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Asian Man Records streams “Asian Man Music for Asian Man People Vol. 2”

Asian Man Records‘ new compilation Asian Man Music for Asian Man People Vol. 2 comes out today. You can give it a listen below, and grab physical copies here.

Like Volume 1, this comp features 14 Asian Man Records artists (The Murderburgers, Kevin Seconds, Spraynard, etc.) covering songs by others who’ve released music through the label (Andrew Jackon Jihad, Alkaline Trio, MU330, etc.).

Spraynard (pop-punk) cover Strike Anywhere’s “Chalkline”

West Chester, PA pop-punk band Spraynard has dropped a video of their cover of Strike Anywhere‘s song “Chalkline”. The video also entails an interview with guitarist/vocalist Pat Graham and you can watch it below.

The band released their last album “Mable” in 2015.

Violent Soho and Spraynard announce upcomming split

Australian rockers Violent Soho, and West-Chester pop-punks Spraynard might not seem like the most likely of pairs, yet the two groups have just announced an upcoming split EP. The EP will contain two new songs from both bands, and is set for a digital release on October 16 via SideOneDummy, as well as a limited vinyl release.

Off With Their Heads add Spraynard and Lee Corey Oswald to fall tour

Minneapolis punks Off With Their Heads have added Spraynard and Lee Corey Oswald as support for their upcoming fall tour, which kicks off on October 4th in Chicago, Illinois.

If you missed the initial tour announcement, you can find all the dates and locations below.

Off With Their Heads released their latest full-length album Home in April of 2013 through Epitaph Records.

Album Review: Spraynard – “Mable”

Spraynard is the type of band a lot of people are going to call pop-punk. They’re not, but they have the same melodic sensibilities. At its heart its too weird, too adult to be labeled pop-anything. This is the kind of grownup pop punk we all call melodic punk and pretend is a different beast altogether. Spraynard sounds like an overweight and funny friend that wears thigh length shorts. Its post-hipster malaise given a voice through song. Like the guy with an ironic mustache and pop culture knowledge aplenty woke up as a twenty-nine year old with a bald spot and asked, “What the fuck am I doing with my life?” Mable is their latest album after a break, and it sounds like someone waking up as an adult after years of skateboarding and house shows and TV watching, realizing that they’re not a kid anymore and not the adult they want to be.

“Applebee’s Bar” might win my award for Most Evocative Title of the year. Its corporate and sad, rustically dressed and stuffed with blue-collar decor, and so far removed from authenticity. I wonder if the phrase is a self-deprecating shot at their own music. Catchy and melodic, with just enough of a confessional nature to be taken seriously. Does Spraynard think they’re posers at heart? “Applebee’s Bar” is filled with great couplet after great couplet, its opening of “I am every person that you’ve ever ignored, I am the flaming bag of dog shit on your porch” comes across almost as a self-loathing mission statement. Its the kind of lines that makes me hope that Spraynard isn’t just another Applebee’s bar, that it’s not just a sophisticated approximation of sincerity, that beneath the facade there is a real beating heart.

Mable is actually stuffed with a great tracks, and one of the best things about it is that they aren’t afraid to cover the self-deprecating material no one else will. How many punk rock songs have you heard from a male artist that talk about body shame? “Pond” isn’t afraid to go there. The best songs out there are the ones that cut through social standards and make you cringe, the ones that say something so personal that you almost wish it was left unsaid. Almost.

The musical element is never left behind in the mass of open sores, and it’s what make Mable transcend others of its type. Listen to “Bench” and its slow riffs that roll like crashing waves. The music is always in step with the lyrical content. Nothing feels out of place, it all works together to deliver a feeling and at the end, whether pretty or not, its as good as any painting of a sunset or a grove of trees, only louder.


Spraynard (pop-punk) release new video for “Buried”

Pennsylvania pop-punks Spraynard released a new album called Mable last week, and they now have a new video up for the track “Buried.”  You can check it out below.  The well-produced video shows lead singer Pat Graham bummin’ out at work, where he caters to a bunch of jerky customers.  But never fear–by the end of the video, punk saves the day as Graham defies his boss and plays a show at work.

Mable came out on July 10th via Jade Tree Records. Spraynard last released the 7-inch Bench in May.

Spraynard stream new album “Mable”

Pennsylvania punk trio Spraynard are streaming their upcoming full length album Mable in its entirety.

You can give it a listen here.

Mable is due out on July 10th via Jade Tree Records. Spraynard last released the 7-inch, Bench, in May.

Gnarwolves announce UK tour with Spraynard and Such Gold

Big news for Gnarwolves fans!

It might seem like the band just wrapped up their UK tour with The Smith Street Band, but they’ve already announced details of a follow up run. The bad news is that you’ve got to wait almost six months to wait! Their upcoming UK jaunt kicks off in Birmingham on December 8th and runs through December 18th in London. As a bonus, Spraynard and Such Gold will be tagging along for the right. The full flyer is up above, or you can check out the rundown below in text form.

Gnarwolves released their self-titled album on September 23, 2014 through Pure Noise Records.

Spraynard stream new song – “Everywhere”

Pennsylvania punk trio Spraynard are streaming another new track off their upcoming album. Listen to “Everywhere” below.

The song is track number five on the band’s soon-to-be-released album, Mable. That’s due out next month (July 10th) via Jade Tree Records. You can pre-order a copy of the album over here.

Spraynard last released the 7-inch, Bench, in May. You can also buy a copy of that here.

Spraynard stream new song “Applebee’s Bar”

Pennsylvania punks Spraynard are streaming a new song titled “Applebee’s Bar”, which you can listen to below. The song will appear on the band’s upcoming album, Mable.

Mable will be the band’s first album since their reunion, and their Jade Tree Records debut, and is set to be released June 10, 2015. You can pre-order the album here.

Spraynard details upcoming LP “Mable”

Pennsylvania punks Spraynard are keeping themselves quite busy in 2015, including work on a new album. The band has just released details surrounding the new work, which is entitled “Mable”.

The album will be the band’s Jade Tree Records debut, which is set to be released June 10th. You can pre-order the album here. Check out album artwork above, and track list below.

Spraynard have also added a few shows to their tour schedule. Check out the updated list of dates/locations here.

Spraynard announce more spring tour dates and new 7-inch, stream new song – “Bench”

Pennsylvania punks Spraynard are keeping themselves quite busy in 2015, including work on a new album. Now we’re hearing a bit of what that album will sound like, with a new song, “Bench.” Listen below.

The song will be on the band’s Jade Tree Records debut, on which we still don’t have any details. But first, the track will be on their new 7-inch, Bench. That’s due out May 19th via Jade Tree, and you can pre-order it right here.

Spraynard have also added a few shows to their tour schedule. Check out the updated list of dates/locations below the music.

Iron Chic/Spraynard announce tour dates surrounding One Last Party

Long Island punks Iron Chic and Pennsylvania punks Spraynard are packing up the van (and just one drummer, apparently) to play a string of shows together in May. Check out the dates & locations of said shows below.

The shows are leading up to, and running away from One Last Party, a pretty sick music festival in Minneapolis, featuring The Copyrights, Direct Hit!, The Dopamines, Lipstick Homicide, Mikey Erg, and The Slow Death, just to name a few. Find out more information about that show right here.

Iron Chic’s sophomore album, The Constant One, was released on November 5, 2013 on Bridge Nine Records. Spraynard last released The Mark, Tom and Patrick Show on May 29, 2014 via Asian Man Records.

Spraynard announces signing with Jade Tree; tour dates

Pennsylvania punks Spraynard have just signed with Jade Tree, and announced they’ll be doing a set of East Coast shows this spring. Check those dates out below.

The group just released a new song called “Haulin’ Oats,” which you can check out here. The track is their contribution for Lame-O Records 6-way split, Strength in Weakness, which features Modern Baseball, Beach Slang, Marietta, The Weaks and Hurry. The album benefits United Cerebral Palsy and you can order it here.

Spraynard streams new song “Haulin’ Oats”

Pennsylvania punks Spraynard are streaming a new song called “Haulin’ Oats,” which you can check out here.

This song is the group’s contribution Lame-O Records 6-way split “Strength in Weakness,” which benefits United Cerebral Palsy. The album has a set release date of February 3rd and you can pre-order it here.