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Save Ferris announce new EP, US tour

Orange County ska-punk band Save Ferris will be releasing a new EP and touring the US in 2017. Checkered Past is set to release on February 10th, and it will be the band’s first new music in 15 years. Stay tuned for more details on the EP, and check out the tour dates below.

Here’s what frontwoman Monique Powell had to say about all of this:

“Since this incarnation of Save Ferris first played together in 2013, the band and I have been working on new music, arranging schedules and selectively playing local shows to get ready for a tour. I have had to tell our fans to ‘be patient, I promise it’ll happen’ for too long now! But now here we are. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far….and now you get to see us in a town near you. For the first time in 15 years, Save Ferris is coming to get you! Are you ready?”

Save Ferris “reunited” in 2013, with a lineup featuring no prior members aside from Powell. This sparked criticism from former members of the band, who actually took Powell to court over allegations that she falsely promoted the “Save Ferris Reunion” without their permission.

Less Than Jake sign to Pure Noise Records, announce U.S. tour with Pepper

Gainesville ska-punk veterans Less Than Jake have announced they are now signed to Pure Noise Records, and will release new music early next year on that label. The band writes:

“These days putting out new records for LTJ has become a lesson in record collecting, but the choice of label is always about mutual respect. Watching Pure Noise work hard over the years and maneuver through the modern music industry should be a lesson for any labels that are just starting out. Couple that with how much they understand the history of LTJ, that they have favorite songs by the band, and understand where we are right now in our career, makes Pure Noise a perfect place for LTJ and the new release.”

In addition, the band announced a U.S. tour with Pepper, which will take place in January and February of next year. The dates and locations of the tour can be found below.

Crabhammer stream new song “#trumptweets”

Ska/punk outfit Crabhammer are now streaming their new tune “#trumptweets.”

You can give it a listen below.

Crabhammer last released the single “To Protect And Swerve” last month.

DS Exclusive Premiere: Behind Deadlines (Ska) Premieres “Optimism” From Upcoming LP “Status Quo”

Schuylkill River skanks, Behind Deadlines (oh, what an appropriate band name) has a new album available for digital download on December 1st via FTLP Records. Before they hit the road in support of the LP “Status Quo”, they wanted to treat our readers to an exclusive first listen! How thoughtful! Check out the single, “Optimism” below. If you like what you hear, it’s available for download over at Bandcamp for “Name Your Price”!

If you live in the Delaware Valley, they’ll also have some physical copies available at their local shows on Friday 11/18 at Voltage Lounge in Philly and Sunday 11/20 at 1984 in Wilmington, Delaware. Go snag a copy while catching a live performance of the new album. Consider it they’re parting gift to the home crowd before they head out west, ultimately ending in Mexico (dates and stops below). Hurry back before the wall goes up, boys!

Supervillians (ska) stream new single “Political Porn”

The Supervillains are currently in the studio recording tracks for their 9th album, due out in 2017. In anticipation of that record, they recently released a new single “Political Porn” which will be released on limited flexi vinyl through Paper and Plastik Records.

No strangers to controversy, “Political Porn” is a vivid take on the sensory-overload perception of American politics. Check out what they have to say on the subject,

“Our country used to hold certain things like social issues, values, and diversity as sacred, and we could be fairly civil about it. Now, we spend more time on the internet jacking off to our own opinions to the point where its just like watching porn” says singer/guitarist Skart. “Sometimes, its hard to tell which is worse for you.”

The single is straight-ahead punk rock which contrasts entirely to the single’s B-side, a dub reggae version, in true Supervillians style,  of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like A Hole”

In anticipation of the new album you can stream the new single “Political Porn” below.

Reel Big Fish and Anti-Flag announce co-headlining US tour

California ska-punk veterans Reel Big Fish have announced more tour dates for their US tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their second album Turn the Radio Off‘. This new leg will feature co-headliners Anti-Flag (playing their 1996 debut Die for the Government) and run from January 4th through mid February. Check out all the dates and locations below.

Reel Big Fish are playing their breakthrough album “Tun The Radio Off”  in its entirety each night of the tour, the first leg of which is in progress now with Masked Intruder, PPL MVR and Stacked Like Pancakes.

Reel Big Fish’s latest album Candy Coated Fury came out in 2012 through Rock Ridge Music.

DS Photo Gallery: The Interrupters, Bad Cop Bad Cop, The Doped Up Dollies and Mickey Rickshaw take over Boston

To refer to The Interrupters current nationwide tour featuring direct support from Bad Cop Bad Cop as “highly anticipated” would be understating things in every possible way. The seven-week run circumnavigates the lower 48, and serves as not only The Interrupters first full US headlining tour, but Bad Cop Bad Cop’s first lengthy full US tour as well. For those reasons, and I’m sure many others, the tour rightfully ranks as a giant milestone moment filled with countless smaller milestone moments in the careers of both bands. But there is something about the tour that also feels like a milestone moment for the observer. For starters, it feels like a bit of a throwback to the groundbreaking glory days of Epitaph Records and Fat Wreck Chords, respectively, a time period that formulated the punk rock listening habits of a great many of us. But more than that, and you’ll have to forgive my occasionally foggy-at-best memory, but in the recent annals of punk history (and probably the not-so-recent ones too), you’d be hard-pressed to find such a lengthy, well-received tour involving not one, but two female-fronted punk bands playing in front of such high volume crowds. To put things bluntly, the tour feels, on paper, to be important. (Check out our recent tour-previewing interview with Kevin and Aimee from The Interrupters here.)

If you’ve been following the tour via the respective bands’ social media accounts, you’re probably well aware of just how fun and positive and high energy things seem to be as the tour rounds into its second month. But just like calling the tour “highly anticipated” is an understatement of epic proportions, so to is referring to its individual shows as an amalgam of “fun” and “positive” and “high energy.” So when you add to that already stellar lineup two intense and passionate local openers (The Doped Up Dollies and Mickey Rickshaw) the net result is that the Boston stop equated to one of the better showgoing experiences of this or most any other calendar years. Touring in support of their stellar sophomore album, Say It Out Loud, The Interrupters overcame a few early-set microphone-related technical difficulties to blast through a 21-song set that left little-if-anything to be desired.

From the very first notes of set opener “A Friend Like Me,” the foursome never really took their collective feet off the gas pedal. Anchored by the rock-solid Jesse Bivona on drums, the front-of-stage trio of Kevin Bivona (guitar), Justin Bivona (bass) and of course Aimee “Interrupter” Allen on vocals served as a continuous ball of frenetic energy, endlessly dancing, bouncing back-and-forth across the venue’s rather small stage. There are very few bands going who seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs and interacting with crowds night-in and night-out like The Interrupters do. Loyalty and family are recurring themes throughout the band’s body of work, and they seem sincere in referring to their fans as part of their extended family. Another of their family members, David McWane of Big D and the Kids Table fame, joined the band on stage for a true-to-the-0riginal cover of the Operation Ivy classic “Sound System,” while all available members of the collection of opening bands joined the foursome on stage for a dance party during encore closer “This Is My Family” before posing for a now-trademark post set group shot.

As mentioned above, Bad Cop Bad Cop are providing direct support for the duration of this tour. If there were another band in the scene that can match The Interrupters level of frenetic energy and their seeming enjoyment of taking the stage and playing night in and night out, it would o doubt be Bad Cop Bad Cop. Making only their second-ever Boston stop – and their first with bass player Linh Le in the house (Masked Intruder’s Intruder Yellow filled in when the band opened up the Fat Wreck 25th Anniversary tour last year as Le was attending her best friend’s wedding), the band seemed intent on making up for lost time in front of a crowd that seemed all-too eager to welcome them back to town. Drummer Myra Gallarza, who is easily one of the more underrated pace-setters in the scene provided a stable foundation for the three-part monster of co-frontwomen Stacey Dee and Jennie Cotterill to trade riffs and three-part harmonies with the whirling dervish that is Le.

Speaking of three-part harmonies, direct local support came by way of The Doped Up Dollies, a trio that rather famously started as supporting vocalists for David McWane and his band of Boston ska veterans, Big D and the Kids Table, before branching out as a unique, standalone act. The Dollies bill themselves as a three-piece act that play a “fusion of hopscotch/double dutch, ska, reggae, blues and soul,” and backed by a band that I’m pretty sure consisted of eighteen parts (honestly, I lost count but I think there were a total of nine members on the small club stage), including McWane himself, the trio of Brie McWane, Sirae Richardson and Erin McKenzie (pictured in that order above) present one of the more unique newish acts in the game. The variation in styles keeps the band from being pigeonholed, and allows them to fit in perfectly in myriad settings, and they proved to be a fantastic sonic change of pace on this particular bill without sacrificing much, if anything, in the way of overall energy.

Mickey Rickshaw, another stage-crowding local band (I’m relatively convinced that there are 8 of them, but again, the stage was small enough that I might have lost one or two or seven of them), opened the show off with about as frenetic a set as you can get. The band play an unapologetically fast and loud blend of Celtic punk that somehow, because of their energy level, make that occasionally well-worn sound seem fresh and vibrant. In a scene, particularly locally, that can seem crowded and redundant, Mickey Rickshaw have rather quickly made a name for themselves as the cream that has risen to the top.

Check out our full photo gallery below!

Crabhammer stream “To Protect and Swerve”

Ska/punk outfit Crabhammer are now streaming their new tune “To Protect and Swerve”. Please enjoy the hardcore breakdown. It’s lovely.

Check it out below

David McWane (Big D And The Kid’s Table) stars in short film “We Gotta Eat” (streaming for Halloween)

Big D vocalist David McWane has starred in a spooky short horror flick, titled “We Gotta Eat”. McWane stars alongside Brian Mcdonald and Ryan O’Connor in his latest  “happening” which has been directed by Craig Shannon.

If you’re not out trick or treating, pumpkin carving or eating candy apples tonight, why don’t you check it out below.

New Music: Big D + The Kids Table/Doped-Up Dollies release split flexi single

A couple of first-rate Boston bands covered a couple of legendary Boston bands for a new split, and we couldn’t really be more stoked.

Big D and The Kids Table and the Doped Up Dollies teamed up for the split, which features the former covering the mighty Sam Black Church’s “Infernal Machine” and the latter covering the inimitable Morphine’s “Early To Bed.” It’s available in digital download and limited-edition flexi-disk through Paper + Plastick‘s Rare Breed Records imprint. Click here to purchase your own, or click here to stream the release online!

The Brass Action (ska) covers Rancid’s “Old Friend”

Vancouver ska-punks The Brass Action released a cover of Rancid‘s “Old Friend,” and you can check it out below, and download it here for free.  The Brass Action credits Rancid with inspiring them and influencing their sound.

The Brass Action’s last release was the album No Soundcheck, which came out in August of 2015.

Voodoo Glow Skulls announces West Coast tour with Buck-O-Nine and The Porkers

Skacore legends Voodoo Glow Skulls have announced a run of West Coast tour dates with Buck-O-Nine and Australian ska-punk band The Porkers.

The tour begins in the new year, and travels up and down the West Coast of the US, covering California, Nevada, Seattle, and Portland.

You can have a look at all the tour dates and locations below.

Voodoo Glow Skulls’ latest album “Break the Spell” was released through Smelvis Records in 2012.

Burn It Up (Formerly Mrs. Skannotto) stream new album “Toys”

Rochester, NY ska band Burn It Up (formerly known as Mrs. Skannotto) are streaming their new album Toys.

You can give it a listen below.

Toys was released on October 14th, 2016.

Big Brother (Toronto, ska-core) release new album “Ministry of Plenty”

Candian ska-core three piece Big Brother have released their latest full-length via Unknown Records. “Ministry of Plenty” features fourteen chugging numbers and can be enjoyed below for free.

Stuck Lucky (Ska-Punk) stream 3 songs off upcoming self-titled album

Nashville, TN ska punk act Stuck Lucky are streaming three new songs of their upcoming self titled album, which is set to be released on November 18th, 2016 via Community Records.

You can listen to “Ever So Gently,” “Light In The Dark,” and “The Tilt” below.

The band’s last album, Their Them, was released in December, 2012 through Community Records.