergebrecht.” This new full length hit the streets on March 30, dubbed as  ‘rock and oi!’

According to Pirates Press Records the album is, “No bullshit. No bandwagon cliches. No whining. No apologies. This is pure energy, and a clear delivery of intelligent protest and discontent from a group of staunchly ANTI-RACIST German skinheads.” 

“Althergebrecht” serves as follow up to their last 2012 album “…Bis Hierher!”

You can buy “Althergebrecht” here, or to get a black and blood red spattered physical copy, you can buy one directly from Pirates Press here!

Dead Neck (Melodic Hardcore, UK) Release Reissue of Self-Titled Debut EP

The UK’s Dead Neck are reissuing their debut EP. The self-titled release features five super-melodious tracks with a distinctly gritty backbone. The entire record has also been completely re-recorded for the occasion.

The drums for the re-release were captured out in Rome at Hell Smell Studios and the rest of the process took place at Flush Studio in Manchester, UK. The band themselves have handled all recording and mastering duties

You can check out a stream of Dead Neck below or can buy physical copies over at either Mud Cake Records or Interpunk. It’s available for the first time on vinyl in both a black version and a limited edition orange one.

Runaway Kids stream new single “Take It All”

Los Angeles punk rockers Runaway Kids are streaming their new single “Take It All.”

You can check it out below.

Runaway Kids last released Better Days in 2015.

Crazy And The Brains stream new EP “Out In The Weedz”

New Jersey xylophone punks Crazy And The Brains are streaming their new EP, Out In The Weedz.

You can give it a listen below.

Out In The Weedz was released on May 4th, 2018.

The Patient (hardcore) stream 3 songs off upcoming album “The Mourning Choir”

Aussie hardcore outfit The Patient are streaming three songs off their upcoming album The Mourning Choir, which is set to be released on May 11th.

You can check out those songs below.

The Patient last released Unite As One in October 2016.