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The Zipheads (psychobilly) working on new album

UK psychobilly group The Zipheads are apparently back in the studio to work on some new music. So far, few details are being released, but we do know they are working with “a very well known UK Rockabilly/Psychobilly label.”

“We have no idea what format these songs will appear on, we will keep everyone posted as the projects unfold but rest assured we cannot wait to get the tunes out for you all to hear.
Furthermore, between now and Xmas we will be working on writing loads of new material to be recorded in 2015.”

The Zipheads released their debut album, Prehistoric Beat, one year ago. While you wait for new music, check out a video from the album below. You can also listen to the entire album here, or pick up a CD copy here.

Show Review: The Rats Nest Run-In (American Pinup, Slaughterhouse Chorus, etc)

Last weekend I took a road trip with a couple friends to a tiny town called East Durham NY about 2 hours north of New York City close to Albany for the 5th annual Rat’s Nest Run-In car show knowing that one of my favorite bands American Pinup was playing, and thinking an old time car show would be a nice outing. As it happened it was an all-out amazingly good time that exceeded all of my expectations.

The Rats Nest Run-In which I thought was a strange name pertains to “Rat Rods” which if you don’t know (I didn’t) is an old rusted Frankenstein of a car or truck that is most often created by its owner and many times out of junk…They are amazing, the creativity of these guys who are both young and old really blew my mind, and was something to see. And next to the cars comes the party, put 2,000 or so Hot Rodder/Psychobilly types together with an amazing line up of music and cheap beer for three day’s and you are in for a good time…The Trophy’s were pinstriped bottles of Moonshine!

The Show featured about 20 or so bands who started around noon playing outdoors until about 7 or 8 pm along with a Burlesque show and pinup girl contest followed by a full fireworks show at nine. The music and more Burlesque then continued in the indoor lounge which held approximately 450-500 people and rocked until about four in the morning, so I’m told ( I didn’t make it until the end) and it featured a really great mix of old style Rockabilly by bands like Whiskey Kill as well as more modern Psychobilly by The Creepin’ Cadavers a Killer alt-country band called Slaughter House Chorus, as well as a really great punk set by Bourbon Scum, not to mention a couple of awesome sets by American Pinup which was of course my reason for driving 2 hours north to begin with. Another band who has become my new favorite band since this last weekend was New Hampshire’s Dressed For The Occasion who have a great heartfelt punk and roll kinda country sound that really doesn’t choose a genre. Remember that name…Dressed For The Occasion, If my spidey senses tell me anything it’s that they may be the next Gaslight Anthem on the horizon.

After the show I was able to get ahold of organizer Travis Myers. That’s right the same Travis Myers from Altercation Records who is responsible for Upstart Fest, The Altercation Punk Rock BBQ and The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour who simply said in his rough Bronx accent “ Hey if you like really cool cars, and you like really great music you came to the right place kid” And that pretty much sums up the weekend, hundreds of really cool and interesting cars coupled with a really great line up of bands will make for an incredible time, and I look forward to attending next year’s Rats nest Run-In which I am told will be held again at The Blackthorne Resort in the tiny town of East Durham NY around the same time next August.

Tiger Army cancels this year’s Octoberflame festival in order to focus on new album

For the first time since its inception 7 years ago, Tiger Army will not be putting on their Octoberflame festival this year.  The bright side is that it’s because they’re hard at work on their first album in 7 years!  Here’s the full update from the band:

“To everyone who’s a part of the Tiger Army… Good news and bad news – the bad news is that for the first time since it started in 2008, Tiger Army’s Octoberflame festival will NOT be happening in 2014.

The GOOD news is that Octoberflame is on hold this year so that work can progress with the fifth Tiger Army album, out in 2015!

Octoberflame has happened six times thusfar. Constantly evolving, it began in Orange County, but has included other locations over the years like Los Angeles, Pomona and as far north as San Francisco. It’s ranged from two nights to six. It’s featured special sets like the performance of the entire ‘II: Power of Moonlite’ album, or the ‘Early Years’ set with guest drummer Adam Carson.

Whether it was playing deep cuts (EVERY song recorded by Tiger Army has been performed over the various years), debuting one-off covers from influences like the Ramones, onstage musical guests, top support acts or “meet & greets”, we’ve always tried to deliver the most special shows possible in recognition of the support you all have given us.

The one thing we didn’t do was play new Tiger Army songs. To me, that’s what we really need to make the next Octoberflame special. As we did more unique things each year, it became a bigger challenge to deliver something new. More and more time was invested in preparation, time that will now be used to make a new Tiger Army record a reality!

I’m happy to report that many of these new songs have now been written. I’m so excited for you all to hear them – I waited for true inspiration to come and it did. Getting these songs to the studio and bringing them into the world is being planned now.

For the past few years, you’ve traveled to us from all over the world – when the new album arrives next year, Tiger Army will once again tour to you, like we did for so many years.

Halloween traces back to ancient autumn festivals that celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth from the earth. A time of great renewal is coming for us and it’s drawing nearer…

So THANK YOU to all who’ve stayed loyal – just like Tiger Army, Octoberflame will be back!”

The band’s latest album “Music From Regions Beyond” was released in 2007 on Hellcat Records.

The Creepshow announce European tour dates

Toronto psychobilly veterans The Creepshow will be spending their fall touring Europe. Details on when and where you’ll be able to catch them can be found below.

The Creepshow’s latest album Life After Death was released last October through Sailor’s Grave Records (US), Stomp Records (Canada), and People Like You Records (Europe).

Reverend Horton Heat release music video for “Mad Mad Heart,” embark on US tour

Reverend Horton Heat have released a music video for their song “Mad Mad Heart.” You can check it out below, along with details on the US tour the band will be embarking on later this week.

“Mad Mad Heart” appears on Reverend Horton Heat’s latest album Rev, which was released on January 21st through Victory Records.

Music Video: Basementones – “Godforsaken Place”

Finnish psychobilly / punk’n’roll band Basementones have released a brand new music video. It’s for their tune “Godforsaken Place” from their debut album “Let There Be Noise” which was released August 2013 by Turenki Records. The video was filmed on their Easter tour with Jaya The Cat in Finland 2014.

Check it out below.

American Pinup release music video for “Creeper”

New York psychobilly/punk/everything act American Pinup have released a music video for their song “Creeper” and you can check it out below.

The track appears on the band’s latest album Change Machine, which was released on September 3rd, 2013 through Altercation Records.

The Creepshow embark on US summer tour

Toronto psychobilly band The Creepshow will be making their way around the states for the next few weeks. Details on when and where they’ll be playing can be found below.

The Creepshow’s latest album Life After Death was released last October through Sailor’s Grave Records (US), Stomp Records (Canada), and People Like You Records (Europe).

Tiger Army writing new album, due out next year

Tiger Army are writing a new album, due out next year. Here’s what they had to say via Facebook:

READY FOR A NEW ONE? Some news straight from Nick 13! ☞ The next TIGER ARMY album is being written NOW (current phase) ☞ Recording will happen after songwriting is complete (next phase) ☞ New album is the priority over live shows at this time ☞ Worldwide touring will resume with the new album’s release in 2015! T♤A♤N♤D!

Live Video: Devils Brigade play “Police Truck” at Punk Rock Bowling ’14

A video of Rancid bassist Matt Freeman’s side project Devils Brigade covering the Dead Kennedys classic “Police Truck” at Punk Rock Bowling ’14 has made its way online!

Check out the video below – the illustrious Tim Armstrong makes a cameo appearance in it.

New Video: The Limit Club (Arizona psychobilly) – “When You Burn (You’re Gonna Scream)”

Phoenix, Arizona-based psychobilly quartet The Limit Club have got a brand new music video out. It’s for the track “When You Burn (You’re Gonna Scream),” and you can check it out below.

“When You Burn (You’re Gonna Scream)” is slated to appear on the band’s upcoming digital/vinyl EP release called “The Wild Four.” Stay tuned for more official release news in the weeks ahead.

“The Wild Four” is due out in August, and serves as a follow-up to The Limit Club’s last studio album, 2011’s “Cutthroat Business.”

Piñata Protest embark on a long-ass US tour

San Antonio punks Piñata Protest are currently touring the US and odds are, they’ll be playing your city sometime over the course of the next 4 months. You may even be able to catch them with Reverend Horton Heat, Old Man Markley, or The Blasters.

Details on when and where the band will be stopping on this tour can be found below.

Piñata Protest’s latest album El Valiente was released in early 2013. The whole thing’s up on their Soundcloud page if you wanna give it a listen.

The Creepshow announce European tour dates

Toronto psychobilly band The Creepshow will be heading out on a month-long European tour next week and you can find details on when and where they’ll be playing below.

The Creepshow’s album Life After Death was released last October through Sailor’s Grave Records (US), Stomp Records (Canada), and People Like You Records (Europe). It’s the band’s first album featuring new singer Kenda “Twisted” Legaspi.

Album Review: Butcher Knives – “Misery”

A melting pot of multi-cultural ingredients is what you’ll find in Butcher Knives‘ music, with roots in Morocco, Israel, Columbia, New York and New Orleans. The Brooklyn-based musicians are as authentic as they are diverse and their cohesive sound shines through on their recent album release Misery.

The vocal delivery by Nacho Segura is raw and relaxed but cuts through perfectly one track at a time. The fifth and eighth songs on the album (“Butcher Knives Unite” & “Kaiser Sose”) features bi-lingual rapper Ephniko, delivering Spanish Rap lyrics over what usually would be considered non-traditional beats for hip-hop, but it works. Butcher Knives truly bridges the cultural gap in music and even takes a political stance on immigration in songs like “American Dream”, which is set to become the second single from the album.

The first single from the album is “Tell Me Why” that also has a video that is worth a watch at the band’s YouTube page. The song speaks of love and betrayal and who couldn’t relate to that? When you can relate to a song, an album or a musician there becomes a connection in the universe between you (the fan) and the music itself. Misery will easily connect with you; either from personal experience or at least it will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of the writers.

Each song on the album has perfectly selected samples from Tal Galfsky and each track gives you a sense of punk, middle eastern sound, Spanish elements and an urban landscape. I would totally recommend adding this album to your collection especially because you will be hard-pressed to find a similar style group of musicians. Not bad for a debut.

4 /5 Stars – Listen below

Album Review: Reverend Horton Heat – ‘Rev’

I’ve been reluctant to give 5 stars on an album review, even to some of my favorite bands and not because the album isn’t awesome it’s because there’s always room for more awesomeness. Today I find myself with no other option than to award 5 stars to Reverend Horton Heat for their latest album, Rev!

Believe me, I tried to pick it apart but all I could do was get sucked in. I also like to take time and actually listen to the album for a while before giving it the rating that it truly deserves.

It’s been just about 30 years that the Reverend Jim Heath has been delivering the self proclaimed “Country-Fed Punkabilly” gospel through his band Reverend Horton Heat. Rev is the band’s eleventh studio album and I found myself trying to separate my existing knowledge of the band and approach this as if it were the first time I ever heard them. It was tough but I think I managed to form an unbiased and uninfluenced review of the album; Rev truly stands on its own.

Track one: “Victory Lap” is an instrumental introduction that leads directly into what I think is my favorite song on the album “Smell of Gasoline”, of course that is subject to change on a daily basis. These two songs together like Siamese twins are not unlike the combination of “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions”, you can’t have one without the other.

The first song released from Rev was accompanied with the sexiest video in music history “Let Me Teach You How to Eat”. This song is full of innuendo and metaphoric relations between food and wherever your imagination wanders. I can not stress enough that you should watch this video over and over again, preferably alone in a room with the curtains drawn. “Scenery Going By” also has a video which has various clips of the band on the road and is also worth a watch.

It all about where the music takes you and when you listen to this album you may find yourself driving a 1950’s hotrod, windows down and beautiful women everywhere. Give this album a listen and if you love it like I do, please support the Reverend and buy it, so they can make more!!!

5 /5 Stars – Check it out below.