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Introducing New Ska-Punk Band: Bears! Bears! Bears! (free album download)

Bears! Bears! Bears!, a new 6 piece Ska Punk outfit from Providence, RI, has just released its debut, seven song EP, “Bad News Bears! Bears! Bears!”, which you can stream below and download for free through the artist’s bandcamp.

Bears! has barely (no pun intended) hit the scene, but has been working for over a year on this release. For fans of Less Than Jake, Suicide Machines, Potshot, Slapstick.

Introducing Garage Punk Act: The Sangomas (full album stream)

The Sangomas are one of those bands that walks a fine line between punk and good old fashion sweaty rock. Their brand new full-length “Giddyup & Destroy” is titled perfectly. Thirteen tracks of punk infused rock ‘n roll anthems and you can enjoy the pleasure of streaming all of them below.

Introducing Street Punk Band: Lazy Class (full EP stream)

So Lazy Class has been putting out music for a few years now but I didn’t discover them until today so I figured if they’re “new” to me they’ll likely be “new” to a lot of you as well. The threesome from Poland plays straight up street-punk and if it weren’t for the slight Polish accent you’d easily think of them as an early 90’s Epitaph band. They just released a new EP titled “Hell Of San Domingo” through Rebellion Records and you can stream the entire thing below. —————————————-

Introducing Ska-Punk Act: Ill Gotten Gains (full album stream)

Fans of gritty crossover ska/street-punk, here’s one you’re going to want to check out. UK’s Ill Gotten Gains have just released their debut full-length through Unknown Records and its packed with 10 street punk anthems laced with a very healthy dose of ska upstrokeage. Give the album a listen below.

Introducing DC Punk Act: Free Children Of Earth (members of Trial By Fire, Darkest Hour, The Explosion, Majority Rule)

Free Children Of Earth is a Washington DC band formerly known as Beasts of No Nation and featuring members of Trial By Fire, Darkest Hour, The Explosion, and Majority Rule. With a pedigree like this one, its not surprising that the band plays politically charged hardcore punk and on November 20th you’ll get a full dose of just that in the form of a new LP titled Terminal Stasis.

The album will be released through Cricket Cemetery Records and you can get yourself a little taste by streaming its first single “No Broken Circles” below.

Introducing Punk ‘N Roll Act: Quarter Tank (full album stream)

Six songs into Quarter Tank‘s new full length “We Brought The Fire” I still can’t decide if this band is punk, heavy metal or hard rock. And that’s turning out to be a good thing because the truth is, it doesn’t matter – they kicks ass. The foursome has been playing together since 2006 but “We Brought The Fire” is the group’s recording debut and they just released earlier this month. If you consider yourself a fan of most things punk, metal and hard rock do yourself a favor and stream the entire album below.

BABES IN TOYLAND talk next record, current lineup and more with Elliott of Little Punk People in NYC

Kat, Lori & Clara of Babes in Toyland sat with Elliott Fullam of Little Punk People at their Irving Plaza show in NYC and talked about how their new record will probably sound heavier than their previous releases along with how well things are going with their new bassist Clara. They also discuss a lot more in the video link below.

The band was incredibly sweet to Elliott and they even gave him a big shout-out in the middle of their set. The lights went on him and they had him stand up and wave back at everyone and the band, which was amazing. And the band played an energetic set to a full house of enthusiastic fans who screamed along to favorites such as “Bruise Violet” and “Oh Yea”. Their new bassist Clara showed a persona of total bliss (we also witnessed her proud father watching the show in bliss as he was sitting right near us) and she held her own alongside the ferocious performance of drummer Lori Barbero and singer/guitarist Kat Bjelland, whose vocals sent shockwaves throughout the venu. Babes in Toyland are currently on their reunion tour which ends at FUN FUN FUN Fest in Austin, Texas on November 6th.

And they signed Elliott’s record! Thanks again, gals!!!

Introducing New Garage Punk Act: Dream Homeless (full album stream)

If you dig punk rock with a good dose of lo-fi garage rock swagger then I’ve got a new band for you to add to your radar. Dream Homeless hails form Switzerland and a couple weeks ago they release their debut full-length “Not For The Glory, Just For The Party” and if you dig bands like PUP I highly encourage you to stream this release below.

Bobby Pickles interviews Millencolin on this week’s episode of Dying Scene Radio

This week on Dying Scene RadioBobby Pickles chats with Mathias Färm and Erik Ohlsson of the legendary Swedish skate-punk band Millencolin prior to their stop at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, on the North American leg of their 2015 True Brew tour. Pickles probes the two Scandinavian guitarists about that time their mutual friend, Frankie Dan acclaimed tattoo artist who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 35, had the entire band tattoo their signatures onto his leg. Erik says they have the entire encounter on video somewhere and they will post it soon, now that they have heard the news of Frankie’s untimely demise. Bobby also asks the two about Millencolin’s iconic sound, their preference for Viking women, and then relays several offensively idiotic questions that were penned by Bob NoxiousVideo of Bobby Pickles’ full-interview with Millencolin can be found on the DSR YouTube page. Vignettes by: Dan of Still Alive, Mark of Madaline, and Shaun Colón and Joel Herrera of A Fat Wreck and Punk Rock Film FestEpisode 29’s recurring theme: Crapping out on punk rock knowledge.

Hear all the incessant blathering, plus all the latest new music and headlines, below.

Dynamite Dynamite – Die For This
The Mistakes – Sick Of The Sun
Still Alive – Choices
Madaline – No Sound
Blisterhead – Tumbling Down
Harrington Saints – Side By Side
Half Empty Glass – People Like You
Millencolin Interview
Millencolin – Bring Me Home
Ivan Drago – Coming Down
Start At Zero – Buzzer Beater

Introducing Melodic Hardcore Act Greater Distance (free EP download)

I don’t know what the weather is like wherever you’re reading this but here in NYC its pouring cats and dogs for for some reason that puts me in the mood for a little melodic hardcore. Queue up Greater Distance, a three piece melodic hardcore act from Concord, California. These dudes just put out their debut EP titled “Abode” and you can stream it below. If you dig it you can download it for free on bandcamp.

Introducing Skate Punk Act: Ivan Drago (FFO Frenzal Rhomb, Strike Twelve)

Australian. Catchy. Melodic. Fast. That’s Ivan Drago, a band formed by still active members of various Sydney area bands. Self described as “the band equivalent of waking up at 11am on a Wednesday, asking wearily “Where’s the fucking Berocca?”” Ivan Drago has taken their time writing their debut self-titled full-length and their patience has certainly paid off. There are contrasting styles, from catchy hooks to guitar solos, harmonies to more yelly stuff – there is something for everybody on this record (and perhaps everything for somebody). Give the album a listen below. ————-

Introducing New Pop-Punk Act: Jetfighter (free EP download)

Ontario’s four piece pop-punk act Jetfighter don’t sound like they’re new to the punk scene. The play their instruments with the proficiency of veterans and they’ve crafted a style that isn’t just another Ramones-core or New Found Glory-esque rip-off. There’s a little more rock ‘n roll swagger behind the pop-punk tunes on their debut “Demo” EP and the singer sounds exactly like some 80’s hair band frontman I can’t for the life of me put my finger on right now. But enough of my perceptions. Give the EP a listen below.

Introducing Punk Act: Regional Faction (FFO Pennywise, Millencolin)

If you were to cross “Pennybridge Pioneers” era Millencolin with “Straight Ahead” era Pennywise what you’d end up with would be something very akin to Seattle’s Regional Faction. If, like me, your musical proclivities are heavily skewed toward the 90’s skate punk scene this band will absolutely hit home for you. Their new self-titled EP is six songs of chunky, riff heavy, melodic yet aggressive punk rock nostalgia that I highly recommend you stream below.

New Band Alert: Distorted Signals (Free EP Download)

Is there anything more DIY than recording an album all by yourself? How about recording an album all by yourself in the backseat of your Ford? If that sounds punk as fuck to you, then you’re going to want to check out Distorted Signals, a brand new one man band out of San Diego, CA. who recorded their debut EP, Car Sessions, entirely in their car over the course of five days while parked in the parking lot at work.

The five song EP is available as a name-your-price digital download. You can give it a listen below, or download it right here

Eradicator (featuring members of Direct Hit! and Galactic Cannibal) stream debut EP “Eradicator”

Eradicator, a brand new punk band featuring three members of Direct Hit! (Nick Woods, Danny Walkowiak, and Steve Maury) and a member of Galactic Cannibal (Andy Slania), are streaming their upcoming self-titled EP in its entirety.  If you are a fan of the members’ other bands, you’ll love this one, as it seems to be a perfect mix of those groups styles.  It’s got the anger and grit of Galactic Cannibal with the melody and catchiness of Direct Hit!, and some hardcore flair thrown in for good measure.  Give the EP a listen below.

The EP is set to be released in early October, but you can pre-order a copy here.