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Music Video: Fossil Youth – “Minco”

Oklahoma pop-punk band Fossil Youth have released a new video for their song “Minco.”

You can check it out below.

“Minco” comes from the bands’ latest release, A Glimpse Of Self Joy, which came out on November 4th via Take This To Heart Records.

Music Video: The Young Rochelles – “Not Any Use”

New York pop-punks The Young Rochelles have released a new video for their song “Not Any Use.”

You can check it out below.

“Not Any Use” comes from the bands split 7″ with The Nerdy Jugheads, which was released on August 30th, 2016 via Eccentric Pop Records.

Music Video: Rival Town – “See Through”

Thunder Bay, Ontario pop punk act Rival Town have released a video for their new single “See Through” and you can check it out below.

“See Through” comes from the bands’ upcoming EP Make It Work, which is due out later this year on Manic Kat Records.  

The band last released Call It Like It Is on April 15th, 2016 also through Manic Kat.

The Chinchees (Garage/Pop-Punk) stream self-titled debut, release music video for new song “Gorp”

Pop-punk act The Chinchees recently released their new self-titled LP and to commemorate the occasion they’re streaming the entire thing online. Check it out along with a music video for their new song “Gorp”below.  

This is the band’s first full length album release after releasing an EP from 2015 called Quaalude Era Elvis. They had an album release show earlier this month on the 16th in their home town of Minneapolis but you can still catch them live on their tour in March.

Encourager (pop-punk) recording new album, stream cover of Weezer’s “Punk Triangle”

Seattle punk act Encourager have just announced that they’re hard at work recording their third album. While they haven’t supplied any release details yet they have put up a stream of a cover of Weezer’s “Pink Triangle”, a song they recorded while in the studio working on said new album.

Give it a listen below.

Encourager released their last album, “I Get A Kick Out Of Jokes”, in 2014.

Curbside Drive (Perth Pop-Punk) stream debut single “Sidelined” off upcoming EP “Outside Your Window”

Being described as pop punk, punk rock and even grunge at times, Curbside Drive are channeling their inner awkwardness and insecurities through their upcoming debut EP, ‘Outside Your Window’.

The band had this to say about EP’s lead single,

“Sidelined, is about being average and not being sure what to do with your life but being okay with it. It follows the realization that you don’t meet other people’s expectations of yourself and being fine with not being in the spotlight.”

Stream it below.

‘Sidelined’ will be in Digital Stores on 3rd March 2017.

Album Review: Couple’s Fight – “There’s Someone Else”

Another Valentine’s Day gone by and another stellar release from the dysfunctional Phoenix-based duo Couple’s Fight, I certainly hope this is going to become a yearly tradition. While most American’s took the day to appreciate their significant other, x-romantic partners Alaynha Gabrielle and Travis James used the hallmark holiday to release six new blazing dis tracks aimed at each other.

For a basic idea of what this new E.P. Is like basically imagine dance punk duo Matt&kim with less production and if they hated every fiber of each others being. The new record, There’s Someone Else, like the first record, Breaking Up, is composed entirely of songs based on common couples squabbles, but this time the punchlines are punchier, the dance tracks are dancier, and Gabrielle’s big voice and creativity shine far brighter, which is most evident in her more stout jabs at Travis this time around.

For their new record the two piece takes on such romantic topics like the way a relationship changes for the negative in “The Way it used to be,” cheating in the tune “There’s Someone Else,” fighting in public in “Causing a Scene” and comparing one’s partner to their parents in “You’re Just Like with their tongue in cheek songwriting and upbeat danceable tracks.

One track that really stood out on the record was “Anything For Your (To Leave)” about the scary change that happens in a relationship when it goes from wanting to do anything for your partner to being willing to anything to get rid of them. The track is unlike the rest of the record because it features an acoustic guitar, and it almost sounds like it was more made for Travis James main project Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists.

The new Couple’s Fight record even brings the Alaynha and Travis to couple’s therapy with the love expert Dr. Andy Warpigs filling in the vocals of the therapist. What exactly did Dr. Warpigs prescribe for the ailing relationship? A full split of course … and by the way, he’s boning both of them.

All in all “There’s Someone Else” is a fun listen that really highlights the clever word-play of both Alaynha and Travis, and is a definite valentine’s punk classic. Oh, it’s also available for nothing on the bands Bandcamp right now.

3.5/5 Stars

Direct Hit! perform “Forced to Sleep” on Live from the Rock Room

Wisconsin pop-punks Direct Hit! are the latest group to perform on Live from the Rock Room, a live off the floor monthly podcast based in Westmount, IL. On this edition of the show, the group performs their song, “Forced to Sleep”, which is a track off of their last album, Wasted Mind. You can check the video out below.

Wasted Mind was released in June through Fat Wreck Chords.

The Bombpops and Russian Girlfriends announce southwest shows

The Bombpops and Russian Girlfriends have announced a handful of southwest shows leading up to their spring tour with Red City Radio. Check out the tour dates below.

The Bombpops released their debut album Fear of Missing Out on February 10th through Fat Wreck Chords. Russian Girlfriends’ first LP All Around came out back in 2015.

The Priceduifkes stream new album “GOATHORSE”

Belgian punks The Priceduifkes have made their new album GOATHORSE available to stream ahead of its February 25th release. You can give the record a listen below.

The album’s release is being handled by Monster Zero Records (Europe), Bearded Punk Records (Belgium), and Rad Girlfriend Records (US).

All Bad (members of PEARS, The Superweaks, etc.) stream new album “No Good”

Philly pop-punk band All Bad, featuring PEARS drummer Jarret Nathan, Cat Park of Amanda X, and Evan Bernard guitarist The Superweaks, have released a new* album titled No Good.

You can give it a listen below, and purchase the digital version from Get Better! Records on Bandcamp. A small run of cassette copies will be available on April 1st (no this is not an April Fools’ prank).

*According to PEARS, this album was recorded three years ago.

Knuckle Puck debuts new song, “Indecisive”

Chicago pop-punks Knuckle Puck are giving fans a taste of their latest music with a little ballad called “Indecisive,” and you can check it out below.

“Indecisive” will appear on a 7″ along with the track  “Calendar Days.”  You can keep an eye out for that on March 17th, when it is released by Rise Records.  Knuckle Puck’s debut full-length, Copacetic, came out in 2015 also on Rise Records.

The Sheckies (pop-punk) releasing new album “Go On A Diet Again”, stream first single

New Jersey old-school pop punk act The Sheckies have announced that they will be releasing a new album titled “Go On A Diet Again” on March 3rd via RTTB Records. To get you fired up for the release you can stream the album’s first track “That Girl Died” below.

The Sheckies last released an EP entitled “God Goes To Jail” in February of 2015.

Breakin’ Even Fest announces lineup (Sidekicks, Pkew Pkew Pkew, Restorations, etc)

Washington DC’s, Breakin’ Even Fest 2 recently announced their full lineup for May 5 & 6th @ Songbyrd DC, and this year it’ all ages!

To learn more about the festival check the Breakin’ Even Fest website for tickets and info, or follow them on Facebook.

Music Video: Fantastico (Texas Pop-Punk) – “He Stays Or I Go”

Texas pop-punk act Fantastico have released a music video for their song “He Stays Or I Go.”

You can check it out below.

“He Stays Or I Go” comes from the bands’ latest self titled EP that was released on January 12th, 2017.  You can give that a listen on their Bandcamp.