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Dan Cribb features Emmy Hour and Mane on latest Simpsons cover

Dan Cribb recently passed the 20 track mark of covers honoring the Simpsons with recent releases featuring Emmy Hour of the Cutaways and Mane. With character theme songs being this month’s focus, Hour lent vocals for “Blessed Be the Guy That Bonds”, and Mane provided harmonies for “The Ballad of Jebediah Springfield”. You can check out the recently released tracks, along with the other 19 covers featured on “The Worst Tribute Ever”, below.

“I think Mane’s haunting and commanding voice might make “The Ballad Of Jebediah Springfield” one of ‘Worst Tribute Ever’s biggest songs yet,” Cribb said.

More tracks are still to come, including “Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart” and “See My Vest”.

Bear and Forbear release “Cure and Loneliness” EP

France’s Bear and Forbear have recently released an EP titled “Cure and Loneliness” through their bandcamp page. The official release date is set for April 19. You can check it out below.

Bear and Forbear last released an EP titled “Viewpoint” in 2016.

Kill Surf City announce debut full length “Ever Notice How Everything’s Stupid?”

Hailing out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, the side project of Grey Gordon known as Kill Surf City has recently announced the upcoming release of their debut album titled “Ever Notice How Everything’s Stupid?”. The release is due out June 1 via Blacktop Records. You can check out two pre-released tracks off the album below.

Kill Surf City last released a single titled “Slip” in late 2017.

Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves release “Excommunicate Me Single”

North Carolina’s Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves have recently made a new EP titled “Excommunicate Me Single” available on their bandcamp page. The EP is officially due out April 1 and includes two new tracks along with an acoustic version of their song “Black Drink Singer”. You can click below to give it a listen.

 Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves‘ last release was a full length in 2016 titled “The Cross and the Switchblade”. 

SPINE (Kansas City/Chicago hardcore) to release new album “Faith” in June

Hardcore act SPINE has announced their second LP, “Faith,” will be released on June 15th via Bridge Nine Records. The album was recorded by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recordings in Chicago.

If you haven’t heard SPINE, be sure to check them out at bandcamp.

Main Line 10 stream teaser for new album “The Fox”

Spanish skate punks Main Line 10 are now streaming a new teaser for their new album “The Fox” that will be released on April 11.

“The Fox” follows up their last album “Sharks” which was released in 2017.

Check out the teaser below.

The Jasons set to release new album “Get Sued” in April

Hockey masked, leather clad act The Jasons who have smashed slasher movies and bubblegum powerpop together have just announced that they’ll be releasing a new album in April. 

The album promises some new rad tunes since their last release of album, “Get Fucked” which made it’s way to the streets in 2016.

You can pre order the album here.


The Cavemen (punk) streaming new single “Janey”

New Zealand punks The Cavemen are streaming the single “Janey” off their upcoming album Nuke Earth. Due out April 6th the band has announced some tour dates in support of the new album.

Check out the new song and tour dates below.

Sunday Morning (pop-punk) streaming new single “Ailment”

Connecticut pop-punks Sunday Morning have released a new single “Ailment”. The track comes off the heels of their recently released video for “Ten Years”. No word on whether this will be a part of a new album.

Check out the new single below.

The last release for Sunday Morning was 2017’s Everything that Could Go Right Did. If you’re a fan of Digger or Saves the Day these guys fit that mold.  

Petmedz (pop-punk) streaming new single “Your Next Move”

California pop-punks Petmedz are streaming their new single “Your Next Move”. No word on whether this comes off an upcoming album but here’s to hoping.

Check out the new song below.

This is the first new music from Petmedz since the 2016 release of Sundown Old Town. If you’re a fan of Yellowcard or MXPX these guys combine those sounds and it’s pretty ear pleasing.

Tom DeLonge hints at new Angels & Airwaves release

Tom DeLonge made a slightly cryptic instagram post that refers to plans for a “hallmark” Angels & Airwaves album. You can view the post below.

The band last released “The Dream Walker” in 2014.

The Hempsteadys launch Kickstarter campaign for new LP “Seance! Seance!”

Connecticut ska exports The Hempsteadys have set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund the pressing of new album “Seance! Seance!”. The album is the follow up to 2015’s “El Amor De Los Muertos” and they will be using the money raised to finish the record up and then press it on vinyl.

You can get more details, pledge, see a video about the campaign and view the album artwork over on the Kickstarter page.



YOU BIG IDIOT (Skate Punk, Canada) Announce Latest Album “Mega Donair”

Vancouver punk rockers YOU BIG IDIOT are set to release their new album, Mega Donair on April 20th. According to an email from the band, the record is a dedication to a local donair shop. Mega Donair will feature 12 tracks and YOUBIG IDIOT had the following to say about it:

“[It’s] packed with fast and fun skate punk guaranteed to put a smile on your face.”

The previous studio release from the band was the 2014 effort Happy Thoughts. 


Hot Mulligan (Pop Punk, Michigan) Stream Latest LP “Pilot”

Emotional pop punkers Hot Mulligan are allowing fans to stream their latest full-length record. The album is titled Pilot and will feature eleven tracks. The band also have a few shows in the coming weeks. We’ve listed these and provided the stream for Pilot below.

The previous effort from Hot Mulligan was the 2017 EP Opportunities.

Money Left to Burn (Germany) and The Affect Heuristic (Belgium/Scotland) Release Split

One of Germany’s finest skate punk bands have united with the multi-national newcomers of The Affect Heuristic to release a split entitled Money Left to Burn vs The Affect Heuristic. The record features five tracks from each band and is available via Lockjaw Records now. If you want to try before you buy, you can listen to it all below.

Whilst this is the first release from The Affect Heuristic, Money Left to Burn‘s previous offering was a 2015 split with Rebuke.