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Music Video: SHADOWS (Post-Hardcore) – “Chain Reaction”

Japanese post-hardcore band SHADOWS have premiered a music video for their new track “Chain Reaction.” You can check it out below.

“Chain Reaction” comes from the band’s upcoming single release, bundled with another new track titled “All I Want.” The single was released today, the 8th of March, and will be followed by the band’s first full length album on April 26 via Maximum-10 Records. You can find more information on the single and album releases below the video.

Full Album Stream: Goddamnit – “I’ll Never Be Okay, I’ll Never Be The Same”

A couple of days in front of the release of their upcoming full-length, “I’m Not Okay, I’ll Never Be The Same,” Philly punks Goddamnit are streaming that very album in its entirety. Check it out here, kids!

“I’m Not Okay, I’ll Never Be The Same” is due out this Friday (March 3rd) on Jump Start Records, and serves as the follow-up to their 2014 debut full-length, “How To Take The Burn.”

At the Drive In announce new album, stream new song

Post-hardcore veterans At The Drive In have announced that they will release their first new album in 17 years, in•ter a•li•a, on May 5th.  In the meantime, you can preview the track “Incurably Innocent” in a lyric video below.

The highly-anticipated album will be released on Rise Records, and it will be the first since Relationship of Command came out back in 2000.

New Music: Goddamnit – “Fix Dis” from upcoming album “I’ll Never Be Okay, I’ll Never Be The Same”

Philly punks Goddamnit have debuted another song from their upcoming full-length, “I’m Not Okay, I’ll Never Be The Same.” The new track is called “Fix Dis,” and you can put it in your earholes right here.


“I’m Not Okay, I’ll Never Be The Same” is due out March 3rd on Jump Start Records, and serves as the follow-up to their 2014 debut full-length, “How To Take The Burn.”

Album Reviewo: Muscle Beach – “Muscle Beach”

Denver’s Muscle Beach offer a catchy brand of furious post-hardcore with enough eclectic embellishments to stand out from the pack.

In a continually crowded marketplace where hardcore and post-hardcore bands seemingly disappear as soon as they’ve arrived, it takes something special to get yourself noticed. A good place to start is to stockpile a veritable arsenal of hard riffs and possess a front man who sounds like he regularly gargles diesel oil and bits of gravel. Similarly, you should sound authentic. Throw every ounce of soul into every scream but maintain that air of mischievousness to leave the listener bruised and beaten but elated and satisfied. Thankfully, Muscle Beach contain that and more. They produce muscular, frenzied, ear-splitting post-hardcore but with an unshakable swagger and with hooks you could hang an oil tanker off.

The album launches with gleeful slabs of distortion on “Tiger Lily” with front man Justin Sanderson’s spine-tingling howl ripping through the chaos. The guitars are sharp and emphatic; beaten with furious abandon as if the band’s very lives depended on it. “Re-animators” struts and rolls with a cutting, glam punk riff, recalling Blcklisters and The Blood Brothers. The song provides a veritable feast of riffs with each more ferocious than the last. The kinds of riff that sounds like they could decimate a rain forest. Impressively, the band possess an infinite fleet of riffs, ready to deploy, seemingly at will. The phenomenally titled “Shark 22:Electric Boogaloo” features a stalking, circling figure, like a shark hunting it’s prey, before launching into a blisteringly violent aural assault. “Pressure Kills” highlights the band’s understanding of nuance as they increase and decrease the speed of the riffs, subtly altering the mood from festering rage to all out fury. “Hot Trash” storms and spits until collapsing into a head spinning, swirling maelstrom. It’s akin to suddenly finding yourself in the eye of the storm before being swept up by more savage winds.

Although each song is impressively stacked with fierce riffs and fierce vocals, the remaining members of the band are just as important to their sound. For example, “Eagle Wizard” is built on a cavalcade of slamming, marching drums, while “Front Steps” and “Gnarlitute” allow bassist Derek Arriata to show off his clunking, chunky sound. He provides a bowel shakingly solid anchor for the band to explode around him. The later song also features one of the best riffs on the album; a speeding, fireball that barrels along with reckless abandon. The band are also able to create enough space in their sound to justify the “post-harcore” tag. While they do share the DNA of post-hardcore legends Refused, they don’t incorporate any genre-defying experiments or off-kilter jazz influences. However, they are happy to take meaningful side-steps. Many of the longer songs feature more doomy, almost metal breakdowns while guitarist Sanderson is happy to layer on the effects, adding chorus or reverb. Nevertheless, these are fleeting pauses amongst the melee.

Muscle Beach have crafted a post-hardcore album built to last. They pack each song with riff upon riff but utilize them effectively, unafraid to play with time signatures or atmospherics. In doing so the album has more to offer the deeper you go. It is as volatile and unhinged as you would hope but often comes across as playful rather than malicious. An thrilling assault to the senses that leaves vibrations in the air long after it has finished.

4/5 Stars

Maximum-10 (Japanese punk label) announce compilation “MAYDIE 2” feat. SHADOWS, LEXT, waterweed & more

Japanese label Maximum-10 Records has announced they will be releasing a “new school melodic hardcore” compilation album, featuring two songs each from 5 Japanese bands. You can find the tracklist below.

The artists that will be contributing to the compilation will be post-hardcore band SHADOWS, melodic punk act LEXT, hardcore outfit Waterweed, melodic punks For A Reason, and another melodic punk band in The Coastguards. “MAYDIE 2” is set to release on March 8, and follows Maximum-10’s last compilation album, titled “This. MAYDIE!!”

Petrol Girls (hardcore) contributing to benefit compilation – ‘Loud Women – Volume 1’

Feminist hardcore act Petrol Girls are contributing a song to a new compilation, called Loud Women – Volume 1. Check out the full tracklisting below.

The release features female-fronted bands and artists, with all profits from sales going to domestic violence charity, Women’s Aid. The CD is due out March 18th, but you can already pre-order a copy right now, right here.

DS Exclusive: Welman (Post-Hardcore) Premieres New LP “Totem”

The wave of great music keeps flooding in! This surfy, post-hardcore from Ann Arbor, Michigan is releasing their debut full length Totem tomorrow via NDE Records but here at DS we believe good things come to those who can’t wait too, so you get an exclusive first listen just for showing up today! Astounding! If you like what you hear, the ten track LP and will be available for download as well as on CD and Cassette tomorrow. Until then, stream until you can’t stream no mo’, below!

*FFO: Touché Amoré; Bear vs. Shark; Title Fight

Senses Fail release music video for new acoustic song “Jets to Peru”

New Jersey’s Senses Fail have released a music video for a song from their upcoming acoustic EP In Your Absence. The track’s called “Jets to Peru,” and you can check it out below.

Here’s what frontman Buddy Nielsen had to say about the acoustic release:

“15 years ago the first thing we ever did was put together an EP, that eventually turned into a longer EP called From The Depths of Dreams which was our first official release. WE thought it would be appropriate to celebrate our 15 year anniversary by doing the same thing. These songs are a throwback to an older style of Senses Fail and we are very proud of exploring this sound and the future. Here is to another 15 years.”

In Your Absence is set to release on March 3rd through Pure Noise Entertainment. You can listen to the EP’s first single “Lost and Found” here.

New Found Glory announce new album, “Makes Me Sick”

It’s shaping up to be a pretty busy 2017 for the gentlemen in New Found Glory. The pop-punk vets had previously announced details behind a 20th anniversary tour, and now comes word of a brand-new studio album.

It’s called “Makes Me Sick,” and it’s due out April 28th on Hopeless Records. It marks the band’s ninth studio album, and their first since 2014’s “Resurrection.” Stay tuned for pre-order info and the album’s first single, both of which are due in a couple weeks’ time. In the meantime, check out those tour dates here.

Aviator (post-hardcore) releases tour recap video featuring new single “Heaven’s Gate”

Boston post-hardcore band Aviator recently returned from a 4-week tour of Europe, and they have a new video out to recap their time abroad.  When you check it out below, you’ll also hear their new song, “Heaven’s Gate,” which will appear on Aviator’s upcoming release.

The new 7″, called Heaven’s Gate b/w Death’s Door, will be released in April of 2017 on Head 2 Wall Records in the U.S. and I.CORRUPT.RECORDS in Europe.  Aviator’s debut album Head In the Clouds, Hands in the Dirt was released in August 2014 through No Sleep Records.

New Music: At The Drive In – “Governed By Contagions”

For the first time since the very end of the Clinton Administration, we’ve got new music from At The Drive In!

“Governed By Contagions” is the name of the first track they’ve released in more than fifteen years, and you can check it out below, or download it for free from the band’s official website here. And stay tuned for much more to come from ATDI in the near future!

At The Drive In’s last album, “Relationship Of Command,” was released back in 2000.

Dead Lennons (Post-Hardcore) stream debut self-titled album

Tokyo, Japan based post-hardcore outfit Dead Lennons are currently streaming their debut self-titled album through the band’s Bandcamp page. You can listen to it below.

“Dead Lennons” is the band’s first full length album, and was released on December 1, 2016. They will be performing an album release show on December 10th at Shinjuku MEGAROCK in Tokyo.

Group Of Man (post-hardcore) set to release ‘World Peace Champions’ ep

Post-Hardcore outfit Group Of Man are set to release their sophomore ep “World Peace Champions”.

Melding influences (consciously or otherwise) from The Bronx and Torche to Fleetwood Mac and even Slade, World Peace Champions is an inherently fresh take on well-worn paths. Like buying a new sweater, and it being awesome, but at the same time it possesses qualities that remind you of your Dad.

The ep is due out January 26th 2017 on Cult Culture/Holy Roar Records.

Forest Green (post hardcore, Detroit) stream teaser track from upcoming album “Dead Is Dead”

Detroit’s Forest Green have allowed fans to listen to a track off their forthcoming record “Dead Is Dead” ahead of its general release later this month. The album is due to be launched on November, 18th, 2016 via Save Your Generation Records.

You can take a listen to “Nothing” below.