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Billy Bragg releases new single “Why We Build the Wall”

Folk-punk icon Billy Bragg has released a new single titled “Why We Build the Wall”. This is a cover of a track originally by American singer-songwriter Anais Mitchell.

You can give it a listen below.

Bragg’s latest studio album Tooth & Nail came out in 2013. He premiered another single titled “The Sleep of Reason” earlier this year.

Billy Bragg streaming new single “The Sleep of Reason”

Folk-punk icon Billy Bragg has released a new single titled “The Sleep of Reason”. He plans to release several more songs in the coming months, in addition to touring the US and Europe.

You can give the song a listen and check out his upcoming tour dates below.

Bragg’s latest studio album Tooth & Nail came out in 2013. He released a new book titled Roots, Radicals and Rockers last month.

Frank Turner takes the “Ice Bucket Challenge”

I’m sure most of you have friends who have posted videos on social media recently of them taking the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to raise ALS awareness.

Now, folk punk icon Frank Turner is joining in, and hoping to bring in more musicians, by nominating fellow singer-songwriter, Billy Bragg. Check out Turner’s video below.

A lot of musicians have already taken the challenge, including Katie Kaboom of The Mahones, who even made it onto The Today Show with her video.

Find out more about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge here.

Goodtime Boys stream Billy Bragg cover “Tank Park Salute”

The UK’s Goodtime Boys are streaming their cover of Venerable punk icon Billy Bragg‘s tune “Tank Park Salute.”

You can give it a listen below.

Things I Still Don’t Understand is set to be released on February 25th via Bridge Nine RecordsRain will follow on May 20th, also through Bridge Nine.

Billy Bragg posts video for “Handyman Blues”

Venerable punk icon Billy Bragg has posted a new video for his track “Handyman Blues.” The video features cameos from a number of British comedians, including Stewart Lee, Kevin Eldon, Phill Jupitus, Samuel West, Neil Morrissey, Ricky Grover, and Ross Noble.

Click here to check it out.

“Handyman Blues” comes from Bragg’s latest album, Tooth and Nail, which was released last March via Cooking Vinyl

Album Review: “Billy Bragg – Tooth & Nail”

One of the appealing things about Billy Bragg, outside of the rebel rousing, political lyrics or the catchy, well crafted songs, has always been that he’s just one guy. One guy with a guitar, something to say and a handful of songs. These days he rolls around with a handful of talented musicians backing him up, but they just fill out the sound, you strip them away, and it’s still just Billy and his guitar. Just like it was in the beginning, like it is on ‘Back To Basics.’ In fact the deluxe edition of his 2008 album ‘Mr. Love & Justice’ came with a second CD featuring all the same songs but without the backup band, just Billy and his distorted rhythm maker. It’s arguably better than the album proper.

Unfortunately, there’s no sign of a solo set with the new batch of tunes that make up ‘Tooth & Nail.’ Which is too bad, I was looking forward to the possibility when I heard the record announced.

The album opener ‘January Song’ does start off in a decidedly bare bones way though, with Billy singing just above a whisper and softly strumming a guitar. A tambourine can barely be heard in the back holding down the percussion duties.

‘No One Knows Nothing Anymore’ is a little more filled out, instrument-wise, and incorporates everything from slide guitar to honky tonk-y piano. There’s a deceptively lot going on in the song and it creates a beautiful wall of folky sound with rallying, protest lyrics (as usual) and a soft, chewy melody.

‘Handyman Blues’ is a love song and every Billy Bragg record has a handful of them. They’re nice, reflective, laidback amblers with an easy hook and a great deal of sincerity. Though, come to think of it, I can’t think of too many examples when Bragg didn’t sound sincere.

‘I Ain’t Got No Home’ is about the rapidity of the times and Bragg feeling left out of it all. Seeing things pass him by which look less and less familiar and perhaps finding comfort in retreating back into himself, into what he knows best and is most at ease with, a simple life.

A couple songs later, ‘Do Unto Others’ is a song about the bible and the wisdom in its teachings, delivered with Sunday School simplicity. It’s a nice sounding, slow song with some more of that slide guitar and piano Bragg seems to be especially fond of on this record. It’s also a little boring and would probably work best as a song for kids at church, which may have been Billy’s intention all along, I don’t know.

‘Over You’ picks up the slack though, delivering a catchy country toe tapper that would sound great over the end credits of an episode of ‘Justified.’

‘There Will Be A Reckoning’ is a great song with a punchier beat and lyrics that could’ve been lifted from 1987’s ‘Back To Basics’ record, while ‘Your Name On My Tongue’ features some gorgeous guitar work and wonderful interaction between guitar and piano, wrapping the notes of their tongues around each other in an impressive French kiss (I don’t know, I’m running out of ways to describe things, alright?)

‘Tomorrow’s Going To Be A Better Day’ is a nice way to end off a record, for reasons that the title of the song makes clear enough without my help.

Although every Billy Bragg record has had its soft spots since the very beginning, those songs have grown steadily more prominent on release of his that comes and goes. The punky, stripped down delivery and inventive distorted guitar work that defined his sound in the 80’s and at times even made him a dead ringer for Joe Strummer, has been replaced by a man and musician who, while I won’t go so far as to say is ‘wimping out,’ is at least shedding the more aggressive layers of the onion that is his sound. His lyrics are no less immediate or important to the things he feels passionate about and in many ways have actually changed very little in content or delivery over the years, they’re just delivered now with a softer touch. A caress rather than a slap, I guess.

‘Tooth & Nail’ is more a country record than a folk one. Something I think Billy wasn’t interested in leaving to interpretation considering the copious amounts of slide guitar and plinking and plunking ivory tickling. It’s not quite as good as ‘Mr. Love & Justice’ and I don’t know that anything he will do on his own will ever touch the stuff he did with Wilco, but current fans will eat it up and past ones will probably find some stuff to throw onto a playlist as well.

So does Billy Bragg even technically fall under the ‘folk punk’ banner these days? Technically, that is, musically, no, probably not. But in spirit, in message, in the hearts of many punks who have grown with him and never turned away, no matter the ever-growing ease of musical delivery, he will always be one of us. He just fits in nicely these days with those folk fest crowds as well. Hippies need a rally cry too.

4/5 Stars

Billy Bragg streams new album “Tooth and Nail”

Billy Bragg has launched a stream of his 2013 album which dropped today, “Tooth and Nail.”

This is his first release since his 2008 album, “Mr. Love and Justice.”

To stream “Tooth and Nail” in full, click here.

Video: Billy Bragg discusses upcoming album “Tooth And Nail”

Folk-punk icon Billy Bragg has released a video where he discusses his upcoming album “Tooth And Nail”. You can watch it here. The soundtrack is comprised of songs off the upcoming album.

“Tooth & Nail” is due March 18 via ANTI- Records, and will be Bragg’s tenth studio album.

Billy Bragg details “Tooth & Nail”, announces tour dates

Folk-punk icon Billy Bragg has officially detailed his upcoming tenth studio album, “Tooth & Nail.” To celebrate the announcement, Bragg has also unveiled his upcoming tour schedule. Check out the tracklist for “Tooth & Nail” and the towns Bragg will be visiting here.

“Tooth & Nail” is due March 18 via ANTI- Records, and will be Bragg’s tenth studio album.

Billy Bragg offers free download of new song “Handyman Blues”

Billy Bragg, one of the first “folk punkers”, has posted a free download of his new song, “Handyman Blues.” The song will appear on his upcoming new album, “Tooth & Nail”, which is due March 19th through ANTI- Records. Get your download here.

Bragg last released a compilation of previously released free songs called “Fight Songs”, which is available at his official website.

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip to support Frank Turner, Farida Guitars releasing signature Turner model

The unconventional hip-hop/electro duo Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip have been added to the April 2012 Wembley Arena show to form a strange yet awesome lineup with Frank Turner and Billy Bragg. More supporting acts will be announced in the coming weeks.

Additonally, Farida Guitars is releasing a limited run of Frank Turner signature acoustics, predicted to be one of the most sought-after new guitars of next year. For more information on that, click here.

Check out our recent photo gallery of Frank Turner performing with Andrew Jackson Jihad here.

Billy Bragg announces “Fight Songs” compilation and UK tour dates

Billy Bragg has been giving away free downloads of songs for 10 years and he’s decided to take all those songs and put them onto one compilation, which he has named “Fight Songs”.  The album also includes several songs he has written specifically for the compilation.

Bragg had this to say:

For much of the past 10 years, polemical songs have been met with indifference, but the times are changing and once again there is a need for songs with fight in them.

Bragg has also announced some UK tour dates set for November. The singer will hit up Edinburgh, London, and Bristol.

The compilation is only available through Bragg’s official website. You can check out the tracklisting, along with tour dates here.

Hate mail sender thinks Billy Bragg is a hypocrite, do you?

Someone has a little too much time on their hands… Telegraph reports that up to 30 anonymous pieces of hate mail have been delivered to residents of Burton Bradstock in Dorset England. The letters demand that they kick musician/ activist Billy Bragg out of  the village for being hypocritically living in a £1.5 million house despite holding socialist political views.

Billy Bragg believes the letters are the work of a disgruntled BNP supporter.

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His latest album, Mr. Love and Justice, was released on ANTI- Records in 2008.

Random Cover Song Thursday: Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards cover Billy Bragg – “To Have And To Have Not”

Cover songs are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.  We here at Dying Scene love hearing punk bands do their own take on other band’s songs.  Sometimes they pull off amazing interpretations of old classics, sometimes they’re not much more than humble tributes to a fellow artist, and other times they’re just downright laughable renditions of otherwise great songs.  Good or bad.  Intriguing or mundane.  We’ll let you be the judge.

This week we bring you Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards covering folk-punk legend Billy Bragg‘s To Have And To Have Not. You can check it out here. The song appears on the band’s 2001 self-titled release.

Last week’s random cover song can be heard here.

Rise Against headlining Bumbershoot 2010 Festival

Rise Against are headlining Seattle’s premiere Arts & Music Festival, Bumbershoot 2010. The other bands that are playing one of the other 6 stages are Billy Bragg, the Bouncing Souls, Motion City Soundtrack, and Seattle natives This Providence. You can check out the full list of confirmed bands here.
Bumbershoot is scheduled to take place September 4-6th in Seattle and will feature the best in music, film, comedy, spoken word, dance, theatre, performance, and visual arts. You can find more information on the Bumbershoot website.