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Alcoa (New Hampshire, acoustic) announces new split EP with Choir Vandals and premieres new song

Defeater frontman Derek Archaumbault’s side project Alcoa have announced their latest EP, a split with indie rockers Choir Vandals, will be released on November 4th, 2016. Along with this news, Alcoa have allowed fans to sample their latest material on track “What a Fool”.

You can enjoy their newest offering below while you wait for the split EP to be released.

Jeff Rosenstock releases ‘making of’ video for new album “WORRY.”

Jeff Rosenstock has released a ‘making of’ video for his new album WORRY. The 22-minute video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of the LP. Check it out below.

WORRY. is set to release on October 14th through SideOneDummy Records. It will be Rosenstock’s 3rd solo album, following 2015’s We Cool?.

Sparrow Sleeps premiering new song “Sharing Is Cool” off upcoming album “Sparrow and Friends Start a Band”

Here’s something for all you punk parents out there! Sparrow Sleeps, a project created by a husband and wife duo, have worked on recreating classic tunes by pop punk and emo bands into sweet lullabies for their newborn’s listening pleasure, and now they’re sharing these songs with the world. They have six full albums of lullaby covers so far.

The duo has been focusing their efforts on original tunes, and today they have premiered a new song entitled “Sharing Is Cool”, which features Joe Taylor of Knuckle Puck and Dan Lambton of Real Friends.

Have a listen here.

“Sharing Is Cool” will appear on the band’s forthcoming album, “Sparrow and Friends Start a Band”, which is set to be released on October 21st. You can have a gander at the track list below.

River Oaks (Shane Told from Silverstein) announces tour dates

River Oaks (Silverstein‘s Shane Told) has just announced a series of tour dates that will see him travelling across the East Coast, supported by Mark Rose (from emo-pop group Spitalfield). Check out the tour dates below.

DS Interview: Jon Snodgrass and Stephen Egerton talk “Perfect Match”

As you’re probably aware, particularly because we ran a brief story about it a little while ago, the inimitable Jon Snodgrass has a new digital 7-inch out today. As you can see from the fancy, iTunes-approved image above it’s called The Carpet Thief, and it features a couple tracks from the Snodgrass canon that had not, until now, been given proper release. The A-side is a track called “1-2-3-4,” and was written and recorded (at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado) shortly after beloved Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle passed away. It’s one of those “right in the feels” songs, for sure.

The B-side is a track called “Perfect Match,” and was originally written four or five years ago in support of Perfect Teeth, a graphic novel project spearheaded by Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake, etc). While Snodgrass wrote the music and mans the “vocal duty” battle station on the track, the instrumentation is handled by Stephen Egerton (Descendents/ALL). We spoke with both Jon and Stephen about the unique story behind how the track came together.

Fiorello initially contacted Snodgrass to commission him for the project. “Vinnie always does different stuff,” says Snodgrass, “and he was doing this comic book, and he asked me to write a song for it.” In the initial back-and-forth, the two discussed the bones of an idea: a love song between two young vampires, not all that unlike a Twilight-style saga. This was good news to Snodgrass, who’d “always had this idea that if I was a young vampire, I’d go waaaay up to where more than half of the year is mostly night time. Then I’d go to the other side…instead of someone who’s bicoastal, I’d be someone that lived on both Poles.” Literally bipolar vampires. Seems like a good starting point for a love song. As Snodgrass says, “it’s not an unrequited love song, but a song about how you wish you could be together with this person all the time.

From there, things developed quickly. Real quickly. Like…absurdly quickly. I’ll just let Snodgrass tell it, because to paraphrase wouldn’t do the story justice: “I literally hung up the phone and I was thinking about it — and thinking kinda cocky about it — and it was like I was riding the wave, like “let’s see how far I can take this!” … But I hung up the phone, hit “record” on my phone, and…I wish there was a way for me to have proof of it, but I texted it to Vinnie literally seven minutes later. He was like “holy shit, dude! You had this for a while!” and I said “no, dude! No!” I’m not trying to brag or make it sound like it’s a big deal…a lot of people can do that. Just cuz I can sit down and write a song in the time it takes to write a song doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good song. But this song? This song I like.

You read that correctly. From start to finish, the musical bones of “Perfect Match” were written, recorded, and texted back to Fiorello in less than ten minutes. Egerton confirms that “that’s pretty much Jon’s style. He works really quickly…not always seven minutes quickly…but that’s Jon.” Fiorello and Snodgrass bounced around lyrics ideas, and Snodgrass entered Brandon Carlisle’s studio to record vocals. “That was kind of a fun, serendipitous thing,” says Egerton,”that the vocals to that song got recorded at Brandon’s place, and they’re on there with Jon’s song about Brandon.”

Upon completing the vocal takes, Snodgrass recorded a fuller demo and sent it to Egerton. “I sat down and recorded it into my tape machine, and I tried to play it as good as I could,” said Snodgrass, continuing that he “thought maybe some of (his) guitar would get on there.” As it turns out, Egerton got to work in fairly short order himself, first cutting the drums on his son’s drum kit at his house before moving quickly on to bass and drums. And, in typical Egerton fashion, he nailed the entirety of the instrumentation. “He played everything. I thought he would jut play drums and bass and maybe I’d get some guitar on there, but he just sent this thing back and it was awesome!” Snodgrass jokingly (or perhaps not jokingly) continues that he kidded with Egerton (with whom he’d previously worked on the latter’s Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton project) that they should collaborate that way more often, only with Stephen playing all the lyrics and the two bringing in better singers.

The Carpet Thief  is available via all normal digital outlets today (October 7th), or you can get it straight from Drag The  River’s site right here. If you’re in Europe and and can’t make it out to one of Snodgrass’s upcoming shows, but you still want to get your hands on a hard copy beginning in the middle of November, you can do so through Hometown Caravan right here. If you’re in the States and want to get your grubby little paws one one, you can send Snodgrass himself a message through his Facebook artist page right here.

Jon Snodgrass streams new 7″

Jon Snodgrass (of Drag The River, Armchair Martian, and Scorpios) has made his new 7″ available to stream. The 2-song release will be available at shows on his European winter tour.

You can give the tracks a listen and see if there’s a show near you below.

Joey Cape streams acoustic version of “The Burden of Proof / Reign”

Joey Cape just released an album of acoustic versions of Lagwagon songs. You can listen to the stripped-down rendition of “The Burden of Proof / Reign” below.

The album was released through Cape’s own One Week Records. Buy it here.

Paper Rifles stream new EP “It Always Rains In Scotland”

Acclaimed Edinburgh based acoustic punk Paper Rifles is streaming his new EP It Always Rains In Scotland.

Give it a listen below.

The EP was released on October 2nd. 2016 via Scottish punk label Struck Dum.

Album Review: Joe McMahon- “Another Life”

Joe McMahon‘s “Another Life” is one of those albums that’s probably best experienced through headphones, while strolling through a park on a late autumn’s day. Now, I need to confess that I took on this album as somewhat of a last minute volunteer, meaning that I listened to this album completely independently of McMahon’s previous work with Smoke or Fire. As a result, I can’t speak to how McMahon’s debut solo outing compares to his previous work. What I can say, however, is that Another Life stands as a powerful and haunting self-contained experience, even if it does repeat a lot of the same tricks.

The album feels like a forty-minute stream of consciousness divided across twelve songs, with each track focusing on the same ideas of time and memory, but doing so through different focuses. “It All Went Black” sets the tone up masterfully, focusing on a peppy drum-beat in tandem soothingly melancholic acoustic guitar licks. Meanwhile, the lyrics address some unknown intimate listener, asking sadly philosophical questions like, “If I could bring you back, what more could I say?” The next track injects a little more energy, opening with a breakneck harmonica and bringing in a faster drum tempo, yet keeps the haunting sense of intimacy with a chorus that’s faintly harmonized by a female singer, almost like the ghost of a lost lover.

From here, the album starts to enter more metaphysical territories, focusing less on a specific events, and more on broader ideas. “Another Life” introduces these realms of higher thinking with lyrics focused on themes of redemption and reincarnation, while the duo of an electric and acoustic guitar are accompanied by the faint rings of a violin. “Chained To Ghosts” creates a wonderfully purposeful sense of frustration as it the progression of the dark and moody guitar riff is interrupted by repeated lyrics like “you get so alone”, positing the listener in the mind of someone totally trapped within a spiral of their own thoughts. “Time Won’t Heal” creates a gorgeous ecosystem of sounds, with a piano melody fading in and out to accompany an acoustic guitar, while distant vocals faintly repeating the phrase “you get so alone, it just makes sense”, leaving the main verses to struggle for dominance over all these other nagging, echoing thoughts.

Ironically, I think the strongest track of the whole album is also the one that sounds the least punk. “Neon Lights” is a three minute wistful journey, carried by flamenco guitar licks and bubbly piano melodies. The lyrics, meanwhile, encapsulate the albums sense of journey and movement, describing the dreams of freedom of someone stumbling through streets at midnight, desperate for some kind of sanctuary.

Unfortunately, for all these powerful songs of folksy philosophy, there as just as money that more or less reuse the same tricks, and apply them to bland love songs. “Left Again”, for all the eerie power of it’s surf rock guitar riffs, loses a lot of potential energy by just repeating the relationship frustrations of the previous tracks. “Viva Las Cobras” repeats the Spanish style of “Neon Lights”, only in subdued way that just feels inferior to its predecessor. Strangely enough, “Black Socks Set Sail”, the most punk song on the album, is also the weakest, with such bland lyrics and repetitive guitar work that it more or less just drifts along for three minutes.

Fortunately, it picks up again for the conclusion, beginning with “Favorite High”. Okay, granted, the twist that the titular high is love is a little clique, but it’s a clique that’s delivered through some otherwise clever lyrical pairings, along with solid southern style guitar hums. Finally, “Great Big Eyes” stands as a solid conclusion, slowing down to a peaceful pace, both in content and form. The lyrics meditate on the relationship between love and reality, describing a romance that can only ever exist in dreams, before rounding things off with the repeated phrase “I hope that I’m never awake”, bringing a melancholic sense of peace to the albums swarming mass of questions.

For better or for worse, “Another Life” is a rambling album. The sum of its parts is something that constantly carries a sense of movement, the only problem is that it doesn’t always move forward. Joe McMahon keeps stumbling backwards and repeating the tricks of previous songs, but ultimately these failings are just forgettable. Overall, this stands as an impressive debut for McMahon’s solo career; it just leaves me hoping he’ll get a little more out of the box, the next time around.

3.5 Stars

Dying Scene Session: Louise Distras – “Aileen”

We know it’s been a while since we last brought you a Dying Scene Session, but believe us when we say it’s been worth the wait!

Today, we’re stoked to bring you another excellent installment, this time featuring none other than British folk/punk singer-songwriter (and personal favorite) Louise Distras. At the end of last week, she released a brand new single, “Aileen.” Head below to check out her exclusive acoustic performance of that very track, filmed on Distras’ recent stop in California.

In case you were unaware, “Aileen” was written as a reaction to a documentary that focused on the case of Aileen Wuornos, the first American female serial killer (also dramatized in the Charlize Theron movie, Monster). You can head here to order the single in physical and digital formats. Distras’ full-length solo debut, Dreams From The Factory Floor, was released back in 2015 on Pirates Press Records in the US.

Jeff Rosenstock releases music video for new song “Planet Luxury”

Jeff Rosenstock has released a music video for a new song from his upcoming solo album WORRY. Check out the video for “Planet Luxury” below.

WORRY. is set to release on October 14th through SideOneDummy Records. It will be Rosenstock’s 3rd solo album, following 2015’s We Cool?.

Brian Fallon and the Crowes announce UK/Euro Tour W/ Chris Farren and Dead Swords

The story heading really says it all…

Brian Fallon and The Crowes will be heading to the UK and The European Union with Chris Farren and Dead Swords.

Check out the full list list of tour dates and the tour flyer below.

16/11 London UK-O2 Forum
17/11 Norwich UK-UEA
18/11 Cardiff UK-Uni Great Hall
19/11 Leeds UK-O2 Academy
20/11 Liverpool UK-O2 Academy
22/11 Glasgow UK-O2 Academy
23/11 Dublin, Ireland-Olympia Theatre
24/11 Oxford UK-O2 Academy
25/11 Newcastle UK-O2 Academy
26/11 Wolverhampton UK-Wulfrun Hall
27/11 Portsmouth UK-Pyramids Centre
29/11 Saarbrüken, DE-Garage
30/11 Stuttgart, DE-Longhorn
01/12 Frankfurt, DE-Batschkapp
02/12 Dortmund, DE-Visions Party
03/12 Bremen, DE-Schlachthof
04/12 Kiel, DE-Max
06/12 Oslo, Nor-Rockefeller
07/12 Gamla Stan, SE-Debaser
08/12 Goteborg, SE-Pusterviik
09/12 Malmö, SE-KB
10/12 Copenhagen, DK-Pumpehuset

Allison Weiss releases music video for “Back To Me” ahead of headlining tour

Pop-punk singer/songwriter Allison Weiss just put out a new music video for her song “Back To Me.” Check it out below.

The track comes from her album, New Love, which came out in October 2015 on SideOneDummy Records. About the song, Weiss says, “I love/hate that pop music makes you feel like everything is going to be okay… In my song, the narrator is ready to give up hope when suddenly a song comes on the radio that makes them believe again.”

The new video comes out just as Weiss hits the road for a string of shows with Josiah And The Bonnevilles and Thin Lips. You can see those dates/locations, along with the full tour poster, below the video.

Mikey Erg/Anika Pyle release split 7-inch

Mikey Erg (The Ergs!) and Anika Pyle (Chumped) have put out a split 7-inch on Anchorless Records. You can stream it below.

Both artists are slated to play the Fest, with Mikey also having an Ergs! reunion (and let’s face it, probably ten other bands as well) while Anika plays solo and as part of Katie Ellen.

Video: Mikey Erg does acoustic versions of “An Abundance Of Julies” and “1001 Smashed Motel Rooms”

A couple weeks ago Mikey Erg (Worriers, The Copyrights, The Unlovables, The Ergs) did a Punks in Vegas Stripped Down Session and we figured better late than never when it came time posting about it. Erg plays two songs acoustic from his new, Don Giovanni Records released solo album ‘Tentative Decisions’ – “An Abundance Of Julies” and “1001 Smashed Motel Rooms.”

Check out the videos below along with his upcoming tour dates with The Falcon and Arms Aloft.