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Satanic Surfers release new song, “Self-Medication”

Swedish skate punk veterans Satanic Surfers have released a brand new song called “Self-Medication.” The track is one off of their upcoming album, Back From Hell. You can check it out below.

Back From Hell is scheduled for release on April 13th.

Dying Scene Radio – Episode 6 – Band Spotlight: Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves

The official podcast of Dying Scene is back with Episode Six! In this installment, the boys head down to Pomona, CA to hang with wolvesx4 who drove all the way out from North Carolina just to do an interview with them…..and play a show…at a stop on their extensive tour….but hey! At least they didn’t bring, AP any Bojangles! But that’s not all! The guys are also slingin’ some scene news that you were probably too lazy to read and playing some fantastic music from bands you were probably too lazy to discover! Sooooo, that’s it, comrades… Git ta streamin’, below!

No Fun At All premiere song “Runner’s High”

Swedish punk band No Fun At All have released a new single titled “Runner’s High”. The track comes off their upcoming full length titled “Grit” which is due out April 13 via Bird Attack Records.

You can check out the new track below.

No Fun At All’s last release came last year titled “Lowrider”.

On The Cinder announce “Get Sweaty” Spring tour

New York punk rockers On The Cinder have recently announced a tour spanning the Midwest and Western US slotted to begin April 10 and conclude more than a month later on May 12. The tour begins in Akron, OH, heads West for several shows, before turning back around and ending near where they started in Cincinnati, OH. You can check out the full list of dates below.

On The Cinder last released “The Fight Against Ourselves” in 2016 via Between the Days Records.

The Dwarves release video for “Devil’s Level”

The Dwarves recently released the video for “Devil’s Level”. It comes off their 2018 Burger Records release ‘Take Back the Night’ .

The Dwarves also have a few upcoming shows they are playing before supporting The Bronx at the Friday Punk Rock Bowling club show on May 25. You can check out the video and list of shows below.

Pennywise stream “Won’t Give Up the Fight” off upcoming coming album

Pennywise is streaming “Won’t Give Up the Fight” off their upcoming album, “Never Gonna Die.” It will be their first album with original vocalist Jim Lindberg since 2008’s “Reason to Believe.”

Check out “Won’t Give Up the Fight” below!

The Lawrence Arms stream “We Are the Champions of the World” best of

There goes my night. The Lawrence Arms are streaming their massive twenty-nine track “We Are the Champions of the World” best of collection.

You can stream it below and buy it for $12 at bandcamp while I sit here and relive the soundtrack to the last fifteen years of my life.

Red City Radio premiere video for “Rebels”

My favorite thing to come out of Oklahoma since Sonic Drive-In, Red City Radio, has premiered their video for “Rebels.”

“Rebels” is off their new EP, “Skytigers,” which our editor Carson Winter a well-deserved five stars.

Check out the video below!

Obstructionist (Minneapolis punk) release “The Invisible Hand” single

Minneapolis melodic punks Obstructionist have released their second single, “The Invisible Hand.” Obstructionist takes their influence from bands such as Bad Religion, NOFX, No Trigger, Black Flag, and sweet, delicious, PEARS.

You can check out “The Invisible Hand” below, and be sure to check out their first single “Blue Skies Fade” at bandcamp. If you’re super rad, you can throw them a buck for both songs. And if you’re super rad and local like I am, you can catch them at Caydence Coffee & Records in St. Paul, Saturday, April 7th at 7 pm.

Hummer stream new album “Budweiser and Butter”

UK punks Hummer are now streaming their new album “Budweiser and Butter.”

The eight track release follows up their last release of “Work. Home. Bed.” in July of 2016.

Check out the new album below.

Indonesian Junk stream songs “Tonight,” and “Slow Down”

Milwaukee punks Indonesian Junk are now streaming their new songs “Tonight,” and “Slow Down” via Rum Bar Records.

Check out the new release below.

Album Review: Spanish Love Songs – “Schmaltz”

When it comes to building a world, details matter. Whether the world exists in a movie, a book, or even a song. Details are what make us feel the heat of an ember or the exuberance of youth. Even in punk, lyrics are enriched by the tics and specific imagery of a time and place. It gives weight to a slice-of-life, enough so that by the time the last note fades away, we feel like what was just sung to us happened, that it is cemented in reality, as part of our world as it is the world of the song.

LA’s Spanish Love Songs fill their sad sack anthems with the tiniest details, and by the last song, Schmaltz feels as lived-in as an old sneaker, and might just be 2018’s first great album.

As far as punk rock goes, this is the sort that captures me immediately. I pride myself on liking a lot of different punk, the stuff that barks and snarls, sneers or moans. Hardcore, crust, pop punk, a little emo, a little post, but my favorites these days are the result of introspective and eloquent songwriters that can match poetic lyrics to big singalongs. Stuff like the Menzingers, Red City Radio, and now— Spanish Love Songs, a band that’ll likely draw comparisons to the former, but manages in the end to carve out an identity of their own with Schmaltz.

Spanish Love Songs’ music is personal, so personal it hurts. It reminds me of how I felt the first time I heard Against Me! That feeling of did they really just say that? There’s strength in that sort of abandon, and Spanish Love Songs is benching above their weight. Opening song, “Nuevo” is a quiet track driven by piano chords courtesy Meredith Van Woert, rich in top-notch imagery, sung in an affectatious Greg Barnett-esque croon by Dylan Slocum. Slocum sings, “And I can’t help but laugh at these edge kids I used to mosh with at church hardcore shows, getting blasted on Pabst and burning holes into the wall with their Parliaments.” You immediately have a sense of time and place, but in the end, Slocum doesn’t shy away from prying open old wounds, “Well fuck, I’m miserable, which means it’s me that hasn’t changed.” Simple and direct, no bullshit. Schmaltz is filled with these sorts of lines, ones we’ve said to ourselves in our darkest moments, and Spanish Love Songs fits them to a melody and forces us to sing along. It’s the unique sort of confrontation that feeling-forward punk thrives on, recognition and acceptance of us at our worst.

The music itself is great, with memorable and energetic fretwork. “Sequels, Remakes, and Adaptations” begins with a guitar line that explodes out of thin air, while the song also introduces a melody that becomes a motif throughout the album, a smart move that makes a record tangibly cohesive, beyond something more ephemeral like thematics. It also introduces some speed, which is always much appreciated in a subgenre often critiqued for its mid-tempo emotional jams.

“The Boy Considers His Haircut” is my clear favorite from the album, a song that takes minutiae and reveals it to be symptoms of a greater angst. It has great screamlong melodies throughout the song, without ever dipping into a strict verse-chorus structure. The aversion to, but not total rejection of, traditional song structure reveals another parallel between Spanish Love Songs and The Menzingers—the effect is a strong one though, making each song feel natural, like it’s growing off of itself in new and organic directions.

There’s too many great songs on Schmaltz to talk about individually, but the number of highlights could very well be the same as its tracklisting, as each new listen offers something new to appreciate. That’s the depth the songwriting brings to the album; there’s a lot to unpack and Spanish Love Songs craft their music to make sure you want to unpack it, even when it hurts, even when it’s just a mirror to our discontent.


Youth Avoiders stream new album “Relentless”

Parisian punk act Youth Avoiders are streaming their new album Relentless.

You can check it out below.

Relentless was released on March 30th via Destructure and Build Me A Bomb Records.

Crooked Little Sons release music video for “Fick”

Rock ‘n’ roll infused punk band Crooked Little Sons have released a music video for their single, “Fick.”

You can check it out below.

“Fick” was released on March 23rd, 2018.

Topsy Turvy announce Canadian tour dates, stream two new songs

France’s Topsy Turvy’s have announced some upcoming Canadian tour dates in support of their latest split EP with Useless ID.

You can check out all the dates and locations, as well as Topsy Turvy’s songs from the split, below.

The Useless ID/Topsy Turvy split was released on January 20th via Ratgirl Records and Jerkoff Records.