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Lagwagon, The Flatliners, Bad Cop/Bad Cop and more among first wave of Pouzza Fest bands

The first batch of bands has been announced for the 2017 installment of Montreal’s Pouzza Fest, and it’s already a pretty great one. Leading the charge none other than Montreal’s adopted son Joey Cape and his pals in the almighty Lagwagon! Also announced are heavy hitters like The Flatliners, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Mustard Plug (performing “Evildoers Beware”), The Slackers (performing “Redlight”), Red City Radio, and more.

Pouzza Fest takes place May 19-21 in various Montreal venues. Check out the full rundown here.

Direct Hit! perform for Bridge City Sessions

Direct Hit! are the latest act to perform for Bridge City Sessions. The band  performed ““Promise Land” and “Artificial Confidence” for the Portland based sessions studio. You can watch both performances below.

PEARS perform Bridge City Session

PEARS are the latest act to perform for Bridge City Sessions. The band  performed “Snowflake” and “Victim To Be” for the Portland based sessions studio. You can watch both performances below.

Album Review: Chixdiggit – “2012”

Chixdiggit, Canada’s premier pop punk band (Sum forty-wha?), and composers of classic love songs such as “I Wanna Hump You” and “Where’s Your Mom?” are back with “2012”, the longest Fat Wreck song since NOFX’s “The Decline” (I think?), which they happily put to shame clocking in at 25 minutes. An autobiography of the band’s 2012 tour, Chixdiggit up the ante with this one, covering the little details all while playing their simple brand of punk rock they’ve been known for over the last twenty years.

Through this release, a variety of topics are covered, all under the banner of silly punk rock in the same vein as the Ramones. The song/record/whatever starts off in Amsterdam, and travels to Edmonton, San Francisco, and more, finally ending in Victoria. The thing that’s so loveable about Chixdiggit is their ability to make everything about these places funny. Constant praise of abstract hot spots like Trader Joe’s, Nimrod Land, and an unnamed coffee place by Whole Foods paint a fun story for each place they went.

The humor is fairly juvenile, but that’s what’s so fun about it. For instance, at one spot of the song, a recounting of a conversation concerning Orangevale – where there’s only “hookers and hockey players” – sprints into a chorus of “What Position Does She Play?” regarding somebody’s mother. To top it off, that part ends with “We went to Walmart to buy some Stage Uniforms,” and continues on to the next section. And no autobiographical Fat Wreck tale could survive without a story of meeting Masked Intruder (“I’d only heard them on my personal computer.”).

While they primarily stick with their brand of Ramones-core, they do mess around a little bit with classic rock, cow punk, and there’s even a point where the music sounds kind of spooky (reflecting the lyrics). All in all though, Chixdiggit is still that silly, catchy pop punk band from up North, and a 25 minute song/release connected by a common theme of their 2012 tour is a great way for them to change it up while still retaining what makes them them.

Granted, a 25 minute song drags on a bit. And that’s why I’m giving this release ⅘ stars. Chixdiggit, however, did a good job at separating themselves from their previous career and put out a pretty kick ass release. If you haven’t checked it out, do it. Also, nice Rush tribute photo, boys.

4/5 Stars

DS Staff Picks – Hopeless Romantic’s (Meredith) Top 10 Albums of 2016

It seems like just yesterday I was putting together my 2015 list, but alas, here we are again at the end of another year. 2016 was a great year for new albums and it was harder than usual to put together this list, but I guess I shouldn’t complain about too much good music. Check out the soundtrack to my last rollercoaster of a year below.

Fat Wreck Chords to release new Western Addiction album “Tremulous”

San Francisco hardcore punk act Western Addiction will release a brand new full-length album titled “Tremulous” on March 10th via Fat Wreck Chords. To get you fired up you can read the official statement from Fat and stream 25 seconds of what I’m guessing is one of the new songs below.

“Tremulous” will be the band’s first release since their 2015 EP “I’m Not The Man I Appear To Be.”

The Real McKenzies announce new album, “Two Devils Will Talk”

Celtic punk legends The Real McKenzies might be approaching their 25th year as a band, but it seems they’re not slowing down any time soon. They’ve announced plans for yet another studio full-length. It’s called “Two Devils Will Talk,” and that’s the cover art up above. The album is due out March 3rd via their longtime label home, Fat Wreck Chords. Stay tuned for pre-order options and a boatload of tour dates coming down the ‘pike.

The Real McKenzies’s most recent full-length “Rats in the Burlap” was released in April 2015, also through Fat.

The Real McKenzies announce Western Canadian tour

Celtic punk legends The Real McKenzies have announced Western Canadian tour dates with Isotopes. The run will begin on March 2nd, 2017 in Victoria, BC and will end on March 25th, 2017 in Grande Prairie, AB. You can view a full list of dates and locations below.

The Real McKenzies’s most recent full-length “Rats in the Burlap” was released in April of 2015 through Fat Wreck Chords.

Zach Quinn (PEARS) performs as guest on Bridge City Sessions, covers Cyndi Lauper

PEARS frontman Zach Quinn was a recent guest and performer on an episode of Bridge City Sessions. Shot in two separate clips, Quinn performs “Infinite Sigh”, a track off of his solo One Week Records, as well as a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.”

You can watch both videos below.

The solo record was released earlier this year, with a re-release that came on November 11th.

Watch: Bad Cop / Bad Cop perform “Joey Lawrence” for Live From The Rock Room

Whoa! The third of four videos that the mighty Bad Cop/Bad Cop filmed during a recent sit-down for “Live from the Rock Room” is now upon us. It’s for the track “Joey Lawrence” and you can check it out below.


“Joey Lawrence” appears on Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s debut full length, “Not Sorry,” which was released in June 2015 via Fat Wreck Chords. Stay tuned for video #4 in the near future, and refresh yo’self on our very personal and revealing conversation with BC/BC’s Stacey Dee right here.

Leftover Crack announce South African tour

Leftöver Crack have announced they will heading to South Africa for a 6-date tour in early 2017. More info on the short stretch of shows can be found below.

The band’s latest album Constructs of the State was released last November on Fat Wreck Chords. It was their first LP in over a decade, following 2004’s Fuck World Trade.

NOFX releasing two new 7″s

NOFX have announced they will be releasing two new 7″s this holiday season.

One is a 4-song EP titled Hepatitis Bathtub, which according to Fat Wreck’s press release is a “crazy old NOFX recording that was recorded in a basement in Omaha, Nebraska in 1987.” The other is a 7″ single for “Oxy Moronic,” which features a “radically different” demo of the track.

Pre-orders for these 7″ releases are available here and here, respectively.

NOFX released their 13th full-length album First Ditch Effort in October through Fat Wreck Chords. It was their first LP in four years, following 2012’s Self Entitled.

Erik Herzog (Bad Astronaut) passes away

Erik Herzog of Bad Astronaut. Photo by Gwendolyn Lee

According to a statement released by the folks at Fat Wreck Chords yesterday, Bad Astronautdrummer Erik Herzog has passed away. In addition to joining Bad Astronaut after the death of their founding drummer Derrick Plourde, Herzog was a longtime staple in the Santa Barbara music scene.

Our sincerest condolences to Erik’s family and bandmates.

The Flatliners sign to Rise Records, plan early 2017 release

More than a decade after signing to Fat Wreck Chords as a scrappy young Toronto punk band, The Flatliners have now flown the coop.

The quartet of Blue Jays fans are the latest act to have been added to the ever-expanding Rise Records roster. They’ll team up with their new label home for a full-length release that’s tentatively slated for the front half of 2017. We’ll obviously keep you posted on that one as details come down the ‘pike, but for now you can stream the track “Hang My Head” (it’ll be included on that aforementioned full-length) right here.

The Glatliners’ last full-length, “Dead Language,” was released on Fat back in 2013. They also put out a new EP, “Nerves,” last month on Dine Alone Records. You may recall “Hang My Head” from that release…

Slam Dunk Festival (UK) adds Less Than Jake, Don Broco and Bowling For Soup to their 2017 lineup

The travelling show that is the UK’s Slam Dunk Festival has added another group of bands to its lineup. Joining the likes of Enter Shikari and Cute Is What We Aim For will be Less Than Jake, Don Broco and Bowling For Soup. There are also still plenty of other bands to be announced for the event which takes place in Birmingham, Leeds and Hatfield on May Bank Holiday weekend.