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Night Birds announce “Roll Credits” LP, stream “My Dad is the BTK”

Fat Wreck Jersey surf punk band Night Birds have announced the release of their new album Roll Credits out September 21. You can pre-order the digital album here, and they are kicking off the release by streaming the first single off the album, “My Dad is the BTK”.

This is Night Birds’ first release in nearly three years, and they’ve brought along their old friend and guitarist Mike Hunchback to join in the fun, for the first time playing as a five-piece, resulting in a powerful punching-guitar sound and adding a little depth to the rhythm that the band will carry with them on the road.

Night Birds is calling this the “ultimate summer of 2018 jam”, perfect for BTK’n poolside or relaxing with your toes in the sand. Give it a listen and check out the band’s beach party schedule below.

Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers announce debut album

Against Me!‘s Laura Jane Grace is to release an album with new project Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers. Bloodshot Records have announced they have signed the band are to release a full length in the fall.

No advance tracks or album details have surfaced yet, but you can read more about the signing – and details of some Midwest Novemeber dates – on the label’s news page.

“I Don’t Wanna Listen to Trump” new music video by Runny (FFO Guttermouth, Dead Kennedys)

Brooklyn punk rockers, Runny, have released a new music video to precede the release of their upcoming studio album, Back on Gack, which will be out this October.

“I Don’t Wanna Listen to Trump” is the name of the song, and well, I don’t blame them. Clown-shoes politicizing and bad hair cuts aside this one is put together pretty well with a few choice cameos. See if you can spot them.

Back on Gack will be the bands first release since California Uber Phallus in 2013. Watch the video below.

The Jukebox Romantics and The Sewer Rats announce split / European / U.S. Tour dates

New York road warriors The Jukebox Romantics are headed back on tour with their German buds The Sewer Rats in support of their upcoming split singles album out this September on Mad Drunken Monkey Records, Creep Records, and Monster Zero Inc. This special edition 7″ packages up two brand spanking new songs from each band with some really great art by Karl Ranseier. Check out the full schedule with U.S. tour dates below.

No Time Records release new compilation “No Time For Fun Vol. 4”

California punk label No Time Records has released a new compilation album called No Time For Fun Vol. 4.  The comp features bands such as The Eradicator, Caffiends, The Raging NathansThe Upfux, The Kreutzer Sonata, and many more.  You can check it out below, and if you like what you hear, the label is offering the whole thing as a free download, with some options to buy it on CD or cassette as well.

Family Meeting (melodic) streaming single “Four Months of Rain” off upcoming EP “Walk Left/Stand Right”


Toronto melodic punks Family Meeting are streaming their first single “Four Months of Rain” off of their upcoming EP Walk Left/Stand Right. The band recently had a shuffle as their lead singer Josh Riley had to head back to the land of Oz and has been replaced with bassist Davey Knight on vocals.

Check out the new single below.

This is the follow-up to 2017’s No One Cares ‘Til You’re Dead. No word on when the new EP will be released yet, but the band has just signed with Thousand Island Records.  

Corner boys (punk) streaming new EP “Love Tourist”

Canadian West Coat punks Corner Boys are streaming their new EP Love Tourist. Out August 3rd on Dirt Cult Records, this EP features a very early 90’s/classic punk feel.

Check out Love Tourist below.

This is the follow-up to their 2017 début album Just Don’t Care. If you’re a fan of The Vandals or Guttermouth you will likely enjoy the throwback pop-punk sound. 

Album Review: Lost Love – “Good Luck Rassco”

Sometimes a good band meets band description can be all you need to get through the door. Montreal’s Lost Love were pitched to me as Menzingers meet Jeff Rosenstock meet Weezer. That’s three different bands making up a sort of melodic alt-rock/punk Venn diagram of influences, and supposedly, in the center, overlapping, there is Lost Love and their latest album Good Luck Rassco. As luck would have it, Bomb the Music Industry! and the Menzingers are two of my favorite bands, and while I’ve never been a big Weezer guy (they’re aw-shucks factor has always been teetering on too much for me, thankyouverymuch), I have always admired Rivers Cuomo’s distinctive, sometimes heavy, always smooth, and very knowingly rock ‘n roll fretwork. From a couple words, I found myself wondering what Lost Love sounds like, so there it is—Good Luck Rassco was now an object of intrigue.

And believe it or not, it’s a sensible description. From the get-go, with “Sexting Across America,” you hear the sort of bendy lead that forces a thousand music reviewers to collectively type Weezer-esque. Chords chug, choruses are backed by more Cuomo-ish shredding, and the melodies are sugary and at least as sticky. The songs on Good Luck Rassco are filled with gang vocaled ba-bas and lyrics forged of hooks and hurt. It’s easy to see where Lose Love’s influences intersect and songs like “Gospel Tabernacle” bring the band around to something akin to hyper-competence, and even better, a unique sound. Heavy bass roils around in the background of the verse, punctuating the opening with heavy, gravelly buh-dums, juxtaposed by the pure surfy sweetness of its chorus.

“Clay Turris” is a standout on Good Luck Rassco, another bass driven track (reminiscent of some of Rosenstock’s arrangements, with heavy, thundering bass and guitars as more or less a dash of seasoning). It’s mid-tempo and catchy—defined by its sunniness as well as its self loathing with lyrics like, “You say I’m lousy when I’m drunk, but when I’m sober I feel like I’m ten years older and I’m bored.” It all comes together into something that feels honest, a little painful, and expertly constructed.

Good Luck Rassco has the nerve to end on another high note. “Burrito Kind of Guy” is the sort of fun bluesy stomper that mixes some of the earnest working-through-shit stuff with the whimsy and fun of a big-ass shout-along that goes, “Na na na na na, I need a burrito.” AJJ played a similar game back in their Jihad days with Christmas Island, but I think Lost Love might have improved on the idea here. Usually, this move signifies something. Art is full of choices, right? It’s constructed by people continuously making choice after choice after choice. So, ending an album on a note like this gives the audience a taste of punk irreverence, a middle finger to Important Albums, while also simultaneously, being kinda important. The song builds to its refrain with some great lyrical nuggets, finding a sense of humor within the tire treads of rough patches, closing the album with a sense of absurd resolution.

So—why isn’t this my album of the year? Well, it’s good. And a lot of times it’s great, but the record stops dead in its tracks at the starting line. There’s something cool about the Venn diagram of influences Lost Love have carved out for themselves, and I think at their best, they do justice to those influences while also having a sound that feels distinct. But—listen to “Sexting Across America.” Anything sound familiar? You don’t have to look far to find where you’ve heard that saccharine, rhythmic melody before; Lost Love does half the work for you by wearing their influences so prominently. For Jeff Rosenstock fans, the problem is obvious—”Sexting Across America” has lifted the verse melody from We Cool?’s “Hall of Fame.” And ss soon as I figured it out, I couldn’t unhear it. I started wondering: was this intentional? I listened to the lyrics, and heard no tip of the hat, no clever line about stolen melodies or living in the shadows of your heroes. So, the next question was: is this plagiarism?

Well, no. Probably not. And just as I can acknowledge that it was distracting—and ultimately, unfortunately, detracting—I can also acknowledge that this was probably an accident of humming melodies over a common chord progression, hearing something you like, and then moving forward too rapidly to consider where it came from. But in a band like this, nearly defined by their mish-mash of influence, a misstep like this, fairly or unfairly, highlights a dependence on what’s been done before.

Good Luck Rassco might take more hurt than it deserves for an honest mistake. Lost Love have a lot of talent going on here, a lot of great songwriting, and a pretty good feel for how an album should be put together. Eleven songs at thirty minutes is about perfect for a punk record, and each of these eleven have an individuality that prevents the album from blurring together into a sour mash of woahs, Cuomo-solos, and power chords. But, Lost Love put themselves into a box with their own Venn diagram, and a lifted melody keeps them from pushing outside of it. Good Luck Rassco is a good eleven songs of Menzingers meet Rosenstock meet Weezer, but at ten, it’d have been Lost Love’s, and better for it.

3.5/5 Stars

Spoilers announce new album “Roundabouts”


UK punk band Spoilers are to release their new album, “Roundabouts”, on September 27th via Boss Tuneage/Brassneck (UK), SBAM (Europe), Little Rocket (USA/Canada) and Waterslide (Japan). The album is being released on various vinyl colour options, with pre-orders up now.

The band released “Stay Afloat” in 2015.


Listen to Face to Face’s “Hold Fast (Acoustic Sessions)” album

Face to Face have released their “Hold Fast (Acoustic Sessions)” album. It came out last Friday (July 27th) via Fat Wreck Chords. It’s up on Bandcamp now – have a listen below.

The band’s last album was 2016’s “Protection”.

Blag (The Dwarves) interviewed for the new episode of Punks In Pubs

The latest episode of excellent Punks In Pubs podcast, presented by ex-BBC Radio 1 Punk Show producer Liam Bird, is up . The episode is an interview with Blag from The Dwarves, which took place before their recent London date. You can subscribe to the pod on any of the usual podcast platforms, or have a listen via SoundCloud.

More info on the episode is up on the podcast website. It is a fortnightly pod, with new episodes out on a Sunday.

Eat Defeat release video for “Can’t Say I’ll Miss You”

Leeds, UK-based pop-punk band have released a new video for their song “Can’t Say I’ll Miss You” from their upcoming album I Think We’ll Be OK. The LP will be released August 3 via Bearded Punk Records. You can view the video below.

I Think We’ll Be Okay is the follow-up to their 2017 EP Time and Tide.

Anti-Flag announce acoustic album ‘American rEckoning’, release video for “The Debate is Over”

Pennsylvania political punks Anti-Flag have announced that they will be releasing a new acoustic album titled American rEckoning. The album will be out on September 28 via Spinefarm Records and will include covers of songs that have inspired them over the years by artists such as John Lennon and Cheap Trick, as well as acoustic versions of their original material.

They have also shared a video for an acoustic version of the song “The Debate is Over” which will be on the new release. You can watch the video for that song below.

The band’s most recent release was American Fall which came out in November 2017 (also on Spinefarm).

New Music: Alexander Orange Drink (of So So Glos) streams “Normalize” from upcoming solo debut “Babel On”

Here’s some brand new music to kick off the weekend!

If you’re like me and you’ve been kinda bummer since The So So Glos hit the “PAUSE” button on their career after their last album (the obscenely stellar Kamikaze), this should get you fired up. SSG lead vocalist/songwriter/bass player Alex Zarou Levine, has not only been working on his debut solo album, but it’s ready for release later this year!

Written and recorded under the moniker Alexander Orange Drink – a reference to the medication he’s had to take since birth to combat the rare and life-threatening disorder Homocystinuria – Levine’s eight-song Babel On is due out September 28th. It was written in the period of time after the So So Glos went on hiatus and, simultaneously, their home venue, Shea Stadium, was forced to shutter for the last time. To whet your appetite for what’s coming, Babel On‘s lead single, “Normalize,” is now streaming, and in typical So So Glos fashion, it’s fun and different and has a pretty hypnotic groove to it. Check it out below.

You can pre-order and pre-save Babel On through Spotify or iTunes. Stay tuned for more on this one.

Riot Fest announce bands to play full albums

In celebration of Riot Fest’s annual tradition of inviting landmark names to play their seminal albums front-to-back, we are pleased to announce that the lineup is looking excellent. 

Check out the list below!