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Faintest Idea release music video for “Ouroboros”

UK ska-core outfit Faintest Idea have released a music video for “Ouroboros,” which is taken from their latest album Increasing the Minimum Rage. Check it out below.

Increasing the Minimum Rage came out in April, 2016 through TNS Records. It’s the band’s fourth full-length, following 2012’s The Voice of Treason.

TNSrecords announces 2017 UK tour (Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man)

UK label TNSrecords has announced a 2017 UK tour, featuring Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, Roughneck Riot, and Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man. Check out the dates/locations, along with the full tour poster below.

Speaking about the tour, Bev and Andy from TNS say, “We wanted to put together a lineup that showcased the diverse range of sounds on the label (and in the DIY punk rock scene in general). We also wanted to bring together a lineup of some of the bands we have been working with for many years and who are some of the most active bands in the DIY scene right now. These bands are all involved in booking their own gigs and supporting DIY music alongside their own live commitments.”

If you’re heading out to one of these shows, make sure you get there early (as you always should to shows), because the order of bands for each show won’t be announced until the night of the show. The move is meant to encourage everyone to show up to watch all the bands play, and I for one love the idea.

Manchester Punk Fest releases free compilation (Belvedere, Faintest Idea & more)

The organizers of Manchester Punk Festival have released a free compilation to hype up the 2017 installment of the British punk festival. The comp features songs by some of the bands playing the fest, including Belvedere, The Living Daylights, Faintest Idea, Larrakia, and more.

You can listen to the compilation below, and download it for free on Bandcamp.

Manchester Punk Festival takes place April 20-22 in Manchester, England. For additional information, tickets, etc., check out the festival website.

Manchester Punk Fest (UK) team release new compilation

Ok, so it’s already April and with Manchester Punk Festival right around the corner you’d be forgiven for thinking that the team behind one of the UK’s biggest dedicated punk rock festivals would be a little lazy on the monthly compilation front. This is far from the case, however, and April sees the eighth and final installment available online. Featuring the likes of Fair Do’s, LuvDump and Faintest Idea the collection of tracks is guaranteed to get you psyched and should provide perfect accompaniment to the car/train journey come the 21st. Top work again guys!

Faintest Idea (Ska-punk) release video for “Cocktails”

Faintest Idea (UK ska-punk) have released a video for their song “Cocktails” from their upcoming record “Increasing The Minimum Rage.” You can view the video below.

Faintest Idea release music video and free download for new song “Circling the Drain”

UK ska-core outfit Faintest Idea have released the music video for their song “Circling the Drain.”

You can check it out below.

Their new album “Increasing The Minimum Rage” is due out April 1, 2016 out on TNS Records. The song is available for free download through Bandcamp.

Faintest Idea (ska, UK) announce release date and supporting tour for new record “Increasing The Minimum Rage”

UK ska-core outfit Faintest Idea have announced April 1st, 2016 as the release date for their much anticipated album “Increasing The Minimum Rage” out on TNS Records. To help support the release the band have also planned a short stint of tour dates around the UK. Details of the tour can be viewed below.

I managed to have a brief listen to a pre-release copy of the record whilst writing this news feature up and it’s everything you’d expect from Faintest Idea. It’s raw, powerful, laden with great brass hooks and super-polictically charged anthems which will likely excite fans of crack-rock bands such as Leftover Crack as much as it will more traditional ska bands and even UK street-punk listeners. It’s a great release from one of the biggest purveyors of ska-core that the UK currently has to offer and features guest performances from the likes of Vic Ruggiero (The Slackers) and Sean Howe (Random Hand).

Speaking about the new release the band had the following to say:

“The new record sounds heavier both musically and lyrically than our previous releases. With free market capitalism still rampant things don’t look too great for the younger generation. The album is a reflection of the time we find ourselves in, it is the sound of people trying to keep hope in a seemingly bleak future.”

A teaser track “Circling The Drain” can be listened to below.

Faintest Idea release track “Mutial Aid” performed with new lineup, announce European tour dates

UK ska-punks Faintest Idea have just released a new version of their song “Mutual Aid” which features the band’s newest lineup, for free download. You can check it out below.

In addition to new music, the band has just announced a string of European tour dates which can also be viewed below. “Mutual Aid” is off the band’s last album “The Voice Of Treason” which was released in 2012.

Roughneck Riot announce German tour with Faintest Idea and Sammy H. Stephens

Warrington folk-punkers The Roughneck Riot have announced some tour dates with Faintest Idea and Sammy H. Stephens that will take them through Germany in February.

Check out the full list of dates and locations below.

The Roughneck Riot released their new album Out of Anger in October via TNS Records.

Faintest Idea announce Russian tour dates

UK ska-punks Faintest Idea will be embarking on a 2-week Russian tour this Friday, June 27th. Details on when and where they’ll be stopping can be found below.

Faintest Idea’s latest album The Voice of Treason was released in 2012 through TNS Records. Head over to their Bandcamp if you’d like to give it a listen and/or pick up a copy.

Music Video: Faintest Idea – “Youth”

UK Ska-Punk band Faintest Idea have just released a new video for their song “Youth” and you can check it out right here.

The song will appear on their upcoming release ‘The Voice of Treason”‘, out on TNSrecords later this summer.

Faintest Idea (ska-punk) release music video for “Bull In A China Shop” off upcoming album

UK Ska-Punk band Faintest Idea have just released a new video for their song “Bull In A China Shop” and you can check it out right here.

The song will appear on their upcoming release ‘The Voice of Treason”‘, out on TNSrecords later this summer.