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Circa Survive announce “On Letting Go” ten year anniversary US tour with Turnover and mewithoutyou

Circa Survive have announced a tour of the United States for the tenth anniversary of the release of “On Letting Go,” starting on the 12th of January, 2017. You can find tour dates and locations below.

Circa Survive will be joined by Turnover and mewithoutyou as supports for the entire tour. In addition to the tour, Circa Survive will be releasing a deluxe version of “On Letting Go” in digital and vinyl formats in early 2017.

Album Review: Signals Midwest – “At This Age”

I’ve gotta be that guy. Of all the musical revivals that I’ve bore witness to, the emo revival is the one I never got quite on board with. I don’t have anything against emo, per se. It’s just an area of punk I’ve only ever had a passing interest in. I like some Rites of Spring, I dig Sunny Day Real Estate; newer bands I like are Dads and Pet Symmetry. Not a huge emo dude.

So, when I decided I wanted to check out At This Age I wasn’t really planning on having to talk about emo at all. In fact, the last time I heard Signals Midwest, I seemed to remember them being a chuggier pop punk band– the sort of midwest punk that owes debts to Dillinger Four and the Lawrence Arms, but just a tad bit more somber. I wasn’t too far off, but if that was my last impression, they’ve certainly grown. Signals Midwest is no longer a garter snake slithering about the middle of America, they are now a big-ass python that has swallowed whole a figurative rat of emo influences. Go figure.

Their sound is typified by gentle arpeggios, prominent basslines, emotive lyricism, and dynamic songwriting. But, they also have well-defined melodies that make even their saddest songs instant brain candy (“Endless west side summer” is the refrain that refuses to leave my head). And they temper it all with more traditional punk influences so that the angst never feels anything less than concrete. So, maybe I’m not a big emo guy. It happens. But as it turns out, I am a Signals Midwest guy.

Title track “At This Age” captures a lot of what I love about the album. It knows when to be ethereal, and it knows when to pump up the volume and trade the arpeggios for fat chords. The lyrics cut deep too. I think just about any lost twenty-something can find resonance in a line like, “Always thought at this age I would be, settling into a major city/ Always thought at this age I would be further than I am now.”

The album itself has the feel of a concept album. It carries with it the depressive weight of being stuck in between changing seasons. I like the way it moves, it meanders without ever feeling slow, and at thirty-minutes long, it certainly doesn’t overstay its welcome. From album opener “You’re Gonna Be Golden” to the intense and crushing “Song for Ana” it doesn’t ever lose its sense of pace despite being largely mid tempo.

At This Age is the perfect autumnal welcome mat. It’s a checkpoint for Signals Midwest, a rite of passage for them as well as, I imagine, their fans. Some albums do that, you know? For me The Menzingers’ On the Impossible Past will forever be connected to memories of my time in Moscow, ID, riding around in the backseat of friends’ cars. The best music is the kind that becomes a part of you. At This Age is the sort of album that for the right person at the right time imprints itself on a memory.


Boston Manor release music video for “Lead Feet”

UK emo/pop-punk band Boston Manor have released a music video for their new song “Lead Feet” and you can check it out below.

The track appears on the band’s newest album, “Be Nothing”, released September 30th through Pure Noise Records.

Two Tongues Stream New Song “Scorpio”

Two Tongues, made up of Max Bemis of Say Anything and Chris Conley of Saves the Day, are streaming a new song titled “Scorpio” from their upcoming album “Two Tongues Two” out October 14th via Equal Vision Records. Check it out below.

“Two Tongues Two” will be the group’s first album since their debut in 2009. Two Tongues will also be touring for the first time together as a band, the dates are available here.

All Get Out unveil music video for “Get My Cut” off upcoming album “No One Likes A Quitter”

SC emocore group All Get Out have released a “Reservoir Dogs” style music video for the song “Get My Cut” off of their upcoming album “No One Likes A Quitter”.

The video is good and the song is great, but decide for yourself and watch it below.

All Get Out’s last release was the “Movement” EP in 2015.

The band is going on an east-coast-plus-texas tour in late October/November and you can click here to see the dates. 

Boston Manor streaming new album “Be Nothing”

UK emo/pop-punk band Boston Manor are gearing up to release their newest album, “Be Nothing”, and the band has made the entire work available to stream.

Check it out below.

“Be Nothing” is set to be released this Friday (September 30th) through Pure Noise Records. The band last released an EP titled “Saudade” last November.

Boston Manor stream new song “Fossa”

UK emo/pop-punk band Boston Manor are streaming a new song off their debut album Be Nothing.  

You can give “Fossa” a listen below.

Be Nothing is set to be released on September 30th via Pure Noise Records.  The band last released an EP titled Saudade in November, 2015.

Taking Back Sunday: “Death Wolf” lyric video

Taking Back Sunday have released the lyric video for the latest single “Death Wolf”. The song is featured on the band’s new LP “Tidal Wave”, which was just released on Friday (9/16/16).

Check out the lyric video for “Death Wolf” below

American Football release new song “Give Me The Gun”

Chicago emo band American Football are streaming a brand new song called “Give Me The Gun.” This track is one off of their upcoming album self-titled album and is the second single that the band has released since announcing their first full length in 17 years. You can give the new song a listen below.

This self-titled album will serve as a follow-up to the band’s other self-titled album, which was released in 1999.

Sorority Noise sign to Triple Crown Records, announce tour dates

Hartford, Connecticut punks Sorority Noise have announced that they have signed to Triple Crown Records.  They will be releasing a split with The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die later this year, and will be releasing their third full length in the first half of 2017.

Additionally, Sorority Noise will be hitting the road this November with Ratboys and Jank.  You can see all of the bands’ upcoming tour dates and locations below.

Sorority Noise most recently released a 4-song EP called It Kindly Stopped for Me, which came out in April of this year.

All Get Out (emocore) tours with Gates and Microwave

SC’s All Get Out are going on a long tour with Gates from NJ and Microwave from GA. You can see the dates above which include both Riot Fest and The Fest. You can stream their stuff below.

All Get Out’s last release was the “Movement EP” in 2015. Microwave’s last release was “Stovall” in 2014. Gates released “Parallel Lives” in June 2016.

Boston Manor stream new song “Lead Feet”

UK emo/pop-punk band Boston Manor are streaming a new song off their debut album Be Nothing.  

Give a listen to “Lead Feet” here.

Boston Manor last released an EP titled Saudade in November, 2015. Be Nothing is available to pre-order here.

Music Video: Loveovernite – “Floating Bones, Sinking Hearts (II)”

Brampton, ON emo-acoustic, solo pop-punk act Loverovernite (Kai Salmon) recently released a brand new music video for his song “Floating Bones, Sinking Hearts (II). Kai has been writing, recording and producing his own music since he was 9 years old and has been touring Canada as a solo acoustic act since 2012 at the age of 15. This video is a culmination of all his recent efforts and work with Fightless Records.

You can take a look at the clip below.

This song is one off of Kai’s upcoming album, Don’t Fall In Love, It’s A Trap.., which comes hot off the heels of his EP, The Songs We Cried To….

Terrafraid and Modern Lives stream new split EP

UK emo-punks Terrafraid and Western, MA punks Modern Lives have released a split EP together on Make That A Take Records. The 4-song split is everything dream-pop, emo, and punk combined into one massive EP, with material showcases both sides of the world and the things they have to offer. You can give it a listen below.

For Terrafraid, this EP will follow their 2014 album, Despondent. For Modern Lives, this will serve as a follow-up to their 2015 EP, Gloom. 

New music video from Taking Back Sunday – “You Can’t Look Back”

Taking Back Sunday just released a new music video for their song, “You Can’t Look Back,” and you can watch it below, if you so choose.

The song comes from the band’s upcoming album, Tidal Wave, which is due out September 16th on Hopeless Records.

Taking Back Sunday re-released their sixth studio album, Happiness Is, in February 2015, after it was originally released in March 2014.