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“The Dwarves are Young and Good Looking” to be re-issued on vinyl

Controversial Chicago punk band The Dwarves have announced that will be re-issuing their 1997 album “The Dwarves are Young and Good Looking” through Recess Records. The re-issued album is going to be renamed “The Dwarves are Young and Even Better Looking”, and it will feature twenty bonus tracks.

Click here to check out the tracklist.

The Queers announce tour dates for the rest of 2013

The Queers have just announced tour dates for the rest of 2013. The band will be performing with The Dwarves, Teenage Bottlerocket, and The Copyrights during the 3-month run.

The tour is set to begin August 21st in Indiana, and you can check the entire list of dates spanning August through October here.

The Queers released their eleventh studio album, “Back to the Basement”, in 2010 through Asian Man Records. Since then, the band has put out multiple re-releases of prior albums, including limited edition vinyl reissues of “Don’t Back Down”, “Move Back Home”, and “Later Days and Better Lays”.

The Queers announce Southern US tour dates with The Dwarves

The Queers have just announced a run of Southern US tour dates with The Dwarves.  The tour kicks off April 26th in Atlanta.  Check out the routing here.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday.

The Queers released their eleventh studio album, “Back to the Basement,” in 2010 via Asian Man Records. Since then, the band has put out multiple re-releases of prior albums, including limited edition vinyl reissues of Don’t Back Down, Move Back Home, and Later Days and Better Lays.

New Song: Dwarves – “We Only Came to Get High”

The Dwarves are offering a free download of their song “We Only Came To Get High”. The song comes off of the band’s most recent studio album, The Dwarves Are Born Again, but it is also the title track on the 7″ glow-in-the-dark single that came out earlier this year. The only thing is that in order to get the song, you have to “like” their label’s Facebook page. You can be on your merry way and download the song by clicking here.

The Dwarves released …Are Born Again, their eighth studio album, in May 2011.


Blast from the past: Dwarves full set from 2008


We’ve stumbled upon something of an oddity in the world of live punk videos: a Dwarves set that lasts more than a couple minutes. This miracle of punk occured in 2008 at the Divebar in Las Vegas, NV, probably during an alignment of the planets. To see the magic with your own eyes, check out the video here, along with a full set list.

The Dwarves last released “The Dwarves are Born Again” last May. Check out the Dying Scene review of the record here.

Video: HeWhoCannotBeNamed (The Dwarves) – “Gettin’ Pissed”

HeWhoCannotBeNamed (The Dwarves) just released a new video for his song “Gettin’ Pissed.” Check it out here.

The track is from his new album, “Humaniterrorist,” which is available here.

US/Canada Tour: Municipal Waste / Napalm Death / Exhumed

Hitting the road this fall are metal acts Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, and Exhumed. Certain dates of the tour will include opening bands from The Dwarves, Dayglo Abortions, Speedwolf, and Attitude Adjustment. Check out the dates and locations here.

Municipal Waste released “The Fatal Feast” earlier this year, and Napalm Death released “Utilitarian” earlier in 2012 as well. The reunited Exhumed released “All Guts, No Glory” in 2011.

Music Video: The Dwarves – “You’ll Never Take Us Alive”

The Dwarves have posted the music video for their song “You’ll Never Take Us Alive.”

You can watch it here.

The song appears on their latest album, “The Dwarves Are Born Again,” which was released last May.

The Riptides 7-inch splits with The Queers and The Dwarves now available

We told you a month ago that Ottawa punk rockers The Riptides would be releasing two separate splits, “Stillborn in the USA” (with The Dwarves) and “Buy It You Scum” (with The Queers) in December on Asian Man Records, and that more details would come.

Well, they’re here! Both releases are limited to 500 copies each and will apparently never be repressed. Also, they are on swirled, colored vinyl. Click here to get your own.

The Riptides releasing split 7-inches with The Queers and The Dwarves, streaming new songs

Ottawa punk rockers The Riptides will be releasing two separate splits, “Stillborn in the USA” (with The Dwarves) and “Buy It You Scum” (with The Queers) in December on Asian Man Records. Both of these records will be limited to 500 copies each. More details to come on the vinyl…

In the meantime, stream the new tracks “Wise Up” and “Agent Silhouette” on The Riptides‘ Facebook page.

Nick Oliveri (ex Dwarves) facing 15 years in jail after standoff with SWAT team

Things are looking grim for former Dwarves and Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri. According to TMZ the dude has been charged with four felonies after he decided to face off against an LA SWAT team last month when a fight with a girlfriend turned into domestic violence.

After the four hour standoff ended police found a loaded rifle and (oops!) cocaine and methamphatemines in his home, which is another lesson about drugs, kids – they make you do stupid shit.

Oliveri is charged with a laundry list of charges and if convicted on all counts will face up to 15 years in prison.

Nick Oliveri (ex Dwarves) arrested after five hour standoff with police

According to TMZ, Former Kyuss, The Dwarves and Queens of the Stone Age member Nick Oliveri was arrested on Tuesday night after a five-hour standoff with the LAPD. Police were called to his home after a neighbor reported a “disturbance” between the musician and his girlfriend.

Sources close to the couple say Oliveri’s girlfriend told cops he struck her during an argument the day before and she had come back to the home to collect her stuff so she could move out. That’s when the couple got into another heated argument. Nick locked them inside the duplex.

When cops arrived, Oliveri refused to allow cops inside the residence and would not let his girlfriend leave. A S.W.A.T. team was called to the scene and a standoff ensued. After two hours, Oliveri agreed to let his girlfriend leave the duplex. Two hours after that, he gave himself up without further incident. When cops searched the home, TMZ’s sources say police found one high powered rifle which was fully loaded. Oliveri was booked on felony domestic violence. He has since been released after posting $100,000 bail.

Blag Dahlia (Dwarves) talks modestly about being the best band in punk

Dwarves are one of the few punk bands that span time, genre and good taste with veritable ease.  Blag Dahlia fronts the seminal punk rock band who are celebrating 25 years together in 2011, an achievement most modern day marriages won’t be able to hold a candle to.  As part of the event, the band released “Dwarves Are Born Again” in May of this year which was the long awaited follow-up to their 2004 release “Dwarves Must Die.”

We sent a few questions to Blag who answered them in true Dwarves style.  We talked about the longevity of the band, “Dwarves Are Born Again,” boring young bands, being the band that says what everyone is thinking and how they have  “made the best records in punk.”  They even teach us a thing or two.  Check out the full interview here.

Album Review – The Dwarves “Born Again”

By all rights I should hate The Dwarves. Their constant use of naked ladies and casual dropping of the word “slut” (among other things) does make my feminist skin prickle, but I can’t help but like them anyway. They are what they are; you know what to expect when you pop in a Dwarves album. They don’t pretend to be anything else.

Lyrically, the Dwarves appeal to the juvenile delinquent within. “Born Again” covers the same topics as pretty much everything else the band has ever written — sex, booze, drugs, and a little violence. As usual, they don’t take themselves too seriously. Or they take themselves incredibly seriously but have taken extreme care to seem like they don’t. Sometimes I’m not sure which. Whichever it is, it’s been working for the past twenty-five years and shows no signs of stopping. They haven’t matured out of writing about the same topics. For any other band, that would be a negative, but somehow the Dwarves keep making it work, even as they keep getting older. I guess there are pills for that now.

The music on this record is pretty fantastic. They stay true to their classic sound, keeping things a little more upbeat and surf-punk-ish. They plow through 18 short and fast tunes (the longest song on the album clocks in just under two-and-a-half minutes) full of tight riffs and catchy hooks. They brought in a bunch of special guests (Dexter Holland, Spike Slawson, Eric Valentine, Gary Owens, Nick Oliveri, Josh Freese) and brought back some ex-Dwarves (Sgt. Saltpeter, Vadge Moore).

Maybe this isn’t a surprise, but for my money (which is technically nothing) the best song on the album is also the least sex-and-drugs-fueled of the whole release, “Working Class Hole.” I’m not even making that judgment based on the lyrics, though, the track is full of smooth melodies and a poppy chorus that can stick inside your brain.

Overall, “Born Again” is a solid addition to the Dwarves’ catalog. Whatever you want to think about their penchant for boobs, crossboners and crass imagery, they’re good at what they do. And I’m not turning in my angry feminist membership card for saying so.

Full Album Stream: The Dwarves – “Are Born Again”

The Dwarves are streaming their entire upcoming album, “The Dwarves Are Born Again” right here.

The album is being released May 10th and will include a free DVD featuring “heroes from throughout the Dwarves saga.”  In the band’s own words:

“You get hardcore punk, ear banging pop and everything in between from the long standing masters of all styles. Damaged rock celebrity cameos mix with twisted phone messages and ear splitting noise all delivered with the pomp and circumstance that only the mighty Dwarves can deliver.”