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Belmont (pop punk, Chicago) stream single “Water Weight”

Chicago pop punkers Belmont are allowing fans to stream their latest single “Water Weight”. The release coincides with a short tour the band are embarking on with Hot Mulligan.

You can find the single, and the tour dates below.

Caffiends announce split with The Peabody’s

Florida’s Caffiends have announced that they will release a split EP with Pennsylvania’s The Peabodys. Due out on April 29th, 2017, labels Swamp Cabbage, No Time, Everything Sucks, and Team Beard Records are handling the release in their respective countries.

Caffiends’ last full-length album No Gods, No Decaf came out in 2015 through Anti-Authority Records. The Peabodys released This Bears Repeating in 2015.

Album Review: The Flatliners – ‘Inviting Light’

The Flatliners are the definition of resolve and endurance. After making a splash with their ska-infused debut, 2005’s Destroy to Create, they have steadily honed their craft over 5 subsequent albums with their most recent being 2013’s Dead Language (discounting 2015’s B-sides collection Division of Spoils). Through constant touring and their unwavering adherence to a steadfast punk-rock ethos the band have created a solid fanbase that appreciate their dedicated, no-nonsense approach and unrelenting spirit. However a band cannot run on enthusiasm alone. After spending most of their adult lives touring and promoting, the band quickly came to the realization that they needed a break. Some time away to recapture that spark that made them an enduring punk band of the people.

It soon becomes apparent that that time away has been spent polishing the simple craft of writing tight arena ready rockers. Clearly evident on first song, “Mammals” which, after a brooding opening, states its intentions defiantly as it quickly darts to a razor sharp, buzzing chorus. It contains the bright and spiky pop-punk style they are know for but with a distinct edge, reminiscent of mid-period Against Me!. “Hang My Head” sees the band continue to strike that perfect balance between their poppy and caustic sides. The guitars ring rather than churn with the song quickly bounding to a delirious, anthemic chorus. It sounds supremely confident with the sturt and the swagger of a band who have full faith in what they are doing. “Nicotine Lips” sounds like a carry over from Dead Language, featuring energetic distorted power chords and catchy shout-a-long ‘woahs-woahs’. In the context of the album it provides the connective tissue between this and and their previous work. Nevertheless, it is striking how different the overall sound is on Inviting Light from what the band are known for.

The choppier, heavier songs that made up many of 2010’s Cavalcade’s finest moments are largely absent. Instead, the album is characterised by a fuller, broader sound with the focus on songcraft rather than the foot down, pop-punk that saw them draw comparisons with Dead To Me and Anti-Flag. For example, “Indoors,” rather surprisingly, finds them build a song on similar foundations to those of grunge stalwarts Pearl Jam. It’s a mid-tempo rocker assembled with spacious, echoing riffs and hefty 90s power chords before beating down the door to a yearning, powerful chorus. It’s here that frontman, Chris Cresswell, is really able to demonstrate how his voice has developed into a potent and commanding force whilst retaining that slightly bruised, insecure edge. Those Pearl Jam comparisons continue with “Unconditional Love” with the band channeling the Seattle band’s love of slightly more unorthodox and off-beat arrangements. It sees the band challenging their sound a little, showing a previously unheard experimental side. On the whole, these moments provide the triumphant backbone of the album.

Although, these moments do show the band developing their sound, they still fit the mould of mid-paced rockers, aimed squarely at the heart. While effective, at times they are in danger of feeling a little repetitive and formulaic as strummed guitars quickly lead to another big, rousing chorus. Songs such as “Burn Out Again,” “Infinite Wisdom,” and closer “No Roads” all follow a similarly worn blueprint. They lack the vitality of songs from their back catalogue, too often feeling like the safe option. Remarkably, it is the plaintive, tender punk ballad “Chameleon Skin,” which sees the band wholly succeed in finding a new formula. Cresswell’s wistful cries of “I don’t wanna remember who I am” are a stirring addition that will touch the heart of even the most hardened punk.

While Inviting Light is not a seismic shift, there is an obvious progression from their melodic pop-punk sound. It’s still loud and proud but it sees the band enter a more mature phase of their career. The sound is clearer and more accessible than any of their previous work with the abrasive edges polished down. Everything is carefully constructed with each song crafted to highlight the band’s ability to write hungry, anthemic choruses. However, the over reliance on mid-tempo rockers can get a little wearing. All in all Inviting Light is a testament to taking a step back and re-engaging with what you want from your band. It sees the band entering a new phase of their careers whilst ably demonstrating that they are in it for the long haul.

3.5 / 5 Stars

Direct Hit! (pop punk) perform “Do The Sick” Live! from The Rock Room

Pop-punks Direct Hit! recently visited Live from The Rock Room and captured some sweet video footage in the process. “Do The Sick” is off of their 2016 album Wasted Mind, out on Fat Wreck Chords. I’m not sure what they’re putting in the cheese out there in the Midwest, but the music coming outta there recently has been fan-tast-ic, and Direct Hit! is no exception.

You can check out the video, album and some tour dates below.

Slovenian pop-punks Trash Candy release new video, “Useless”

Female fronted, Slovenian pop punks Trash Candy released a new video for “Useless,” off their 2015 album “Focus.”

Check out the video below, and you just may never look at rabbits the same.

The Other Stars stream final album ‘The Day We Met’

Worcester, MA indie punks The Other Stars are streaming their final album. ‘The Day We Met’ will be out on the 28th of April via Take This To Heart Records but you can already stream it here.

The band released a statement issuing their break up earlier this month. 

Patent Pending announce cover album “Other People’s Greatest Hits,” stream cover of “Spice Up Your Life”

Long Island, New York pop punks Patent Pending have announced they will be releasing a cover album titled “Other People’s Greatest Hits,” and with the announcement they’re streaming a cover of the Spice Girls song “Spice Up Your Life.” You can listen to it below.

The album is set to be released on May 26 via Rude Records, and features 10 cover tracks. You can find the tracklist and album art below the video.

Grayscale stream new track “Beautiful Things” from upcoming album

Philadelphia pop-punk group Grayscale is currently streaming a new track titled “Beautiful Things.” You can listen to it below.

The track comes from the band’s upcoming album titled “Adornment,” which is set to be released on May 5 via Fearless Records. You can find the cover art and tracklist below the video.

Northbound stream new EP “The Flaws in Everything”

Boca Raton pop-punks Northbound are currently streaming their new EP, titled “The Flaws in Everything,” over at idobi Radio. You can find the stream here.

“The Flaws in Everything” was released on April 21 via Animal Style Records. Northbound also are currently on tour with Daisyhead and Tigerwine, you can find the tour dates and locations here.

Swordfish stream new single “Ghost Song”

Michigan pop-punk outfit Swordfish are streaming their newest single “Ghost Song,” and you can listen to it here.

“Ghost Song” comes from the bands’ upcoming debut album Rodia, which will be released May 5th on CD/CS/Digtial via Take This To Heart Records. Pre-order it here.


The Total Bettys (pop punk) stream new song “Stay Here All Night”

San Francisco pop punk group The Total Bettys are streaming their new song, the introvert anthem “Stay Here All Night” from their upcoming album, Peach.

You can give it a listen below.

Peach is set to be released on May 12th, 2017.

DS Exclusive: Travoltas (Pop Punk) Premiere New Album “Until We Hit The Shore”

These Dutch power pop punks have been around since 1990 and thus, have a pretty extensive resume. This coming April 21st the veteran sextet will be adding another impressive milestone to their CV when they release their twelfth studio album! The ten track LP titled Until We Reach the Shore will be released by Netherlands punk label White Russian Records and is the band’s first full length in thirteen years. Now, we’re not scientists so we don’t know how global time zones work, all we know is that somehow we got our hands on the album three days early and we’re not asking questions! We recommend you don’t either. Just stream it, in its entirety below!

The Addisons stream new EP “Invisible Falls State Park”

Chicago pop-punk band The Addisons are currently streaming their new EP “Invisible Falls State Park” at New Noise Magazine. You can listen to it here. The EP will be released tomorrow, April 18th, via Torture Chamber Records.  You can pre-order the album here.

The Addisons will be playing a record release show at Quencher’s Saloon in Chicago, IL on April 22nd along with Dan Vapid and The Cheats.

Set If Off release video for “Hypnotized”

Set It Off have released a new video for “Hyponotized” – taken from their latest album “Upside Down”, which was released on Equal Vision back in October.

You can watch the video below.

DS Exclusive: One Armed Joey (Pop Punk) Premieres Video For “You and Your Friends Are Dead (Game Over)” From Upcoming EP

When last we heard from San Francisco pop punkers One Armed Joey we were lauding their debut EP White Windowless Vans back in 2015. Now, the trio is back with more music worthy of our praise! Their new EP, The Best We Know How is due out on May 12th but we got our hands on a video premiere from the upcoming release. “You and Your Friends Are Dead (Game Over)” is a ‘Day in the life’ style video, following the lads as they tour, party, and record in the studio. If you have a penchant for percussionists, you’re gonna love this one as it features an awesome drummer cam for you to watch James Allen’s handy work in astonishment. Pop, melodic hardcore, skate? We don’t care what you call it, just watch it below exclusively, here on Dying Scene!