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DS Exclusive: Fare Game (Skate Punk) Premieres Debut EP

When it comes to punk rock, the talent pool in Los Angeles is one of the deepest in the country. Every neighborhood from the docks of San Pedro to the sleepy desert towns of The Antelope Valley, boasts its own small, locally grown act that in other cities, would be headliners. Fare Game is a perfect example of such a band. In the few months that they’ve been a tangible band, they’ve played a ton of local shows (as well as two festivals) and quickly become favorites in the local scene. Featuring former members of LightSpeedGo and Kill Radio (among others), this quartet seeps talent and experience from their pores, and with a blue collar work ethic, they are already well on their way to becoming one of LA’s premium punk acts. Today, we’re pleased to premiere this emerging young act’s debut EP, Breakin’ Rules in it’s entirety! The six and a half track album (ya don’t get full credit for “30 Sec Song”, sorry guys!) is the perfect introduction! Check it out, exclusively here at Dying Scene, below!

DS Exclusive: Eat Dirt (UK Punk) Premieres Video for “Dead.” From Debut Album

This London based punk rock collective features members whose identities have been kept a secret over the course of their first year as a band, but we’re told all of them have been in some pretty big bands prior to embarking on this new endeavour. Following Brexit, in late 2016, and the subsequent spiralling maelstrom of political idiocy and rising tensions throughout the UK and abroad, Eat Dirt was born and they were not happy! The quartet’s debut four track EP, EAT DIRT – I, is a raging, visceral blast of uber-aggressive, no frills punk rock which clocks in at a tidy five minutes. Today, we’re pleased to premiere the newest music video from that fantastic freshman album! When asked about the video for the track “Dead.” the lads explained, “The song is about jealous people, and lazy people, and people who refuse to help themselves. The video is made up of clips mocking the behaviour of evangelist preachers who pray on the weak, they’re subhuman scum who manipulate and steal from the people they claim they’re trying to help.” So, stop being a loaf and put your peepers on the video, exclusively here at Dying Scene, below!

DS Exclusive: 3rd Times A Charm (Pop Punk ) Premieres New Album “EP Collection”

South Jersey is often overlooked in conversations relating to punk music hotbeds. But the scene in that area has always been ripe with talent. None More Black, Senses Fail, The Ergs, and Gaslight Anthem are among a laundry list of bands from the area, who all inject some pop punk into their unique musical styles. This traditional pop punk act from Burlington County is yet another great act that can be added to that list. If you’re unfamiliar with them, now’s the perfect time to get acquainted because the quartet has a new album out! Featuring a mix of new tracks, with songs from their previous record, the album, EP Collection (due out on September 8th), provides a great cross section of their entire body of work.  But, since you’re a dedicated DS reader, there’s no need to wait to listen to this pop punk gem. You can listen to it in its entirety, exclusively here at Dying Scene! Check it out below!

*3TaC’s last album was Local Zero released in 2016.

DS Exclusive: Dead Weights (Melodic Punk) Premieres Music Video For “Stuck In My Head” From New LP

Hailing from Canada’s Capital, this melodic punk act has been perfecting their sound over the past seven years. In that time, they’ve released a couple of EPs and (now) two LPs, solidifying them as one of the most consistent up and coming bands from the Great White North. Now, these clever canucks are back with their (previously alluded to) sophomore LP, Mountain Arresting which was released on August 1st. The music video, for the single “Stuck in My Head”, is a pretty crafty little lyric-video with fellow artists from Ottawa and friends of the band doing live art on a chalkboard. If you want to listen to the rest of the LP, head over to New Noise and stream the it in it’s entirety. Until then though, give the  watch and the world premiere of the video, exclusively here at Dying Scene, below!

FFO: Dillinger Four; Jawbreaker; Latterman

DS Exclusive: True Rivals (Punk) Premieres “Respect’s Earned” From Upcoming EP

If good old fashioned punk rock is your thang, this SoCal based group is sure to delight! Their exceptionally entertaining, full-throttled live performances coupled with copious amounts of musical talent, has propelled the fantastic foursome to the upper echelon of the bustling Los Angeles scene in a relatively short period of time. Now, just a few couple years after their debut full length The Revenant, the guys are back with a brand new EP and today, we’re pleased as punch to bring you an exclusive first listen! The five track album, Look At Me! releases this Friday, August 25th but you can get the jump on your loser friends and check out the World premiere of the single “Respect’s Earned” below!

DS Exclusive: Hateful Monday (Skate Punk) Premieres “As Far As I Can Remember” From Upcoming Album

Throughout their nineteen year career, this terrific trio from Geneva, Switzerland, has been recognized for their aggressive style of skate punk both in their home country as well as abroad. Their newest album, Unfrightened which is due out on September 15th, reinforces this signature sound with blazing, metal inspired guitar riffs and drums that sound like a chain gun. Prior to the album’s release, the sensational Swedes wanted to give us an exclusive, first listen to prepare us for the onslaught which is to come so, the least you could do is give it a listen! Check out the World premiere of the debut single, “As Far As I Can Remember” below!

Hateful Monday’s last album was Must Be Somewhere which was released in 2013.

Provo Punks Pop Warner Stream EP

Utah beard punks Pop Warner are streaming their new self-titled EP in full, available tomorrow through Hidden Home Records.

The band has a sound refreshingly familiar for fans of older No Idea Records releases, giving a new take on the style Gainesville vets Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike created over a decade ago. Who knows – maybe next year you’ll be able to find them on the Fest lineup!

You can listen to the EP below. CDs and tapes can be found at Hidden Home’s webstore or purchased from the band directly on their upcoming west coast tour (see dates below).

DS Exclusive: RUSSKAJA (Turbo Polka) Premieres Music Video For “Alive” From New LP

“German Turbopolka” is how this spectacular, Austrian septet describes themselves and after giving them a listen, we’re not sure there’s a better label for their unique sound. The music is fast and catchy and could be considered, ska, punk or anything in between. You see,  turbopolka doesn’t fit into just one category, it’s open-minded passion is mingled with various musical styles from all around the globe, defying all traditional classifiers. This multi-national spirit is brilliantly showcased on their third full length, Kosmopoliturbo which was just released on August 8th via Napalm Records, with the band introducing the LP with the following quote: “In a world where globalism wipes away any and all boundaries, RUSSKAJA supplies a suitable soundtrack. Upbeat powerful songs swing between countries, languages and cultures.” Today we’re proud to premiere the debut music video for “Alive” from their brand new album. Give it a view or two below!

FFO: Gogol Bordello; Reel Big Fish; Leftover Crack

The Riptides (pop-punk) announce new album “Canadian Graffiti”, stream new track “Goodbye Hawaii”

On September 12th Ottawa pop-punk act The Riptdes will be unleashing their new album “Candian Graffiti” with the help of the good folks at Something To Do Records. It’s been a while since I’ve heard a good “doo wop” pop-punk song and The Riptides knocked it out of the park with their first single, “Goodby Hawaii,” which we’re pleased to premiere for you below. If the rest of the album is this good its going to make a great soundtrack for the end of summer.

Vinyl lovers, pre-order your copy here – there are only 500 physical copies being made.

DS Exclusive: The Lungs (Punk) Stream Debut, Self Titled EP

From the steamy San Fernando Valley this tremendous young trio released their debut, self titled EP earlier this year. Their unique garage-y hardcore sound, with it’s metal inspired guitar riffs and simple, gut thumping bass serves as a calling card, setting them apart from their peers. The freshman effort features seven sensational tracks including an impeccable cover of the Ramones single, “I’m Not Jesus”. But somehow we’ve slept on ’em, so you’re only hearing about them now! To make up for our transgressions, we reached out to the guys to see if we could stream the album for our precious readers and since they’re such upstanding young gentlemen, they agreed! So, crank up the volume (you’re neighbors are gonna want to hear it too!) and stream this ripper in it’s entirety, exclusively here at Dying Scene, below!

DS Exclusive: Sombulance (UK Skate Punk) Premieres New EP, Lifers

After a seven year hiatus, legendary UK skate punkers, Sombulance have returned with a brand new EP! The album, entitled Lifer, is due out on August 4th via heavyweight punk label Lockjaw Records but we got our hands on it a day early and it rips! When asked about the release, founding member and guitarist, Ant Harrison explained “We’re excited and relieved to finally be releasing new music, and doing so through our friend’s label Lockjaw Records. We’ve actually been sitting on this EP for a while because it was written in the context of full length but it made sense to record our six strongest songs to release for our Punk Rock Holiday appearance.” Well lucky reader, today you’re the direct beneficiary of that decision because we’re premiering all six, strong songs exclusively here at Dying Scene! So, enough reading, get to streamin’, below!

The quartet’s last release was 2010’s debut full length, A Cynic’s Response.

DS Exclusive: Manic Kat Records Premieres Summer Sampler

NY/NJ indie punk label Manic Kat Records is gearing up for a smoldering Summer with a brand new, thirteen track sampler featuring some of the label’s most recent signings from New York and beyond. Included in this masterful menagerie of bands are exciting, up-and-coming acts like Jump for the Sails, Rival Town,  Wired for Havoc, Noise Brigade and many more. Since the lovely folks over at MKR know we’re suckers for samplers, they sent the entire LP over to stream for our lucky readers! So, grab the sunscreen (SPF 50 or higher!) and stream this sizzling hot sampler in it’s entirety below! Then head on over to the label’s site and order yourself a copy for $5 (free poster included with purchase! Whatta bargain!).

DS Exclusive: Surface Report (Skate Punk) Premieres Upcoming Debut LP Stand By…

Strap in, kiddies, we get a ripper for you today! This SoCal skate punk act is releasing their debut LP this coming Friday (8/29). But since we don’t live our lives by clocks and calendars, we’re just gonna stream the whole damn thing for you now. We gave it a spin before doing this write up and we can say with certainty that this one is a certified face melter! With an authentic old school sound and a fresh, streamlined feel to it, fans of genre defining pioneers like Aggression or JFA are going to love this quartet. Not sure about it? Well, get an opinion by streaming all nine tracks from the fantastic freshman album, Stand By… below! We also included information for their West Coast tour dates, so be sure to get out to a show and snag a copy!

DS Exclusive: Mansbridge (Pop Punk) Premieres “Cheese Is Wasted on The Rich” From Upcoming LP

Last time we heard from Montreal based pop punkers, Manbridge it was late 2016 when they were featured on The Rebel Spell tribute album Rebels Sing. Now, just a few short months later, the quartet is back with new music! Their ten track, debut LP Juxtapose is out on August 18th via My Fingers! My Brain! Records and Maps & Continents Records but we know you don’t want to wait that long. Knowing that they would be bound by the strict International Hospitality Laws enforced by their oppressive, dictatorial government, we demanded…errr… politely asked the boys to send us a track to stream, exclusively for Dying Scene readers! And whaddayaknow, they obliged! Give the single “Cheese is Wasted on the Rich” a listen below, then in a few weeks, remember to reward their good (albeit, coerced) behavior by buying a copy of the album.

DS Exclusive: Losers Circle (Boston punk) streams new album and announces tour dates

Boston punks Losers Circle (featuring members of Refuse Resist and The Radicals) are getting set to release their aptly-named debut full-length album, Took Long Enough.  You can check it out in its entirety below.

You can catch Losers Circle on tour in the upcoming weeks as well, as they head out to the South and Midwest, ending with an album release party at the Midway Cafe in Boston on August 6th.  All the dates and places are also below.