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The Bronx announce reissue(s) of their albums I, II, and III

California punks, The Bronx, have announced that they will be reissuing their albums I, II, and III but this time on Vinyl. This is following the release of their recent album V, which came out in September off ATO Records

You can catch them at a show this December, dates can be found below.

The Bronx streaming new album “V”

The Bronx‘s new album V was released today through ATO Records, and is now available to stream. You can listen to the album in its entirety below.

This is the band’s first LP in four years, following 2013’s IV.

Music Video: The Bronx – “Two Birds”

The Bronx have released a music video for their recent single “Two Birds”, taken from their upcoming album V. You can watch the video below.

is set to be released on September 22nd via ATO Records.

The Bronx stream new track, announce tour dates

The Bronx have released another new song from their upcoming album, V.

You can give a listen to ‘Two Birds,” as well as check out some of the bands’ upcoming tour dates below.

is set to be released on September 22nd via ATO Records.

The Bronx stream new track “Sore Throat”

The Bronx have released a video for new track “Sore Throat”. The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album, “V”, out September 22nd on ATO Records. The track coincides with pre-orders going up too.

You can listen to the track below.

Dave Hause and the Mermaid announce upcoming tours with The Bronx, Frank Iero and the Patience

As you may have learned in our recent lengthy interview with Philly-turned-Californian songwriter Dave Hause, it’s fixing to be a pretty busy year for him and his new backing band, The Mermaid (which features, among others, his brother Tim on guitars and Jay Bentley’s son Miles on bass). Today, we’re getting a peak at just what that entails.

Hause will kick off a few weeks of mostly Canadian tour dates on a co-headlining tour with The Bronx in Vancouver on April 4th. That run extends through April 15th in Ottawa, at which time the band will head south and join up with Frank Iero and the Patience in Brooklyn on April 18th for a US tour that runs until May 11th in San Francisco. Check out full details of all of the band’s aforementioned tour dates below.

Hause is touring in support of his stellar third full-length, “Bury Me In Philly,” which was released last Friday (February 3rd) on Rise Records.

Episode 48 | Dying Scene Radio – Feat. Matt Caughthran (The Bronx/Mariachi El Bronx)

This week on Dying Scene RadioBobby Pickles is joined by Elena Venetia, who slept in until 3 in the afternoon (2 hours past recording time), and “Piazzo the Clown” (Matthew Piazza), who hates that moniker with the utmost intensity. Chris Fox (Vampirates/Boss’ Daughter) and Jesse Williams (The Randy Savages) eventually wake up to join the conversation, too. BAND SPOTLIGHT: Elena interviews Matt Caughthran, vocalist of the Los Angeles punk band, The Bronx, and alter ego mariachi group,Mariachi El Bronx, at Punk Rock Bowling (Asbury Park, NJ).  Plus, new music by Sum 41,Mikey Erg, and The Bouncing Souls.

Here all the incessant blathering, latest headlines and music BELOW!

The Bronx and Mariachi El Bronx announce December UK Shows

LA-based punk band The Bronx and their alter egos Mariachi El Bronx will be heading to the UK this December to play a couple of shows.  They will spend two nights in Manchester and two nights in London, with The Bronx headlining one night, and Mariachi El Bronx headlining the other.

Check out the dates and locations below.

The Bronx last released “IV” on February 6th, 2013 via ATO/White Drugs.  Mariachi El Bronx released “III” last November via ATO Records.

Full Album Stream: Mariachi El Bronx – “III”

Mariachi El Bronx, the ‘south-of-the-border’ alter-ego of LA punk outfit The Bronx, are streaming their forthcoming album, III, in its entirety. Check it out here.

III is due out next Tuesday (November 4th) through White Drugs and ATO Records. It will be the band’s first release in 3 years, serving as a follow-up to 2011′s appropriately-titled II.

Basement Records to release 10 year anniversary reissue of Bullet Treatment’s “What More Do You Want?” EP

The fine folks over at Basement Records will be releasing a 10 year anniversary reissue of Bullet Treatment‘s “What More Do You Want?” EP on March 25th.

The reissue of this previously out-of-print release will feature completely remastered tracks, along with five bonus unreleased songs; all featuring Matt Caughthran from The Bronx on vocals

The band last released Ex-Breathers this past April, also through Basement Records.

DS Staff Picks – Top 10 Albums of 2013 (Lauren Mills)

What’s up? My name’s Lauren and I have been lucky enough to write for DyngScene for three years. I don’t have anything fancy to say, but below are my top 10 favorite albums of 2013. I’ll try not to disappoint you as much as some other things may have this year.

The Bronx release music video for “The Unholy Hand”

LA-based punk band The Bronx have posted the music video for their song “The Unholy Hand.”

You can watch it here.

The Bronx’s latest release “IV” came out February 6th via ATO/White Drugs.

Free Song Download: The Bronx – “4th Of July” (Dave Alvin cover)

LA-based punk band The Bronx are offering a free download of their cover of Dave Alvin’s “4th Of July.”

You can stream / download it here.

The Bronx’s latest release “IV” came out February 6th via ATO/White Drugs.

Photo Gallery: Bad Religion, The Bronx, and Polar Bear Club at Congress Theatre in Chicago

Click any of the images below to check out a photo gallery taken from Bad Religion’s Chicago stop of their current tour in support of their latest album “True North,” with The Bronx and Polar Bear Club. The shots were taken by contributing DS photographer June Whitehorse.

You can also check out our pre-show interview with Bad Religion here. “True North” dropped on January 22nd via Epitaph. Check out the remaining dates on the tour here.

DS Show Review/Photo Gallery: Bad Religion and The Bronx at House of Blues Boston (3/28/13)

I’ve got a confession to make. When last I saw Bad Religion (May of 1998 at the legendary Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA), I assumed it was the last time I’d see them. The show then was decent, yet underwhelming. Admittedly not a fan of the band’s 1998 No Substance album (or its 2000 follow-up The New America), I assumed my time as a Bad Religion fan had come and gone. It was sad, really, since BR was the band that birthed my love punk music earlier in the decade. But all good things must come to an end, or so I thought.

I was dead wrong.

The arrival of Brooks Wackerman just over a decade ago ushered in what has become my favorite period of the Bad Religion era. The early years obviously stood to build Bad Religion’s legacy as one of the most important acts in the punk rock hierarchy. The last decade has demonstrated their staying power, proving that a punk band can be just as vital in its fourth decade as it was in its first. A series of life events popped up, keeping me from seeing Bad Religion in any of their Boston stops over the last several years. It looked like that might happen again this time, but things broke the right way, allowing me to catch the Boston stop on the band’s True North tour. I left kicking myself, not for having attended this show, but for not catching them in recent years. Bad Religion are truly a ‘can’t miss’ band.

The punk rock gods may have prevented me from catching a Polar Bear Club opening slot for a record third time (mea culpa, guys…really, I WILL catch a PBC show someday), but they did at least allow allow me to witness a blistering set from The Bronx. While I was one of the many who were beyond stoked to catch Against Me! in their previously-announced opening spot, I can also be included on the list of those who were equally as stoked that The Bronx were added when AM! bailed for the most Spinal Tap of reasons.

The Bronx certainly did not disappoint, more than succeeding in their task of warming the crowd up for the headliner. The ‘pit’ seemed to be made up of a high volume of people who were familiar with the LA band’s catalog, prompting frontman Matt Caughthran to perform a song from the middle of the venue’s floor. Certainly not the first time this has been pulled off by the frontman of a hardcore band, though the combination of his corded microphone and a capacity (+/- 2400) crowd could have been met with disastrous consequences (that’s not me being a cautious old guy…just click the link). The Bronx made the most of their 45-minute set, cramming songs from all four of their self-titled albums in rapid-fire fashion (perhaps a little too rapid-fire for some of the older, long-time BR fans that were within earshot).

It would be easy to claim that touring band in its fourth decade was merely a money-making venture, a collection of virtual dinosaurs content to go through the motions, play the hits, and retire to the tour bus. Not Bad Religion. The touring five-piece came out swinging, kicking their  set off with “Past Is Dead” from their latest album, True North (released back in January on Epitaph), and proceeded to hammer through thirty songs (by my math) over the course of the next ninety minutes. It’s hyperbole to say that the band have never, in their thirty-four year history, sounded better. But it would be entirely accurate to say that on this night, Bad Religion sounded as fresh and as vital as they ever have.

I’ve argued for the better part of a decade that Brooks Wackerman reinvigorated the band, and is arguably as important to Bad Religion’s sound, both live and in-studio, as any drummer in punk. The man is an animal, no two ways about it. He and Jay Bentley (one of my favorite people in punk) worked in lockstep all night. Greg Hetson still bounds around his side of the stage in a manner that has been his trademark for thirty years. Brian Baker’s technically skilled leads still provide a certain amount of ferocity to the mix. And Greg Graffin, well, is Greg Graffin. In many ways, Graffin has seemingly relished the role of the anti-frontman, and was equal parts professorial and self-deprecating on this night.

Bad Religion’s set, and performance, served as a lesson to any and all doubters that they do, in fact, still have it. The set featured a great mix of songs from all (well, most) points of the band’s career, and the half-dozen-or-so songs from True North seemed right at home amidst the ’21st Century Digital Boys’ and the ‘Against The Grains’ and the ‘I Want To Conquer The Worlds’ that we’ve come to know and love and weave into our personal fabrics. “Epiphany” and “Vanity” and the couple songs from The Grey Race were welcome surprises, and I think the band knew that. More than anything, I took away an overwhelming sense that Bad Religion in 2013 are still having fun, even breaking into an impromptu cover of the classic Tom Petty song “Refuge”…twice. They still seem to genuinely enjoy bringing high-quality, high-intensity punk rock to the masses when they could have simply given up the ghost long ago. They continue to prove that while punk is nowhere near dead; while it may have gotten a little longer in the tooth, Bad Religion’s sound and message are just as important now as they were thirty years ago. Don’t miss them.

Check out the full Bronx/Bad Religion photo gallery here.