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Caffiends debut video for “Chuck Mental”

Florida punks Caffiends have debuted a video for their song “Chuck Mental.” You can view it below.

“Chuck Mental” is featured on their recently released split with Peabodys. You can listen to that album here.

The Addisons release video for “So American”

Chicago indie punks The Addisons have released a video for “So American”, from last month’s EP “Invisible Fall State Park“, which came out on Torture Chamber Records.

You can watch the video, which has premiered on Black TV, below.

Patent Pending (New York) announce covers record “Other People’s Greatest Hits” and stream track

New York party punks Patent Pending have announced they will release “new” material on May, 26, 2017. The album, Other People’s Greatest Hits, comprises exclusively of tunes popularised by a plethora of legendary pop artists, such as Ricky Martin, The Killers, and The Spice Girls. As a way to excite fans for the new release, the band are streaming a few tracks from it. Joining their earlier release of “Spice Up Your Life” is Little Mix tune, “Shout Out to My Ex”.

Check out the full proposed track list for Other People’s Greatest Hits and take a listen to “Shout Out to My Ex” below.

Caffiends release split with Peabodys

Florida’s Caffiends have released their twelve track split with Pennsylvania’s Peabodys. The record features six tracks from both bands and is available via Swamp Cabbage, No Time, Everything Sucks, and Team Beard Records.

You can listen to the entire thing below, or grab a copy if you like it.

EP Review: Fitness – “Puppet Show”

Chicago’s Fitness is a band that hit me out of nowhere. We get a handful of band’s like that every year, the sort that send you reeling with a name you’ve never heard and a sound you’re glad you had. In this case, the connection was Don’t Panic Records, who handled the vinyl of the fantastic Davey Dynamite release last year. Fitness’ Puppet Show is a six song EP, a youthful and scrappy concoction of pop punk with tons of guitar leads, self loathing, and sing a longs.  

Puppet Showgrabs you from the first song, immediately familiar and simultaneously new. If you sniff around, you can hear the influences, but none of them ever quite come to define their sound. The first one that came to mind for me was Hot Water Music, who’s dueling guitar leads became an oft-copied sonic idiosyncrasy, but Fitness don’t play it with the same post-hardcore edge. When Fitness plays them, they have a more electric, less serpentine and melancholy feel. It’s this pop sensibility that signals Fitness as more than a band of Gainesville acolytes. They don’t have that droney edge, that sense that they ended up writing singalong songs through mad scientist potion mixing, deconstruction and rebuilding. No, Fitness has a knack for pop songwriting, strong melodies are the glue that holds their songs together, and in this sense they sound a bit like Junior Battles or Problem Daughter. But, Fitness is propulsive, more straight-ahead than either of those– when a song gets out of its cage, it rampages.

Album opener “Road Lizard” is a good example of this: guttural vocal delivery, guitar leads flexing at each other over an insistent beat. It has its own mix of energies, and it always comes as a surprise, that the vocals are as raw sounding as they are. Separated from the rest of the track, they could’ve been from a hardcore band– that’s how much snarl they put on the words. But with the instrumentation’s bouncy energy, it becomes this airy and energetic brand of pop punk.

There’s a difference between good playing and good songwriting. One of them allows a band a spot on bills, it sounds tight live but doesn’t stick with you for the drive home. The latter keeps the songs stamped on a time and place, we grow on them and they grow on us. Fitness has a cool sound, but what they also have is songwriting chops to spare. Puppet Show reminds me of the Dead Bars EP, in that is expresses a sharp and consistent songwriting vision, with defeatist lyrics met with triumphant melody. “Roseanne’s Bar”’s 60s pop chorus starts with the line “Call me a liar, call me pathetic…,” sounding like a Phil Spector penned Nirvana song. These are the types of decisions that make the sort of inward-focused punk that has become popular in the last ten years stick, rather than remaining a competent copy of a copy. The best airings of grievances come with a hook, a recognition in the crowd that as you sing along, there’s a kindred spirit out there, a conversation between artist and audience where the response is: me too.

To sum it all up with a thesis logline: Puppet Show is a great EP from a band poised to do a lot more in the future. They’re exciting, there’s a sense of urgency to their music that’s infectious, enough aggression to sell the venom in the lyrics. Each song is an experience, with busy leads that bounce off each other like billiard balls on break, full throated singalongs begging to be shouted back; songs that come out swinging, gloves in the air and a pep in their step, hungry for connection.

4/5 stars

Fall Out Boy announce new album “Mania,” reveal new video for “Young and Menace”

Fall Out Boy have just announced their new album Mania, set for release on September 15th. This is their seventh studio album and the follow-up to 2015’s American Beauty/American Psycho.

A slew of tour dates have also been released, and you can find those below with the video for the single “Young and Menace.” Pre-order the album here.

Pet Symmetry (emo/pop-punk) reveal new track “You & Me & Mt. Hood”

Chicago songsmiths Pet Symmetry have released the latest song off their up coming album Vision, set for release on May 26th via Polyvinyl Record Company. “You & Me & Mt. Hood” is a soft but stupidly catchy offering, sure to get you excited about the album if you weren’t already.

You can preorder Vision here and check out “You & Me & Mt. Hood” below.

Blink-182 unveil new track “6-8” with lyric video

blink-182-bored-to-death-videoThe boys are back at it again. This time, they bring us “6-8” which is one of the eleven new tracks added to the deluxe edition of California. They’ve also brought us another lyric video (I’m sensing a trend here) and it is one that they could hang on the fridge proudly. If you could hang videos on fridges in the first place. Someday.

The California deluxe edition drops on May 19th, and you can preorder it here. I never took Blink for arts n’ crafts enthusiasts, but the video is pretty sweet all the same. Check it out below.

DS Exclusive: Odd Robot premiere new video for “Knife and a Cigarette”

Southern California pop-punk band Odd Robot have premiered a new video for their song, “Knife and a Cigarette.”

The band has signed to Wiretap Records, and will be reissuing their newest album, “A Late Night Panic,” on the label this spring.

I can definitely hear the Descendents and Alkaline Trio influences. I’ll be grabbing the LP. If you can’t wait til the reissue, you can check out the album at bandcamp.

You can check out the new video below.

Bad Cop/Bad Cop announce album “Warriors”, stream song “Womanarchist”

Prepare yourself for new Bad Cop/Bad Cop! The Californian pop-punk four piece has just announced their sophomore full length album, “Warriors,” will be released via Fat Wreck Chords on June 16, 2017.

To get you fired up you can stream a brand new track from the album titled “Womanarchist” below.

Cayetana streams new track “Bus Ticket”

Philadelphia indie-punk group Cayetana is streaming a new track titled “Bus Ticket.” You can listen to it below.

The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album “New Kind of Normal,” which is set to be released on May 5th via Cayetana’s own record label “Plum Records.” You can find more information about the album here.

Dikembe stream cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”

Gainesville emo-punks Dikembe are currently streaming their newest cover song, keeping up with their goal to release one per month. The track is a cover of “Thinkin Bout You” by Frank Ocean, and you can listen to it below.

Dikembe will be streaming a new cover via their Bandcamp page every month during 2017.

Rayner release new video for “Blurred Limes”

Las Vegas pop punks Rayner just released the official music video for “Blurred Limes.” The five piece act are next due for the upcoming EP, ‘Distasters” on June 23, 2017 via FtLP Records.

“Disasters” will be a follow up to January 2016 album, “In Circles.”

You can stream the video below.

Hospital Job (members of The Copyrights) perform “Damn These Vampires” on Live From The Rock Room

Illinois pop punk act Hospital Job (featuring drummer Luke McNeill of The Copyrights on guitar and vocals) recently stopped by Live From The Rock Room to perform their song “Damn These Vampires.”

You can check out that performance below.

“Damn These Vampires” comes from the bands 2016 split with The Capitalist Kids, which was released via Rad Girlfriend Records.

Goldenboy (Norwegian punk) release music video for “The Escape”

Norwegian punk act Goldenboy have released a brand new video for their song “The Escape.” You can watch said video below. “The Escape” was originally released on Goldenboy’s  album “Lesson 3: Arts and Crafts”, which is due for a vinyl re-release this May. 

Goldenboy previously released a music video for this song last January. You can watch it here.