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Video: Up For Nothing featured in short documentary “12 Stories Down”

Dayside Productions has released a short documentary about Brooklyn punk rock outfit, Up For Nothing, entitled, “12 Stories Down”

You can check it out here.

The band last released an acoustic EP entitled Responses on the 4th of July.

Zatopeks and DeeCracks stream Dee Dee Ramone covers off upcoming split

UK punk band Zatopeks and Austrian pop-punk heavyweights DeeCRACKS are streaming their Dee Dee Ramone covers from their upcoming split “Behind The Spotlight” with Japanese pop-punk act Kingons.

You can check out their contributions below.

No release dates have been set for either split, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as more info comes to light. Zatopeks released “About Bloody Time” in 2013 through It’s Alive Records.  DeeCRACKS released their latest album Beyond Medication on April 1st through Monster Zero Records.

Up For Nothing release music video for “Sink”

Brooklyn punk rock outfit Up For Nothing have released a music video for their song “Sink”

You can check it out below.

The song appears on their acoustic EP entitled Responses which was released on the 4th of July!

The Maxies announce US tour dates

Greenland-by-way-of-SoCal pop-punk titans The Maxies have announced some more tour dates after taking a few weeks off from their current tour.

Check out the full list of dates and locations below.

The band’s debut full-length Greenland Is Melting was released in 2011, and they have since re-released it on vinyl and put out a split with The Kingons through It’s Alive Records.

The Maxies announce US fall tour

Greenland-by-way-of-SoCal pop-punk titans The Maxies will be spending the next 3 months playing shows all over the United States. More info on where you’ll be able to catch them can be found below.

The band’s debut full-length Greenland Is Melting was released in 2011, and they have since re-released it on vinyl and put out a split with The Kingons through It’s Alive Records.

French Exit offer free download of previously unreleased song “It’s Not, I’m Not”

L.A. punks French Exit are streaming and giving away for free a previously unreleased song entitled “It’s Not, I’m Not”. You can stream it below and grab it for free on the band’s Bandcamp. Here’s what guitarist/vocalist Tim Stasica had to say about the track:

“We wrote this song right after we finished our LP. We recorded it along with our covers EP in our drummer’s garage, and it was supposed to be on a 4-way split that still hasn’t materialized. Since we’ve been playing it live occasionally for a few months, we wanted to just get it out there to kind of clear the slate for more new stuff!”

French Exit last released an album entitled Guts and Black Stuff through It’s Alive Records, back in December 2013.

Zatopeks (punk) announce new 7″ split

London/Berlin-based punk trio Zatopeks have a brand new 6-track split 7″ with Science Police (featuring members of House Boat).

The split will be released in very limited quantities, but you can stream the whole thing below.

EP Review: Plow United – “Delco”

Most bands that break up, go on an “indefinite hiatus” or go on walkabout and then reform are huge disappointments. Most pop punk bands age just about as well as milk in the sun. Plow United is an anomaly in many ways. “Delco”, the 7″ follow up to 2013’s Marching Band, sits just as comfortably next to 1996’s Goodnight Sellout.

These four songs come strong right out of the gate with the 48 second “That Was Awesome”. It’s not what you would expect from a band partially composed of a professor and a PHD, but somehow it manages to be pretty fucking awesome. Sean Rule is every bit the explosive monster on drums he was in the 90s, setting the beat with sudden bursts of speed that still manage to make me feel 15. Catchy vocal harmonies  on “Live Like a Viking, Die Like a Viking” will stay with you for days.

In a sub genre that’s congested with prefabricated or otherwise bought and sold,  overproduced,  formulaic, heavily coiffed nonsense, Plow United doesn’t raise the bar, but rather sits where they set it almost twenty years ago, defying the bands of today to come anywhere near the level they’ve maintained.

4.5/5  Stars

The Dopamines offer free download of new song “Midwesternplayalisticeconolinemuzik”

Breaking a long period of inactivity, The Dopamines are streaming a new song and it’s name is a fucking doozy. Give “Midwesternplayalisticeconolinemuzik” a listen below and download it for free on Bandcamp.

The Dopamines released their third studio album Vices in June, 2012 through It’s Alive Records. There’s no word on a follow-up yet but we’ll be sure to let you know if we hear anything.

Album Review: Hi Ho Silver, Away! – “Chore”

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Similarly, you shouldn’t judge a band by its name. This holds very true for Hi Ho Silver, Away!. Despite the silly, almost piratical name, the California-based trio is anything but the soundtrack to your next sailing trip with grandpa. The band’s debut full length, Chore, is 26 minutes of punk filled with plenty of memorable one liners and “whoas”. (Okay, I was hasty to judge you. Maybe you and grandpa enjoy listening to punk on his yacht and in that case, Chore would be a fine soundtrack for the two of you.)

Chore is a very stripped down punk record. It’s fairly common these days for bands to record several guitar tracks regardless of how many guitarists are in the band, or maybe layer a keyboard track in the background of a chorus, and while that can sound incredibly nice sometimes, Hi Ho Silver, Away! doesn’t bullshit anyone: there are three people on this recording, so you hear three instruments in the songs.

The real standout of the album as a whole is Hi Ho Silver, Away!’s songwriting and the way the vocals play off the instrumentals. They aren’t always written to the same melodies, and sometimes the vocals come off almost as spoken rather than sung, but it always works well together. “Empty Gestures” is probably the best example (and maybe the best song on the album, but that’s subjective) of this writing style.

Hi Ho Silver, Away! have a raw, DIY sound that feels rare in this day and age of professional home recording technology. Even ten years ago it was a regular complaint that punk bands “sounded too good”, so it’s refreshing to know that there are still bands who remember how to record an album with minimal overdubs or additional instruments that can’t be performed live. Their name might conjure up images of the seven dwarves, but Hi Ho Silver, Away! have tapped into something brilliant that overshadows their name: honest, simple punk rock. And it doesn’t get much better than that.

4 / 5 – Stream it below!

RIYL: Aspiga, Defiance, Ohio, Joyce Manor

Free Album Download: The Capitalist Kids – “Live At Insubordination Fest 2013”

Austin pop-punks The Capitalist Kids have released a live album entitled Live At Insubordination Fest 2013, which was recorded at least year’s installment of the Baltimore punk festival. You can stream/download the record for free below.

The Capitalist Kids self-released their new full-length At A Loss in late April. They’re planning on releasing the vinyl version of the album ‘any day now’ through It’s AliveToxic Pop, and Rad Girlfriend Records.

French Exit stream covers of songs by Superchunk, Blondie & more

L.A. punks French Exit recently recorded covers of four random songs by Superchunk, Blondie, The Pixies, and Sugar Ray.

You can stream all of the tracks below. And be sure to check out For The Love of Punk’s interview with the band about the covers if you feel like doing some light reading while you listen.

French Exit’s latest album Guts and Black Stuff was released last December through It’s Alive Records. It’s available for stream/purchase on Bandcamp.

Plow United stream new EP “Delco”

Back in April, Plow United announced a new 7″ EP titled Delco on July 10th through It’s Alive Records, and now that it’s closer to the release date, the EP has been uploaded online for our listening pleasure. You can stream the entire 7″, as well as view the dates for the record release shows, below.

The band’s latest album Marching Band was released last April through Jump Start Records.

Full Album Stream: The Creeps – “Eulogies”

Ottawa-based punk band The Creeps are streaming their upcoming album Eulogies in full. Check it out here.

The album — their first full-length release in seven years — will drop July 15 via It’s Alive Records. The band last released the EP “Our Time” in 2013.

Plow United stream remastered version of “Spindle” from upcoming reissue of 1995 self-titled album

Back in April, the guys in Plow United announced plans to reissue their 1995 self-titled debut album and release a new 7-inch entitled Delco on July 10th through It’s Alive Records.

Now they’re streaming a new version of  their song “Spindle,” which was remastered by Stephen Egerton (Descendents / ALL) and you can check it out below.

Plow United’s latest album Marching Band was released last April through Jump Start Records. It was the band’s first full-length release in 15 years, serving as a follow-up to 1998’s Narcolepsy.