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Skinny Lister premiere music video for song “Injuries”, announce US tour with Flogging Molly

London rockers Skinny Lister have premiered a new music video for their song, “Injuries.” The song is one off of the group’s most recent album, The Devil, The Heart & The Fight. Along with the video comes the announcement of a US tour. The band will support Flogging Molly on their upcoming spring tour from March 21st – April 1st, with headlining dates in New York City and Washington DC as well. You can check the video and the full list of dates and locations for the tour out below.

The Devil, The Heart & The Fight was released in 2016 through Xtra Mile Recordings and served as a follow-up to their 2015 album, Down On Deptford Broadway.

New Music: Skinny Lister stream “Wanted” off upcoming full-length, “The Devil, The Heart & The Fight”

UK-based folk rock band Skinny Lister have announced plans for their third full-length studio album. It’s called “The Devil, The Heart & The Fight,” and it’s due out September 30th via Xtra Mile Recordings. The album was recording only a few short months ago and was written primarily on the road with the likes of labelmate Frank Turner.

To whet your appetite for their ever-evolving sound, the sextet are streaming the lead single, “Wanted.” Check it out below!

“The Devil, The Heart & The Fight” serves as follow-up to the band’s 2014 stellar sophomore release, “Down on Deptford Broadway.” Pre-orders for the new release are available right here.

Xtra Mile Recordings announces Spring 2016 tour with Skinny Lister

Xtra Mile Recordings has announced a tour for Skinny Lister with support from Beans On Toast and Will Varley. The first date (in Gainesville, FL) also features Frank Turner. The tour hits the Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise before making the rounds on the Eastern seaboard.

You can check the show poster with dates, above.

Skinny Lister premieres new video for “Six Whiskies” off most recent album

Indie-folk group Skinny Lister premiered a video for their song “Six Whiskies” today. The song is their single off their 2014 album “Down on Deptford Broadway”.

You can check the video out below, as well their current UK tour dates with Frank Turner (hurry up, half of them are sold out!).

DS Photo Gallery: Frank Turner at Newbury Comics and House of Blues, Boston, MA (9/26/15)

It’s a bit strange to view an event that takes place four thousand nautical miles as the crow flies away from an artist’s stomping grounds as a “homecoming” of sorts, but that’s essentially what it feels like when Frank Turner plays Boston nowadays. Now a decade-plus into his post-Million Dead solo career, the English folk/singer-songwriter has now got somewhere in the neighborhood of two-dozen shows under his belt in the greater Boston area. Those shows have run the “all shapes and sizes” gamut, from a drunken singalong at McGreevy’s (the bar owned by Dropkick Murphys founder and bassist Ken Casey)  to a high-energy set amongst 18,000 people at last May’s Boston Calling festival to, most recently, a pair of marathon sold out full-band shows at the 2000+ capacity House Of Blues in support of his newest album, Positive Songs For Negative People (Xtra Mile Recordings / Interscope Records).

The second of those two shows was preceded by an in-store appearance at the Newbury Comics location across the river from Boston in Cambridge’s Harvard Square. To give you an indication of the scope of Turner’s popularity in his adopted hometown, the line to obtain wristbands to the performance stretched down the location’s steep, lengthy entrance way, well over a hundred people deep…four hours before the man himself was actually due to arrive. Due to the frequently awkward setups amidst rows of media or, increasingly, Minecraft and Bob’s Burgers paraphernalia, in-store record shop appearances can be a bit of a idea that’s better in theory than in practice. Still, the enthusiastic capacity crowd for this particular event made the decent-enough layout all the more manageable. Turner started the performance with “The Next Storm,” the lead single off his latest album, and worked backwards through his catalog in one-song-per-release fashion opting for some deeper cuts rather than playing “Photosynthesis” for the 1736th time (that would come later in the evening). Ever the storyteller, Turner remained on site for a considerable time after the six-song performance, signing albums, shaking hands, hugging babies (well, a few toddlers and at least one seven-year-old) in a disarming manner that has a way of engaging even the most casual of fans. (Also, given that I’m tall and inherently mindful of that in crowded spaces, I hung way back, meaning that my better-half was on picture-taking duty for the occasion.)

The virtual homecoming party continued back in Boston proper several hours later at the House of Blues on Lansdowne Street, an occurrence made ever the more chaotic by the fact that the struggling-yet-recently-encouraging Red Sox were playing at Fenway Park which, for the out-of-towners, is directly across the too-narrow street. Turner kicked his nearly two-hour-long set off with “Get Better,” the lead single from Positive Songs For Negative People. While obviously a new track, “Get Better” has proven to be an instant crowd favorite. The twenty-two song main set included a healthy dose of PS4NP to be sure, but did a pretty solid job of keeping old-school fans and more recent converts happy (“Song Of Liberty” and “Dan’s Song” had found their respective ways out of most Turner setlists in recent years, but both made appearances on this night). It takes an unique type of performer to engage 150 people at an in-store and 2200 people at a sold out concert hall in similar fashion, but Turner seems to have it all figured out, weaving between stripped down acoustic numbers (if “Josh’s Song” doesn’t punch you in the stomach every time, you have no soul) one moment and leaving the instrumentation to his stellar Sleeping Souls bandmates (Ben Lloyd on guitar, Tarrant Anderson on bass, Matt Nasir on piano and mandolin, and the ever-so-gentlemanly Nigel Powell behind the drumkit) allowing him to draw from his hardcore frontman days the next.

Hard-working, and hard-playing, six-piece UK folk act Skinny Lister provided direct support on this night, as they’ll do for the duration of Turner’s six-week tour. At least in these parts, Skinny Lister have developed a well-deserved reputation for providing exactly the type of high-energy set that is capable of not only warming a crowd for an opener such as Turner (or the Dropkick Murphys, or Flogging Molly, as they’ve done on multiple occasions) but of earning their own legion of converts. It’s tough to really boil down a Skinny Lister performance into a few hundred words: equal parts English folk music, sea shanty, and rum-soaked singalong. The 45-minute set included three separate band member crowd surfing appearances, including Michael Camino, who seems to have perfected the art of crowd surfing while playing the double bass without killing himself or anyone else. It really is a sight to behold, as is singer Lorna Davis’ constant ball of motion.

Beans On Toast, the alter-ego of British singer-songwriter Jay McAllister, kicked the evening off almost promptly at 6:30pm, getting off to a brief false start for technical difficulty-related reasons. Beans On Toast is a criminally-underrated songwriter; honest, thought-provoking, witty and uncomfortably funny. He might not necessarily look the part, what with his oversized outfit and lack of shoes, and he may have been playing a slightly larger stage than he’s used to in these parts, but McAllister’s storytelling was quick to win over the Boston crowd which can be notoriously fickle (we’re not quite Philadelphia, but we can be close at times). McAllister and Turner are old chums (it was Beans On Toast that convinced Turner to play the acoustic guitar a decade ago), and the former even joined the latter’s set as dance instructor during “Recovery,” which, when typed out, seems like a “you had to be there moment.” There are still plenty of dates left on the Positive Songs For Negative People tour; do yourselves a favor and “be there.”

Check out our photo gallery below.

DS Interview: Skinny Lister on “Down on Deptford Broadway,” the US/UK folk punk scene, and much more

It probably goes without saying that one of the gigantic perks of a “job” like amateur punk music journalist is getting to discover brand new bands. Typically this happens by way of emails of links to Soundcloud or Bandcamp or Youtube pages, but bands tend to make the most impact when you can discover them live. Such is the case for Skinny Lister. Admittedly unfamiliar with them prior to their opening slot on Flogging Molly‘s Green 17 tour a couple of years ago, they were quick to win the audience (myself included) over with a captivating performance and an infectious energy (particularly on the part of co-frontpersons(?) Daniel Heptinstall and Lorna Thomas and the latter’s brother, Maxwell) that damn near matched the evening’s headliners. The sing-along heavy set (which featured some rather memorable crowd-surfing by the double bass player Michael Camino) ranks on the short list of best live performances I’ve had the privilege of witnessing.

The two years that have passed since that installment of Green 17 wrapped have featured the English pub rockers perform successful stints at SXSW and on the Vans Warped Tour, as well as a high profile opening slot on the road with Dropkick Murphys. Their sophomore album, Down on Deptford Broadway, is due out tomorrow (April 21st) on Xtra Mile Recordings, and is an enjoyable step forward from their debut, Forge & Flagon. We traded emails with singer/guitarist Daniel Heptinstall to chat about the new album, and the experiences entailed in making a fairly quick leap from English pub band to big-time, international tour life. Check our chat out below!

Skinny Lister release new song “This Is War”

London based folk band, Skinny Lister, has just released a new song “This Is War” which is featured off the upcoming album “Down On Deptford Broadway.” Check out “This Is War” below.

“Down On Deptford Broadway” will be released April 21st via Xtra Mile Recordings.

Skinny Lister signs to Xtra Mile Recordings, announce new album and release music video

London based folk band Skinny Lister have announced their upcoming album Down On Deptford Broadway will be released on April 21st via Xtra Mile Recordings.

The band has also released a music video for their song “Cathy,” which comes from the upcoming album.  Check it out below.

Skinny Lister last released Forge and Flagon in 2013 via SideOneDummy Records.

Show review: Skinny Lister plays Boston with Onward, Etc. and Barroom Heroes

Who wants to go to a show in Boston on a Monday night? A lot of people, apparently, if the bands playing are Skinny Lister, Onward, Etc., Barroom Heroes, and Alen of Dale. The sellout crowd at the Middle East in Cambridge was surprising, especially considering that Andrew Jackson Jihad was playing across town the same night. Nevertheless, the place was packed and these 4 bands were so deserving of it. What a great show!  Keep reading below.

DS Photo Gallery: Dropkick Murphys – St Patrick’s Day in Boston – Year 14 / Night 1

©Jo M. Wood Photography 2014Dropkick Murphys kicked off another round of Boston St. Patrick’s Day shows on March 14th.  Ken Casey said it best when he said, “Welcome to Night 1 of Year 14!”

This year’s celebration was kicked off by The Boston Stranglers, with their heavy riffs and their powerful screams. On second, from London, England was Skinny Lister.  They Made the House of Blues feel like you we’re in a pub in London, especially when Lorna passed a growler off the stage and into the crowd. Up next, Lucero hit the stage with a completely unique southern rock/gospel sound. Every time singer Ben Nichols sang a lyric you found yourself wanting to have a drink with him, especially we he sang a song about his late grandfather.

Finally the lights went down and Sinead O’Conner started to play. The Murphys hit the stage and opened with the “The Boys Are Back.”  Their set consisted of songs old and new, which was perfectly suited for every fan ranging from those that have been there from the beginning to those just discovering DKM. Check out our photo gallery below.

Dropkick Murphys extend spring tour

Dropkick Murphys have added a handful of U.S. dates to their already lengthy tour this spring with London folk punk act Skinny Lister and Tennessee cow punks Lucero. Take a look at all of the dates and locations here.

The band’s most recent release was “Signed And Sealed With Blood,” which came out last year through the band’s own label, Born & Bred Records.

Skinny Lister signs to SideOneDummy Records

London based folk band, Skinny Lister, has just been signed to SideOneDummy Records. Their previously released debut album “Forge and Flagon”, will now see a North American release date sometime in early 2013.

Check out the music video for their first single “Rollin’ Over” right here.

“Forge and Flagon” was originally released in Europe through Sunday Best Recordings on June 11, 2012.