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Slow Faction (70’s style UK punk) release demo for free download

London 70’s style punk band Slow Faction have released demo tracks of new songs “Under Heavy Manners” and “In Your God’s Name” for ‘name your price’ download, and you can check them out below.

These songs follow up the group’s November 2014 release, “The Brixton Tapes.”

Album Review: Bishops Green – “A Chance To Change”

Bishops Green is a band that shows us how timeless classic punk really is.  They take the best parts of 77 punk and old school Oi!, throw in some melody, and finish it off with a modern street punk edge.  The bands’ sophomore album A Chance to Change took me by surprise and really grew on me.  It’s impassioned, energetic, and catchy.  And one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year.

The music seems like typical street punk fare at first, with mid-tempo drums behind driving bass and guitar.  But further listens reveal there is more going on.  Dark undertones and shredding guitar solos permeate the entire album, giving the whole thing a slight post-punk and classic rock sound behind the street punk.  This works surprisingly well with lead singer Greg Huff’s more melodic approach to vocals.  Songs like “Invisible” and “Specter” in particular showcase this dark melodicism and come out sounding like they could have been classic TSOL songs.

Bishops Greens biggest accomplishment on this album is how catchy almost every song is.  After just a few listens I was singing the chorus to “Government Lies” all day: “Take what you want / push our rights aside / make rules for yourself / rules for yourself!”  This is an album full of anthems.  From barn-burners like “Caged,” to the desperate cries in “We Got Nothing,” A Chance to Change will get in your head and have you singing along in no time.

While most of the album is filled with great songs, there are some that seem to fall short of their comrades.  “Dead and Gone” just never really grabbed my attention, and album opener “Lost Generation” starts off a little underwhelming before leading into an otherwise spectacular album.  “Can’t Walk Away,” the last song on the vinyl version, feels like it was building up to an epic climax that never got there.  I think “Soldier,” the bonus track on the digital version, serves as a better closer.

Bishops Green has reminded me why I was so drawn to street punk as an angry youth.  It was passion and fury in a package I could sing along with at the top of my lungs.  The adult me, that’s just a little less angry and has a bigger appreciation for melody, got hooked on the melodic street punk in A Chance to Change.  Now I’m excited to see what the band, and the genre as a whole, does in the future.

4.5/5 Stars

Music Video: Bombshell Rocks – “This Time Around”

Bombshell Rocks has a new music video out for their track “This Time Around,” and you can check it out below.

This track appears on the band’s newest release, Generation Tranquilized, which was released last November.

Introducing Street Punk Band: Radical Failure

If you like your skate and street punk with a dash of hardcore influenced vocals I’ve got a fantastic new band for you to check out.  Radical Failure hails from France but after listening to them they could just as believably be from Texas.  They claim influences from a variety of Epitaph and Fat bands but the ones that make the most sense to me are Good Riddance and Vision.  The foursome has a new EP coming out in May and they’ve just released a teaser for it in the form of a music video for a new song titled “Unbreakable”.  Check it out along with their debut EP below.

Bishops Green streaming entire upcoming album “A Chance To Change”

It makes me so very happy that Vancouver punk band Bishops Green is now streaming their upcoming LP “A Chance To Change” in its entirety.

This is something worth getting excited for! Don’t hesitate though, the stream is only up for three days, so head here now to have a listen. “A Chance To Change” is set to be officially released on May 23rd, when the band takes the stage at the Country Saloon in Vegas as part of Punk Rock Bowling’s club shows.

The band most recently released their “Pressure” EP, which came out on last year also on Pirates Press.

If you’re attending Punk Rock Bowling (or live in Southern California), be sure to see Bishops Green live. You will not be disappointed.

Bishops Green streaming “We Got Nothing” off upcoming LP “A Chance To Change”

Canadian oi!/street punk band Bishops Green is gearing up to release their new LP “A Chance to Change” in a couple weeks (April 17th) through Pirates Press Records, and has been sampling some of their songs for anxious ears to hear.

The band is currently streaming “We Got Nothing”, which will appear on the new work. Check it out below.

The band most recently released their “Pressure” EP, which came out on last year also on Pirates Press.

If you’re attending Punk Rock Bowling (or live in Southern California), be sure to see Bishops Green live. You will not be disappointed.

Bishops Green posts teaser of new song, “Government Lies”

Canadian oi!/street punk band Bishops Green has plans to release a new LP this year, and you can listen to a little sample below of what’s to come.  The 47-second soundbite features the new track, “Government Lies.”

The new album, called A Chance to Change, will be released by Pirates Press Records.  The band most recently released Pressure, which came out on Pirates Press last year.

Kick Rocks (street punk) stream new album “Broken Promises”

Calrifornia’s Kick Rocks are a street punk act with dueling male/female vocals and if that sounds cool to you you should check out their new EP “Broken Promises” below.

The EP was officially released on February 10th.

Out Of Order (street punk) release music video for “Jackals”

Montreal based street punk band, Out Of Order have released a music video for their song “Jackals”off their most recent album “Better Days”.  Check that bad boy out below.

The band has also announced that they have entered the studio to begin work on a NEW album called “Stuck In The Mud”.  We’ll keep you posted on that as more progress is made.

DS Photo Gallery: The Workin’ Stiffs, Suede Razors, Custom Fit at Thee Parkside SF

I roll out of bed last Friday still feeling crusty from the Leftover Crack show the night before. No time to rest, as tonight is to be a party of local street punk. Custom Fit, Suede Razors, and The Workin’ Stiffs were to share the stage at the sweaty ol’ Parkside. La Plebe was originally scheduled to headline the event, however due to some personal issues, they cancelled their performance a week or so before the event. While that may have dissuaded the Plebeians, there were still three amazing bands playing, so I was sure to be there.

I have seen all three bands several times, and it’s always a reunion of sorts with familiar faces and of course many Pirates cameos. Santa Cruz, CA’s Custom Fit was first to the stage and lead singer Sabi never disappoints. Her voice is amazing! Such a refreshing sound to the scene, and holds true to that traditional street punk attitude. The stand-out moment during their set was when they played “Combat” off their 2013 untitled 12″. I was in the bathroom when the song started and I had to bolt out to catch the first kick. You can listen to “Combat” here.

Following Custom Fit was East Bay band Suede Razors. Comprised of members from bands such as Harrington Saints, Sydney Ducks, The Bootboys, and Hounds & Harlots, these guys are no strangers to the scene. Their sound is a mix of classic streetpunk/Oi! mixed with a little pub rock/hooliganism and ’60’s-’70’s guitar riffs. Another one of those ill timed moments was at the bar ordering a drink when the band began to play their new song “Passion on the Pitch”, which is coming out on 7″ next month. I had to get on the floor and throw some fists and claps! You can check out a preview of the upcoming track here.

Rounding out the night was San Francisco’s own The Workin’ Stiffs. Like a siren call, guitarist Novak started the set off quite properly, wasting no time getting the crowd moving from literally the first chord. Close your eyes and you’re transported to this era of ’80’s angst. Sharp-ass guitar riffs, driving beats, and gritty, emotionally charged vocals are what has given this band it’s staying power. The only down time you have to catch your breath is when the band stalls because they, “only have so many songs and we have to fill time!” Truth be told, the guys have been around since the mid ’90’s, and despite several hiatuses over the years, has released a plethora of music, and throughout the night sampled from a large portion of their catalog, primarily ‘the old stuff’.

You can have a look at all of the shots from the night’s sets below.

Stream the Epic Problem / Holiday (street punk) split 7-inch

UK street punks Epic Problem are Holiday released a split 7-inch on Pumpkin Records a couple weeks ago and you can stream the entire thing below.

The release features two new songs from each band and if you consider yourself a fan of street punk I highly recommend you give the tunes a listen, particularly the Epic Problem tracks.

Pirates Press and GZ Media unveil the first new vinyl pressing machine made since the ’80s

San Francisco-based vinyl manufacturer Pirates Press has just made an incredible announcement. The company is getting ready to receive the world’s first new vinyl pressing machine in over 30 years, and while many have been phasing out of vinyl, Pirates Press saw the resurgence of popularity in wax, and is now positioned to be at the forefront of production. Last year, Pirates Press made about 2.5 million records, and with the addition of this new machine, hopes are to double that number.

While the majority of products share a punk/metal theme, Pirates Press gained their foothold in the industry working with large labels like Sony and Warner Brothers to manufacture their records. The early success of Pirates Press allowed the founders to create a label under which to release their favorites musicians. The result is Pirates Press Records, which has been integral in the promotion of some of the most successful punk bands around. Many of us are familiar with their recent releases from Street Dogs, Cock Sparrer, Bouncing Souls, Bishops Green, and more. Additionally, every year the company holds a huge anniversary party, celebrating success, friendship, unity, and of course music! The label is going into their 11th year, and shows no signs of stopping or slowing down, in fact they are on their way to cementing their place in the annals of punk history.

The machine will be received by GZ Media in the Czech Republic, one of the industry’s largest vinyl manufacturers and a strong partner with Pirates.

Pirates Press founder Eric Mueller recently sat down with independent media KQED for a little interview to discuss this momentous occasion, and what the future holds for Pirates Press. Check it out here.

Free Download: Slow Faction (’77-style UK punk) – “The Brixton Tapes”

Who doesn’t love free music for their Hump Day evenings? Lame people, that’s who.

Today, we bring to you a full album by a band called Slow Faction. They’re billed as a ’77-style UK punk band; political songs with a healthy dose of first wave punk. Their latest release is called “The Brixton Tapes,” and you can stream the album or pick it up for “pay-what-you-like” download below. Check it out.

“The Brixton Tapes” was self-released by the band back in November.

Criminal Mind reveals details on upcoming album “Life To Defend”

Bristol street-punks Criminal Mind are getting geared up to release their second full length album, Life To Defend, in April.

You can check out the track listing below, and while you’re there, take a look at the bands upcoming tour dates.

Criminal Mind last released their self-titled debut full length in 2011.

Epic Problem release music video for new song “Blindside”

UK street punks Epic Problem have released a music video for a new song titled “Blindside,” and you can check it out below.

The track will be appearing on their upcoming split with Manchester melodic punk band Holiday, which is due out soon on Pumpkin Records.