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Colt 45 (UK pop punk) release video for new single “Reasons That You Never Smile”

Northern English pop punks Colt 45 have been releasing a series of 2 track singles throughout the year so far – and the latest offering has been given the video treatement. You can watch the video for “Reasons That You Never Smile” below.

All of the EPs released so far are up for free download from the band’s Bandcamp page.

Colt 45 and University of Cambria students release video for “What You See is What You Get” off of “Snakes and Ladders”

Cumbrain punk band Colt 45 has partnered with some University of Cumbria students to drop a way cool music video for their song “What You See is What You Get”.

The song comes off of their latest album “Snakes and Ladders” and you can watch it here.

The album came out this past April and is their latest release since their 2014 album “The Tide is Turning”.

Colt 45’s new album “Snakes and Ladders” is out today

Colt 45 has released their new album, Snakes and Ladders, on Visible Noise Records, and you can stream it here.

The band have also just been announced for several festivals, including the U.K.’s Camden Rocks Festival and Rebellion Festtival, plus a handful of smaller local events around their native Cumbria, including their EP launch show tonight at local music venue The Brickyard.

Colt 45’s most recent release was 2014’s The Tide is Turning.

Colt 45 streaming entire upcoming EP “Snakes & Ladders”

Cumbrian punks Colt 45 are gearing up to release their brand new EP Snakes & Ladders this Friday through Visible Noise Records. Today , the band made the entire thing available to stream.

You can give it a listen heck it out below.

The band recently released the single “I Remember When The Rain Came Down” off the upcoming EP, with all proceeds benefiting Cumbria Food Appeal. You can find that single here, and watch the music video for it here.

Snakes & Ladders will serve as a follow-up to their 2014 full-length The Tide is Turning, which was also released through Visible Noise.

EP Review: Colt 45 – “Snakes and Ladders”

Colt 45‘s 6 song E.P. Snakes and Ladders isn’t good and probably isn’t worth the 5 or 6 listens I gave it. It’s a boring formulaic pop-punk record with a certain Ataris emo feel, but none of  the songwriting talent of Kris Roe.

Choruses like “What you see is what you get,” or “All hell broke loose when you told the truth” are too basic for even the likes of Good Charlotte and should be buried and forgotten about, like the aforementioned bands career.
Then there is the song “Two Steps Back” which literally begins with “I was staring out the window.” What happened? Did “when I woke up” or “my love is like a mountain” feel too cliche? It’s like adding a death for shock value in the final chapter of a book, it’s just cheap and hokie.
Even the scene kids are too musically advanced to relate to lyrics like “I can forgive but I won’t forget anything just because you said you’re sorry doesn’t make things right.”
It just sounds like 2004 came to life and shat out a piece of crap meant to be consumed by the new generation of warped tour kid who is probably to musically intelligent to fall for this garbage.
Their implementation of vocal harmonies feels clunky and awkward, while their guitar riffs and drum raps just sound and feel recycled. I’ve heard this record a hundred times by 75 bands, most of which delivered it with more zeal and chutzpah than Colt 45.

Colt 45 announce new EP “Snakes & Ladders”

Cumbrian punks Colt 45 have announced that they will be releasing a brand new EP on April 29th, 2016. The EP, titled Snakes & Ladders, will be released through Visible Noise Records. The band recently released the single “I Remember When The Rain Came Down”  off the upcoming EP, with all proceeds going directly to the Cumbria Food Appeal. You can find that that single and find all the purchase information here. You can also watch the video for that song below.

This EP will serve as a follow-up to their 2014 full-length The Tide is Turning, which was also released through Visible Noise.

Colt 45 announce new album and tour

Cumbria-based punk band Colt 45 have announced that they are working on a new album titled The Tide is Turning, which is slated for a late May 2014 release. This will be the follow up to Coughing Up Confessions, released in 2013 on Visible Noise Records.

In addition, the band will be touring this spring and you can check out the dates below.

Colt 45 sign to Visible Noise, announce “Coughing Up Confessions”

Cumbria-based punk band Colt 45 have announced that they’ve signed to Visible Noise Records and will be releasing a new album. Well, they’ll be re-releasing their two EPs as an album, which will be titled “Coughing Up Confessions.”

The two EPs were titled “Chasing Yesterday” and “Inside the Triangle.” The re-release will drop November 4.

Colt 45 premiere video for “Happiness is a Dying Art”

Punk rockers Colt 45 have released a new video for their single “Happiness is a Dying Art.”  It features previously unseen tour footage ahead of their upcoming Big Cheese Presents tour (full list of dates here).  The band is also giving away their single “Happiness is a Dying Art” for free, the second release off their 2012 EP “Inside the Triangle.”

Give it a listen and get out to a show near you!

Colt 45 premiere new single “Happiness Is a Dying Art”

Cumbria-based punk band Colt 45 has premiered the second single from their 2012 EP, Inside the Triangle. The band will be offering the song as a free download when the video for the song is released on February 18th, but you can stream it right now here.