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Open City (hardcore, PA) Stream EP “City Of Ash”

Pennsylvania hardcore group Open City are allowing fans to stream their latest EP City Of Ash. It features two tracks of channelled rage from two of the members of Paint It Black amongst other established acts, and is the first music from the four-piece since their debut, self-titled LP this January.

You can check out City Of Ash below.

Avenues (pop punk, WI) Stream Demo of “Supersonic” from Forthcoming Album

Milwaukee-based pop punkers Avenues are streaming a rough cut of a track they’re featuring on a forthcoming record. “Supersonic” will appear on We’re All Doomed which will be released in spring 2018. The album will be the first collection of music from the group since their 2015 EP Creep Show

Fans can check out “Supersonic” below whilst they wait for the full album release.

The Anti-Bodies (punk, NY) Stream “Unholy Union” Split With Grim Deeds (punk, CA)

New York punks The Anti-Bodies have just put out a split with California four-piece Grim Deeds. The record features two tracks from either band and is appropriately titled Unholy Union. This one should satisfy all those who love that classic Ramones-style sound.

You can check it out in full below.

Ducking Punches (folk-punk) stream new track “Sobriety”

Norwich, UK based folk-punks Ducking Punches are streaming new track “Sobriety”. The song is taken from upcoming fourth album “Alamort”, out on February 16th via Xtra Mile.

You can have a listen to the track below.

Dead Trains (blues-punk) releases new single, “Big Fun”

Boston-based blues punk band Dead Trains are getting ready to release a new EP, and you can now check out the title track, “Big Fun,” below. The title is appropriate for the speedy, just-this-side-of-manic tempo that would make even the most curmudgeonly among us have fun.

Dead Trains will release the Big Fun EP on November 27th with a show at Great Scott in Boston.  They plan to tour in February, so stay tuned to Dying Scene for more info on that.

CLCKWS (hardcore) drops debut EP ‘Counter Clockwise’

Belgian hardcore act CLCKWS just dropped it debut EP. The 8 song long banger ‘Counter Clockwise’ is immediately available for purchase through Nosebleed Records. Definitely check it out if you like the faster stuff!

Give ‘Counter Clockwise’ a spin below.

QWAM premieres debut single ‘Doggie Door’

Brooklyn based punk act QWAM premiered its very first single ever. The dance floor rager ‘Doggie door’ immediately gives you a good idea of what the band is all about: fun and highly energetic punk rock earworms that get stuck in your head fast.

QWAM’s debut EP ‘Feed Me’ will be out January 19th. Definitely a new band we can’t wait to hear more of.

Check out ‘Doggie Door’ below now.

The Desperation (Australia) releases new single, “No More Sad Songs”

One man band The Desperation has released “No More Sad Songs,” a song about social anxiety, something I totally cannot relate to as I sit in a studio apartment wrapped in a blanket, hanging out with two cats and watching someone else play video games on the intarwebs on one of the biggest bar nights of the year. Yep, totally not feeling this one.

You can check out the video or the stream of the song below. The video is amazing because he goes for nearly four minutes outdoors in Australia without some kind of horrifying spider or angry koala brutally murdering the shit out of him while he sings at a puppet. Definitely worth a look.

Circles (Hardcore) stream new album “Demo 2017”

French hardcore band Circles have just released their new album, “Demo 2017” off CanISay Records.

Check it out below.

The Dwarves stream new song “Forget me not”

Legendary punks, The Dwarves, are streaming a new song! Check out “Forget Me Not” below.

The song comes off their upcoming album “Take Back the Night”, due out in February of 2018 via Burger Records.

Blink-182’s “Dumpweed” covered in the style of The 1975

We Are The In Crowd’s Cameron Hurley is back at it, releasing a cover of Blink-182’s “Dumpweed” in the style of the 1975. Check it out below.

This is definitely not going to work stylistically for everyone. It’s uh, interesting, to say the least.

The Wraith (Hardcore) stream new song “Prevail”

California hardcore act, The Wraith, have put out a new song on their Bandcamp called “Prevail”. Check it out below!

The Wraith last released their EP “Shadow Flag” this past January.

The Bronx announce reissue(s) of their albums I, II, and III

California punks, The Bronx, have announced that they will be reissuing their albums I, II, and III but this time on Vinyl. This is following the release of their recent album V, which came out in September off ATO Records

You can catch them at a show this December, dates can be found below.

Weird Al Yankovic covers “Beat On The Brat” by The Ramones

Here’s something cool I didn’t think I’d be writing about today.  You can now listen to the wonderful Weird Al Yankovic’s version of The Ramones classic song “Beat On The Brat.”  The song comes from the upcoming compilation album Dr. Demento Covered In Punk, and unlike most of Yankovic’s other songs, this one is not a parody but a straight up cover.  And it’s a really, really good cover at that.  Check it out below!

No End In Sight stream new album “Faded Memories”

Montreal punks No End In Sight are streaming their new album Faded Memories in its entirety.

You can give it a listen below.

Faded Memories was released on November 20th, 2017 via Morning Wood Records.