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Adrenalized (skate-punk, Spain) working on new material

Euro-skate-punkers Adrenalized are working on new material according to a video posted to their Facebook account featuring the group’s guitarist Anders Xabier playing through some of their newest and thrashiest ideas to date.

If the new riffs (featured below) or the band’s 2013 release “Tales From The Last Generation” (Bells On Records) are anything to go by, this is one to keep your eyes on if you are partial to a spot of lightning-fast melodic hardcore.

DS Interview: Jim Lindberg on Wraths debut LP, new Pennywise, and remaining a punk rock dad

There comes a time in the life of many, if not most, a punk rock frontman when the tempo starts to slow a little bit, both personally and musically. The midsection starts to expand, the hair starts to grey, the beard moves beyond three-day stubble, and the shirts turn infinitely more flannel. It happens to the best of them, and the best of them do it damn well. Longtime Pennywise frontman Jim Lindberg has got other intentions.

On his latest side project, Wraths, Lindberg teamed up with 1208’s Steve McCall and Chris Kranes (also of The Darlings) and Kranes’ Darlings bandmate Andrew Tyler Murphy for a dozen of the most raw, aggressive tracks he’s been a part of in years. The sound hearkens back to the early days of LA or DC hardcore; seminal bands like Dag Nasty and Scream and Dead Kennedys and, of course, Black Flag, have been bandied about in articles and press releases surrounding the Wraths project. “That was a conscious effort,” says Lindberg “We really wanted to be very raw…I think punk rock was meant to be just mic’d up and blasted out. Forget about all the after effects.” The sound is raw, aggressive…and not for everybody, as Lindberg says half-jokingly “my wife is…I wouldn’t say she’s not a fan, but I think she’s ready for me to do my acoustic record!”

Wraths hits hard and fast, as you might expect from a release fronted by Lindberg. But in a style that’s much different than the recording process in his “day job,” Wraths was recorded in effectively two one-day sessions. And yes, that was strictly by design. “It’s basically a live record, and I thought that was a really cool way to do it,” explains Lindberg. Like a lot of bands that helped usher in the glory days of the skate punk era, Pennywise spent a great deal of time crafting and fine-tuning a sound that would become extremely influential in its own right. That fine-tuning has its downside, however. “It really sucks out the immediacy and the realness of the music when you have to do it a hundred times,” says Lindberg, though he’s careful to not step on the toes of his peers. “A lot of people like that, but I just absolutely hate it…Everyone has a way they want to do things, and mine is definitely the exception to the rule.”

Lindberg’s last project, The Black Pacific, came at a time when Lindberg had stepped away from Pennywise after more than two decades fronting the pioneering skate punk band. Wraths, however, is Lindberg’s first side project after rejoining Pennywise, and came about almost by accident. As Lindberg explains: “Steve and Chris played in 1208 together and had been friends for a long time and they hooked up with Drew (Murphy) on the drums, and they probably demoed six or seven songs and asked me if I knew of any singers. When I heard it, I said I’d love to do it, so they graciously accepted my offer.”

Prior to his initial split with Pennywise, the decision to partake in a side project like Wraths may not, necessarily, have gone over well inside the band. “There’s a certain thing that can happen to bands after you’ve been doing it for about twenty years, or eight or nine or ten albums, where you just get in to this thing where it becomes automatic,” explains Lindberg. However, a quarter-century of working together and a vastly different musical landscape have combined to allow Lindberg and his Pennywise bandmates a little more in the way of creative freedom. “Fletcher (Dragge, Pennywise guitarist) did Chaos Delivery Machine, which is a great record…he did that with Jason (Page) and Justin (Thirsk), which is awesome, and he played bass on it, which is out of his wheelhouse…as long as people can be there for (Pennywise) and play shows, why not” do a side project that might breath new life into their main band, Lindberg suggests.

Pennywise will remain busy on the road for the bulk of the remainder of the year, and Lindberg will squeeze a few smaller runs with Wraths into the cracks that his chaotic schedule allows. And while Wraths might be a more aggressive album than Lindberg has been involved with in years, that doesn’t mean the acoustic record isn’t coming down the ‘pike. “I’m glad to have a little reprieve from that before I do that. But I guarantee you that the next time we talk, I’ll be in a flannel with a beard and an acoustic. I’ll just try not to make it suck!”

Check out our full interview with the great Jim Lindberg below, and pick up your copy of Wraths’ debut LP here!

Darko (skate-punk, UK) release teaser video for new single

Fans of UK skate-punk will know the name well and rightly so however those from further afield may be less familiar with the band, Darko, who have released a teaser video for an upcoming single. The single will represent the first new music from the Guildford based five-piece since the 2014 masterpiece “Sea Of Trees” and if previous efforts are anything to go by, it will not disappoint. The new track should drop on May 10th but if you can’t wait that long you can enjoy some of the finest facial hair in fast-punk goofing around at their Facebook page. Enjoy.

Album Review: Belvedere – “Revenge of the Fifth”

Reunion albums are a tough sell. On the one hand, who doesn’t love the idea of new music from a beloved band? But on the other hand, and this part mostly pertains to reunited bands whose legacies have already been cemented in music history, new material has a lot to live up to and runs the risk of “tainting” a band’s past work. From the get-go, even the concept of a reunion album is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Fortunately for Belvedere, as well as their fans, that’s not the case. The band’s fifth album, appropriately titled Revenge of the Fifth, and first record in twelve years, easily fits in with the rest of the band’s discography.

For those living under a rock, Belvedere reunited for a string of shows in 2012 and have continued ever since. It seems as taking a few years playing the old stuff has helped immensely when it came time to recording a new album, because now they’re at a point when it’s less of a reunion album and more the next logical step for an active band to take. Revenge of the Fifth, picks up right where 2004’s Fast Forward Eats the Tape left off without missing a beat. Literally: it sounds as if Belvedere never broke up in the first place. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing largely depends on how much you enjoy the band’s first four LPs.

Skate punk’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness: it’s a genre that doesn’t want or need to change. The shouted vocals, the harmonized choruses, the shredding guitars, and the pounding drums are always there for listeners when they need them, whether to act as a soundtrack to a bored day in the suburbs or as an escape for the hellish reality that is high school. In true skate punk tradition, Belvedere doesn’t break from this mold at any point during Revenge of the Fifth– there’s just no need and to do so would mess with the formula. You could tell an unsuspecting youngster that only a year or two had passed between the releases of Fast Forward and Revenge of the Fifth and they’d believe you.

Anyone who can remember the band’s earliest days, or those who joined the party during the band’s downtime will be happy to hear these new tunes. They blaze through energetic song after energetic song, much like everything they’ve ever done. Revenge of the Fifth is a fine album, but it’s also one you’ve heard before.

3 / 5

RIYL: NOFX, Bigwig, Mute

Belvedere stream new song “Achilles”

Canadian skate punk veterans Belvedere are streaming a new song titled “Achilles,” which is taken from their upcoming album The Revenge of the Fifth. You can give the track a listen below.

The Revenge of the Fifth releases on May 5th through Bird Attack (US), Effervescence (FR), Funtime (BE), and Lockjaw Records (UK). Pre-orders are available here.

Belvedere streaming new song “Hairline”

Canadian skate punk act Belvedere are streaming a new song called “Hairline” off their upcoming album ‘The Revenge of The Fifth.”

You check it out below.

‘The Revenge of The Fifth” will be released on May 5th, 2016 via Bird Attack(US), Effervescence (FR), Funtime (BE) and Lockjaw Records (UK). further details of the new album and live dates, will be revealed over the coming months. “The Revenge Of The Fifth” will be the band’s first release in twelve years, their last being 2004′s Fast Forward Eats the Tape.

Castoff premiere music video for “Certain As The Sun”

Today we’re stoked to premiere a brand new music video from San Diego melodic punks Castoff. It’s for their song “Certain As The Sun” off the band’s new album First Step to Recovery, and you can check it out below.

First Step To Recovery was released by Bird Attack Records and Morning Wood Records. You can order the album here.

Kill The President! releases tour video from Spain and Portugal

5-piece Spanish melodic hardcore band Kill the President! has just released a little video documenting their recent tour of Spain and Portugal, which you can watch below.

The video features footage of the band’s travels and tour life, with “Song One” serving as soundtrack, which appeared on their latest album “Citizens”, released in 2013.

You can also watch a video for their new song “Parable of the Modern Cave”, which comes off of their upcoming album “Believe”, here.

“Believe” is scheduled to be released sometime this year and we will keep you updated as the story develops.

Local Resident Failure re-releasing debut album – “A Breath of Stale Air”

Australian skate punks Local Resident Failure are re-releasing their debut album, A Breath of Stale Air, this time on vinyl for the first time ever. The re-release follows the band’s highly-acclaimed sophomore album, This Here’s The Hard Part, which came out in March 2015.

The re-release is being put out by Australia’s Pee Records (pre-orders Monday here), with the UK/EU release being handled by Disconnect Disconnect Records (pre-orders Monday here), and the fine dudes at Oxford Records will be putting out the US release (pre-orders Monday here).

DS Exclusive: Castoff stream new album ‘First Step to Recovery’

San Diego melodic punks Castoff just released their brand new album, First Step to Recovery, but if you haven’t had the time to hear it yet, don’t fret because we’ve got your back. We’re bringing you a full stream of the album, and you can listen to it below!

First Step To Recovery was released by Bird Attack Records and Morning Wood Records. You can order the album here

Kill the President release video for “Parable of the Modern Cave” off upcoming album “Believe”

5-piece Spanish melodic hardcore band Kill the President! has released a video for their new song “Parable of the Modern Cave” which comes off of their upcoming album “Believe” and you can check it out below.

The album scheduled to be released sometime this year and we will keep you updated as the story develops.

Their last release was an EP dropped in 2013 called “Citizens”.

Main Line 10 (skate punk) stream new album

Spain’s skate punks Main Line 10 are streaming their brand new album, and you can check it out below.  The 7-track album, Sharks, is also available for download here.

The band’s last release was 2012’s Stick ‘Em Up.

88 Fingers Louie announce 3 Florida shows

88 Fingers Louie have teamed up with Bird Attack Records to book three shows in Florida this spring. Joining the band for these shows will be Allout Helter and Flag on Fire. More info can be found below.

88 Fingers Louie last released a live CD/DVD titled 88 Fingers Louie LIVES back in 2009 and their last full-length Back On The Streets in 1998.

Belvedere announce new album “The Revenge Of The Fifth”

Canadian skate punk act Belvedere will released their fifth studio album, ‘The Revenge of The Fifth” on May 5th, 2016 via Bird Attack (US), Effervescence (FR), Funtime (BE) and Lockjaw Records (UK).

The album was recorded at Echo Base Studio in Calgary and was mixed and mastered at the Blasting Room in Colorado. Keeping further details under wraps for now, front man Steve Rawles teases on the new material; “The record has 12 new tracks that sound very Belvedere: fast, melodic and furious.”

Belvedere broke up in late 2005 and after seven years apart finally came back together for a reunion tour in 2012, after which they began work on the new record. New music, as well as further details of the new album and live dates, will be revealed over the coming months.

“The Revenge Of The Fifth” will be the band’s first release in twelve years, their last being 2004′s Fast Forward Eats the Tape.

Almeida releases video for “Payday”

UK metal/punk act Almeida has a new video out for the song “Payday,” and you can check it out below.

The song appears on the band’s latest album, Social Media Circus, which was released July 25th of last year through Lockjaw Records.