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Free music from The Prosecution (Ska-Punk)

German Ska-Punks, The Prosecution, are giving away some music along with some free tracks from bands such as P.O.BOX, NH3, THE TiPS, BREW36 and other releases available from Long Beach Records Europe.

You can find it here.

This is ahead of the August 11th release date for the upcoming album “The Unfollowing” via Long Beach Europe, but why say no to free music?

Four Year Strong debut “Nice To Know”

Massachusetts pop punk stars Four Year Strong,  have released a new song for the first time on two years! See what they had to say, and give “Nice To Know” a listen below.

The song will be on their upcoming project “Some Of You Will Like This, Some Won’t” which is coming out via Pure Noise, September 8th. The track list and upcoming tour dates can be found below as well.

Saturday’s Heroes stream new single ‘The Shame’, announce European tour

Busy times for Swedish punk rockers Saturday’s Heroes. The boys just announced a lengthy European tour and some new music to go with it. ‘Pineroad’, the band’s brand new full length, will come out September 22nd via Lövely Records.

Head down below to catch full tour dates and ‘The Shame’, the very first single from ‘Pineroad’.

Ero Guro (Garage Punk) streams debut EP

Belgian lo-fi garage punks Ero Guro have premiered their debut EP. The six song long self titled 7″ will be available September 9th via RONNY REX (limited to 200 copies), but is already up for listening right now.

Give Ero Guro’s debut EP a spin below.

Outloud! Records stream 3 tracks from “Selfishly Titled” by RADD

Outloud! Records are streaming 3 tracks from the new album “Selfishly Titled” by RADD.

The tracks are “Red Light”, “See You Around” and “Don’t Let Me Go”. You can listen to them below.

The album is due to be released on August 29th.

The Domestics (Hardcore Punk) stream entire new album “Cherry Blossom Life”

UK hardcore punk band The Domestics are streaming their new album “Cherry Blossom Life” in full. Give it a listen below.

If you are a fan of The Domestics then you know what to expect, if you’ve never heard of them before then get ready to discover something great! The band plays aggressive politically charged punk with Japanese and US hardcore influences. The album is ferocious with 16 blistering tracks in twenty minutes.

The album was released on August 4th via TNS Records.

The Dead Sparrows (Punk) stream new release “No Core”

After a year-and-a-half hiatus Ontario punk act The Dead Sparrows are streaming their new release “No Core”. You can give the 7″ a listen below.

The band have been writing a lot and say they will be back in the studio shortly to record a full length album.

“No Core” came out on June 8th and is the bands 4th release.

Limp Wrist (Hardcore Punk) Stream new album “Facades”

It’s been a long wait but legendary queercore punks Limp Wrist are back and streaming their new album ‘”Facades”. It is their first release in 9 years! The first 8 tracks are exactly what you have been waiting for all these years; fast and angry hardcore punk. However the last 3 tracks take a strange twist. Give it a listen below.

Apparently there was an issue with some of the material in the booklet. We are not sure what exactly but the label tweeted this:

“There is a first time for everything. Limp Wrist LP booklet just got refused by the printers based on the content. Too steamy for UK 2017.”

If you know much about Limp Wrist then this is probably not surprising!

Double Negative (Skate-Punk) stream new single “Alien” from upcoming album “The Day The Dark Won”

UK skate-punk act Double Negative are streaming a new single from their upcoming album “The Day The Dark Won’. The track is called “Alien” and you can give it a listen below.

The album is almost complete and will be released on Felony Records.

The band’s last release was “When We’re Gone” back in August 2016.

7 Years Bad Luck (pop-punk) stream new LP “Great, Big, Nothing”

Austria’s 7 Years Bad Luck are streaming their new LP “Great, Big, Nothing”. Give it a listen below.

The album was released today via Monster Zero Records and No Reason Records.

7 Years Bad Luck will be playing alongside Face to Face and Good Riddance tomorrow (August 10th) in Linz, Austria.

Dead Leaves stream two new tracks from upcoming album “Vultures”

Westfield indie-punks Dead Leaves are streaming two new tracks taken from their upcoming album Vultures. You can listen to “Sunrise” and “Alive In The Spring” below.

Vultures is the band’s first release since their 2014 self-titled EP, and is set to be released on August 25 via Take This To Heart Records.

Small Circle (feat members of Sorority Noise) stream track from upcoming album “cyclical”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based alternative emo act Small Circle is streaming a new track titled “spinning” from their upcoming debut album. You can listen to it below.

Small Circle features vocals from Marissa D’Elia, and 3 members of Sorority Noise (Cam Boucher, Adam Ackerman, Charlie Singer). Their debut album will be titled cyclical, and is set to be released on September 8 via Boucher’s Flower Girl Records, as well as Triple Crown Records.

Glitterer (Ned Russin of Title Fight) streams 8 track album

Ned Russin (bass and vocals for Title Fight) is streaming a post-punk solo album under the name Glitterer. You can listen to it below.

The self-titled album is the first release for Russin’s solo project, and was released on August 8.

Poison Alley (Hungarian skatepunk) stream new EP

Fans of melodic hardcore, today is your lucky day: Poison Alley, out of Hungary, have released their 3rd EP Flowers of Evil. Check out a stream here.

4 tracks of chunky, harsh Peavey 5150 thickness, with melody and heaviness to boot.

The band’s last release, Break Away, Cast Away, Fade Away was released last August. 

Introducing A Thousand Times (Brazil, skatepunk)

From the mean streets of Brazil, and seemingly from an alternate reality Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack, come Brazilian skatepunks A Thousand Times. Check out a stream of their new album below.

The music is tight, aggressive and fun…with obvious nods to 90’s hardcore influences like Pennywise and Ten Foot Poll/Pulley. Standout tracks for me were “All In One” and “Stage Invaders”, songs that feel contemporary while still sounding as though they would be at home in an obscure 90’s skateboard video.

The self-titled release is the band’s first LP; with a digital EP released through the band’s Bandcamp page. Download a copy and get a t shirt featuring the absolutely bitching album art here.