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Casper (melodic hardcore, Holland) stream tracks from forthcoming album “Because Before”

Holland’s Casper are streaming a couple of tracks off their forthcoming album. “Because Before” is due for release on November 30th, 2017 through Melodic Punk Style.

If you can’t wait that long, you can enjoy three of their latest below.

Soundeep (melodic hardcore, Italy) allow fans to stream new EP “The Shades of All Your Eyes” for free

Italian melodic hardcore act, Soundeep, have allowed fans to stream their debut EP for free. The newcomers six track release, “The Shades of All Your Eyes” has been released on Duff Records and should excite fans of Rise Against  or Useless ID.

You can enjoy “The Shades of All Your Eyes” in its entirety below.

DS Interview: Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett discusses political climate, punk politics and new material

Strike Anywhere’s vibrant and prescient style of political hardcore has been around for nearly two decades now. Their last release was in 2009 but the songs still ring as true as ever; if not even more than when they were written. I was lucky enough to catch up with singer Thomas Barnett at the final show of their short run with A Global Threat and War On Women to talk about the politics of punk, how age and experience shape your view on the music that changed your life growing up and the current political climate. You can read the whole interview below.

Strike Anywhere’s last record was “Iron Front” in 2009.

Camp High Gain stream “Break The Barrier” in anticipation of debut EP

Netherlands’ Camp High Gain is set to release their debut EP “On The Word Of No One” but in the mean time they’ve released a video for a song called “The Alternative” and just recently a single called “Break The Barriers.”

You can hear both below.

Album Review: Caskitt – “Old Fires New Frontier”

“Old Fires New Frontier”, the second full length album from San Diego three piece Caskitt, is bound to create a rift in punk rock, or at least make waves. Some of us asked for Caskitt, and we were given Rise Against, where as others asked for a new At The Drive In record and were given Caskitt. Is it straightforward punk rock? Is it post-hardcore? Is it neo-shoegazing-melodic-emo-crossover? Lucky for Caskitt, punk rock has never been opposed to churning out and bending genres. “Old Fires New Frontier” doesn’t fit anywhere… but that isn’t a bad thing. Caskitt borrows from a handful of other bands, all of which can be picked out unmistakably at times. As aforementioned, Caskitt is a three piece, and a unique one at that. Fronted from the back by Drummer/Vocalist Matt Caskitt, and backed up by the boys up front, guitarist Steffen Long and bassist Jesse Hernandez. Now, a brief word or two about the record:

The albums first track “Blinders” couldn’t be a better choice for the opening track. A heavy hitting, thrashy intro, almost reminiscent of something you’d hear from one of the “Big Four” bands immediately sets the tone for the record: heavy. The lone verse of the song is a commentary on conformity and society’s propensity to blindly follow the mainstream. The song caps off at 1:40, with the repetitive chorus “Take those blinders off”. Simple, and to the point. “Blinders” seamlessly transitions into the title track “Old Fires New Frontier”, a look at the topic of immigration and America’s false claim to be the great melting pot, calling out the opposition by stating “You’re on the wrong side of history.” We take a turn with track three, “Serendipity City”, trudging into love song territory. This is where we first question Caskitt’s direction. This song is ripe for sad, sixteen year old girls that miss their boyfriend. It’s a song you’ve heard before, you know, the one about being far away from the one you love. Then again, Matt Caskitt even fesses up in the song “I was never good at writing love songs”. Steffen Long’s solid riffing throughout the tune is clearly the highlight of this song. Track four “Hang my head” takes us back into social commentary, shining a light on America’s youth, and the bitter future ahead. With a satirical undertone, the lyrics point out serious problems, fantastic for any Propagandhi fan, but unlike most propagandhi songs, you won’t find any catchy hooks in this one. As it’s tough to really grab ahold of, you may end up skipping this one. Our next song “Crimes” starts out with a flanged-out, psychedelic guitar intro. The guitar is shortly joined by ghostly, moaning vocals. It’s at this point that I wanted to immediately skip the track, but I didn’t have to… the song was over. Am I just a narrow minded, punk rock elitist? Quite possibly (most likely), but I certainly didn’t sign up for this. We’re then taken into track six, a far cry from that last artistic effort; “Short Shorts” takes a poignant look at rape and abuse. It’s a heavy song with a heavy subject matter. Highlighted by female harmonies and backing vocals, I’d much rather say this is a poetic stance on an important subject. The song ends with the lines “boys will be boys will be boys will be boys. Don’t believe that lie, it’s just fucking noise”, an explicit order, not to be taken lightly. Track seven “Someone Somewhere” stays on course, commenting on the vicious circle of poverty and unemployment that so many struggle with these days. Apart from the Radiohead-esque intro and whimsical indie breakdown, the song is solid. It makes a good point and is relatively easy to sing along to. When listening to track eight, “Niemolers Regret”, I initially thought I might have been listening to the wrong record. The intro, once again, tries to throw you off with something that is incredibly far from punk, and I’ll even go as far as to say that you aren’t crazy if you mistake this for a Fun song (the “Some Nights” guys)… yeah. Unsurprisingly, the song transitions into a heavier format. Ironically, by following in Fun’s footsteps, something magical happened: Caskitt created somewhat of a sing-along. Easily the album’s catchiest song, and once again politically charged, this tune is my one “don’t skip” of the record. Our next song, “Empty Chairs” seems to be a personal story about the loss of a close family member. The passion can be felt through the lyrics, but is also reflected through the sound. Though the instruments are cranked up, the tone can be more likened to the emo genre as opposed to punk or hardcore. Unfortunately relatable to many, the lyrics will still strike a chord with most listeners. “Villains” and “Devil in the Moonlight” are the next two tracks (ten and eleven, respectively). We’ve reached the end of the record and we’re given two songs that we’ve already heard; fluctuating melodies that have no actual direction, and heavy, fuzzed out instruments. Maybe they’d make good background songs when you’re folding your laundry, but other than that, cap it off at “Empty Chairs”.

There’s absolutely no denying that the musicianship is spot on. With strong vocals, tight drumming, pounding bass and stellar guitar, skill is certainly not lacking. Though, despite the talent at hand, “Old Fires New Frontier” slightly misses its mark melodically, but the passion for social commentary and personal reflection is clear and present. These guys aren’t faking it. Caskitt is still a young band, based out of a great city, and it will be with time that the sound will grow out of its identity crisis… or perhaps it will continue on its schizophrenic path, further molding an identity that says, “Fuck uniformity”, which may be exactly what we need. Either way, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Caskitt, and I for one would love to hear what they have to offer next.

3.5/5 Stars

Up River stream new song “Ghost Particle”

UK melodic hardcore act Up River are streaming their brand new song “Ghost Particle”, and you can give it a listen below.

“Ghost Particle” is taken from Up River’s upcoming EP If There Is a God That Is Judging Me Constantly, which is due for release on November 25th via Holy Roar Records.

Music Video: Justice For Reason (Japanese Melodic Hardcore) – “Jinsei”

Japanese melodic hardcore band Justice For Reason has released a music video for their song “Jinsei.” The song comes from an EP of the same name, released on August 10th. You can watch the video below.

Lyric Video: Such Gold – “Gut Rot”

New York’s Such Gold have released a new lyric video for their song “Gut Rot.”

Check it out below.

“Gut Rot” comes from the band’s reissue of their 2010 EP Pedastals, which was released on September 9th via Bird Attack Records.

Dragged In (Canada, hardcore) release latest EP “EP2” and tour dates

Canadian hardcore act Dragged In have allowed fans to stream their latest EP online. EP2 is the follow up to the equally creatively titled 2016 release EP1.

Dragged In have also released a string of tour dates. You can take a look and see if the band are hitting your city while you listen to EP2 below.

Bussieres (Canada, melodic hardcore) make new EP “Orange Glow” available to stream

Bussieres from Canada have allowed fans to stream their latest release “Orange Glow” in its entirety. The release features four tracks of melodic punk-rock and you can be listen to it below.


Up River (UK Hardcore) to release new EP “If There Is A God That Is Judging Me Constantly”

UK hardcore outfit, Up River have confirmed the release of their “If There Is A God That Is Judging Me Constantly” EP, due out on the 25th of November, through Holy Roar Records.

The five-track release will be available both digitally and physically, with pre-orders open on October 7th. Vinyl will be available on half black/half aqua marine (limited to 100), transparent aqua marine (limited to 300), and a special, to-be-revealed format for Holy Roar subscribers.

The record follows 2014’s debut full-length, ‘Undertow’.


Capsive release new music video “The Same Pain”, announce worldwide tour dates

Melodic hardcore act Capsize have just released a music video for their track “The Same Pain” from their album “A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me”, released back in July. Shot in a maddening shaky-cam style evocative of found footage horror movies, the video depicts the band rehearsing and loosing their mind in a spooky, remote cabin. Check it out below.
The band also released a series of tour dates, which will see them traveling across Europe, Japan, and North America, which you can also check out below.

Rejectedkids (melodic-hardcore, Indonesia) release new album, “Home”

Indonesian melodic-hardcore outfit Rejectedkids have released their newest album “Home”. The emphasis here is definitely on the hardcore and the band deliver their fast, frantic tracks with a real sense of urgency. That’s not to say they forget about the melody and aggressive hardcore passages are punctuated with sweeping, post-rockesque instrumental sections, giving the record a truly epic sound. “Home” is going to appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners and each track seems to offer the audience a slightly different take on the hardcore sound.

You can enjoy “Home” in all its progressive glory below.

Distral (melodic hardcore) release lyric video for “Cover It Up”

Finnish melodic hardcore group Distral have a brand new lyric video out for their song “Cover It Up,” and you can check it out below.

The track is off the band’s new EP, Strike, which just came out yesterday (September 7th). You can listen to the whole thing here, and/or order a copy over here.

Strike is Distral’s latest release since their 2013 full-length album, Prospective Outcome.

Modern Guns (Indonesian melodic hardcore) stream new album “The Place Where I Left You”

Indonesian melodic hardcore act Modern Guns are streaming their new album The Place Where I Left You.

You can give it a listen below.

The Place Where I Left You was released on August 27th, 2016 via Armstretch Records.