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Tel Aviv skate punks Unsigned release “Anarchy in the Middle East” EP

What better way to start out summer with some sick skate punk? Unsigned have you covered with their new EP, “Anarchy in the Middle East.”

You can check out the stream below and at their bandcamp page, along with their previous EP, “Mass Production.”

The Uglies & Stickaround (skate punk) announce Canadian tour dates

Two of Winnipeg’s best up and coming skate-punk acts, The Uglies and Stickaround, have announced a run of Canadian tour dates kicking off August 18th. See the poster above for dates and locations.

The Uglies (formerly known as The Bumpin’ Uglies) released their debut EP last July and are currently working on their debut full-length. Stickaround released their debut EP in May, 2016. Both debuts are worth checking out and you can do so below.

Sled (formerly Pinhole Down) are streaming their debut single “Connect the Network”

Jacksonville four-piece Sled are allowing folks to stream their debut single ahead of their full album release in September. The band were formerly known as Pinhole Down, and being as one member runs Bird Attack Records, it makes sense that they’d release their material through them.

You can check out “Connect the Network” below whilst you wait for the full album release later in the year.

Spin-Off (skate punk) stream “Would You Wait?” from upcoming acoustic EP

Spanish skate punks Spin-Off have released a stripped-down version of their song “Would You Wait?”. It appears on the band’s acoustic EP Make Unplugged Great Again, due out June 18th.

You can give the track a listen below.

Spin-Off last released their debut album Old’s Cool in 2015. It’s free to download on bandcamp.

88 Fingers Louie stream new song, “Catastrophe Awaits”, from forthcoming record “Thank You For Being a Friend”

The legends that are 88 Fingers Louie are streaming a new track from their soon to be released record Thank You For Being a Friend. “Catastrophe Awaits” is the second tune that the band are previewing from the album which is due out on June, 30th, 2017, via Bird Attack Records.

As well as the pending record, 88 Fingers Louie will be paying European fans a visit during the coming summer. You can listen to “Catastrophe Awaits”, and check out their tour dates below.

88 Fingers Louie launch pre-orders for new album “Thank You for Being a Friend”

Chicago punk legends 88 Fingers Louie‘s new album Thank You for Being a Friend is now available to pre-order. Options include digital, CD, black vinyl, and a super-limited amount of colored wax. Head over here to grab your copy.

Thank You for Being a Friend is set to release on June 30th through Bird Attack Records. It will be the band’s first album in almost 20 years, following 1998’s Back on the Streets.

Surface Report (skate punk) preview debut album “Stand By…” on new track “Satiate”

California skate punk thrashers Surface Report are streaming a track from their forthcoming debut album, Stand By… The full record should be out on July, 28th, 2017 and if the early offerings from the group are anything to go by, it’s going to be an absolute cracker. 

In the meantime, check out “Satiate” below.

7Years (Skate Punk, Italy) release new lyric video for “Never Down”

Italian skate punks 7Years have released a lyric video for “Never Down”, a track from upcoming album “Lifetime”. The record is out on July 7th via Inconsapevole Records.

You can watch the video below. The track features vocals from none other than Joey Cape too…

Bates Motel (skate punk) streaming new album “High Expectations Higher Deceptions”

Spanish skate punks Bates Motel are streaming their new album High Expectations Higher Deceptions. You can give the full 11-song record a listen below.

This is Bates Motel’s first full-length release. If you like what you hear, support the band by heading over to bandcamp and buying it. Vinyl and CD will be available on their webstore soon.

Bash Brothers (melodic punk) premiere music video for song “A Part of Me” off debut LP “Life Lessons”

Swedish melodic hardcore punk band Bash Brothers recently released a brand new music video for their “A Part of Me.” This track is one off of their debut full-length, Life Lessons, which is officially released today, June 1st, 2017. You can check the clip out below.

Life Lessons is officially released today via Thousand Island Records (North America) and Less Talk More Records (Europe). It follows the band’s self-titled EP, which was released last year.

Diploma (Skate Punk, AU) release new EP “The Cost Of Clarity”

Australian skate punk quintet Diploma have self-released a new, six song EP. “The Cost of Clarity” was released last week and is available to purchase from the band’s Bandcamp.

You can listen to the EP in it’s entirety below.

Melodic punks Bash Brothers stream “You Are Fading Away” from upcoming full length album

Hailing from Eksjö Sweden, Bash Brothers are now streaming yet another track off of their upcoming full length, Life Lessons.

“You Are Fading Away” is the eighth track of the ten track album which is set for release on June 1, via Thousand Island Records. 

Stream the track below, and pre-order a copy of the album here.

88 Fingers Louie perform “Smart Enough to Run” on Live From The Rock Room

Chicago punk legends 88 Fingers Louie recently performed “Smart Enough to Run” on Live From The Rock Room.

You can check out that video below.

88 Fingers Louie is getting set to release their new album Thank You for Being a Friend on June 30th through Bird Attack Records.

Fableway release new video for “Left Right and Crazy” off the album “Medical Tourism”

Canadian melodic punks Fableway have released a new video for their song “Left Right and Crazy” off their most recent album “Medical Tourism”.

You can check out the awesome new video and their latest album below.

Album Review: Gnarwolves – “Outsiders”

Gnarwolves was always a band on the periphery of my vision. They were a band that came swinging hard with EP after EP (helpfully gathered in Chronicles of Gnarnia); they played skate punk with a bit more hardcore in the mix than usual, with breakdowns and melodies galore. Every Gnarwolves song had that youthful energy where you could imagine them all in a room, riffing hard, trying to make each other smile with what they could pull off. “Melody Has Big Plans,” for me, is the culmination of all their best elements– it is bleak and loud, catchy and aggressive, with earnest twenty-something yearning. Then they released a pretty great full-length that had me nodding along, but also wondering if the best days were already over.

Now, with Outsiders, I wasn’t really expecting anything. As a punk fan, I’ve learned to turn off the part of my brain that expects things. Bands change their sound, topics evolve, all that jazz. When we collectively look back on the mess that was Against Me!’s entire career and subsequent fan response and cringe, we will be thankful level heads prevail in the future. Outsiders is another step in Gnarwolves development as a band, and as a sophomore album it represents a departure from their last album, and an even larger departure from their EPs. In fact, I won’t even bury the lead: Outsiders doesn’t hit for me. It’s competent, for sure, and sometimes it does shine, but the overall takeaway for me was a lot of shrugging.

We have moved into Flatliners territory, we are hanging with the Menzingers. The latter of which I love more than most, but it takes chops to pull off what they do. Slice of life storytelling put to melody– wistful and romantic as it is, can turn to something saccharine or worse, insubstantial, in less deft hands. And that is where part of my apathy to Outsiders originates. Gnarwolves have shifted gears into something different, and that is dandy, but they are not pulling it off. There are moments where it all comes together, for sure, but for the large part, Outsiders passes by without a single moment of recognition, no connection or feeling communicated. The album leaves you struggling to remember a single song. Gnarwolves skate punk anthems have been rounded down into a grey area between the melodic punk they’re taking influence from and the aggression-forward sound that is still their basis. It results in a weird, not very satisfying twilight where the drums are fast and the guitars are trebly, rolled back on both distortion and attitude. If it were dynamic, it would work. Their first album did this, with open note stuff that chimes then explodes into ripping chordage. Here, it is all melded together into something flat and uninspired.

Which is a shame, because Outsiders doesn’t ever really fail. It’s hard to review a band when they do everything right in the execution phase. They play well, the album sounds good, it’s just what they’re choosing to do isn’t particularly interesting. For the most part, the songwriting loses its punch with the instrumentation, but there are songs that do push through and do become memorable on repeat listens. Album opener “Straightjacket” is one of them, and it succeeds through its pop punk veracity, while not necessarily saying anything too interesting. “Argument” is probably the best song on the album, and that’s because of the easy resonation of the pre-chorus refrain of “resist, resist, resist!”

I have absolutely fallen into the punk rock trap of turning on a band that didn’t deliver what I expected. And that’s why this is a hard review to write. I know that for some people, this album will work, but for me, I can’t escape just how middling it is in comparison of the energy and enthusiasm of early Gnarwolves. Their perspective used to be fresh and exciting, and on Outsiders we see it giving way to age and new ideas, but not all of them good. There are ways to age gracefully, but Outsiders makes me wonder if Gnarwolves were a band never destined to grow old.