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Stacey Dee (Bad Cop/Bad Cop) is in the hospital and could use our help!

Well this is a bummer or rather sizable proportions.

The lovely and talented Stacey Dee, better known as one of the guitar-wielding co-frontwomen in Bad Cop/Bad Cop was just about to head out on the road for her first slew of solo acoustic dates alongside Off With Their Heads and One Week Records recording artist Seth Anderson for a jaunt that kicks off tomorrow (January 12th) in Asbury Park. If you follow Dee on social media, you’ll know that she’s been under the weather lately but had pledged to plow through in typical bad ass fashion and hit the road anyway. Unfortunately, according to a post from OWTH’s Ryan Young, Dee was suffering from an abscess of some sort that turned into sepsis and she’s now stuck in a hospital bed. Needless to say, she won’t be on the tour, and as such she’ll be without a source of income for the foreseeable future.

Being the awesome dude that is, Ryan has put all of Stacey’s tour shirts up on his Anxious and Angry webstore and is giving all the money to Dee as a way to help out. Head here to pick one – or all three – up (they’re pretty awesome!), and head here to see where you can show some love to OWTH and Seth Anderson on the road!

Off With Their Heads perform “Start Walking”, “Drive”, and “Nigel” on Live From The Rock Room

Minneapolis punks Off With Their Heads are the latest group to appear on Live From The Rock Room. They performed three songs – “Start Walking”, “Drive”, and “Nigel.” The 9-song session will be available on vinyl, courtesy of Asbestos Records, and will be on sale at The Fest Flea market this weekend (afterwards on the Asbestos Records website).

You can check the clip out below.

Live from the Rock Room is an ongoing webcast started by Smoking Popes drummer, Mike Felumlee, in which he has bands stop by his tiny studio just outside Chicago to play music and chat.

Off With Their Heads stop by Live! From the Rock Room, play “Come Find Me” + 2 others

Punk rock veterans Off With Their Heads recently stopped by to see the fine folks at Live! From the Rock Room and proceeded to rattle the walls, playing “Come Find Me,” “Eyes of Death” and “Jackie Lee.” This video is a good way to kill 10 minutes if you have 10 minutes that need to die.

The band was last heard on last year’s acoustic album Won’t Be Missed. Check out the Live! video below.

Dummerfest 2017 announces lineup

Milwaukee’s Dummerfest has announced its lineup for this year’s show. Held in June, 2017 the event will host: Off With Their HeadsNegative ApproachPEARS, TypesetterDirect Hit!Brokedowns, AvenuesThe Copyrights, plus many more who will be announced in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to get a ticket for the show, just visit the festival’s event page for all the necessary details.


Crusades (Canada) stream cover of Off With Their Heads track “Your Child Is Dead”

Canada’s Crusades are streaming their cover of the Off With Their Heads classic “Your Child Is Dead”. Their take on the track is a much slower and emotional affair and it can be enjoyed below.

The cover track comes on the back of Crusades’s latest release This is a Sickness and Sickness Will End, released earlier this year.

Lineups announced for Punk Rock Bowling (Las Vegas) club shows

As though you needed additional excuses to make the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, the lineups for the club shows should put you over the edge.

Roughly a dozen shows were announced, and the lineups include such varying acts as The Lawrence Arms (and a separate solo appearance by Brendan Kelly), Screw 32, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Vandals, Street Dogs, Off With Their Heads, The Menzingers, The Mr. T Experience, Hepcat, The Scandals and so many more. Head below for the full rundown.

A reminder that the just-announced club shows are in addition to the main festival shows that include Iggy Pop, Bad Religion, Cock Sparrer, and dozens more.

Check out the festival’s official website for all the details.

Off With Their Heads perform acoustic version of “Go On Git”

Minneapolis punks Off With Their Heads were recently guests on the Live from the Rock Room live sessions show and performed an acoustic version of their song “Go On Git.” The track is one off of their latest LP, Won’t Be Missed. You can watch the video below.

Won’t Be Missed was released on October 25th, 2016.

Off With Their Heads will headline Denver’s Don’t Panic! festival

The inaugural Don’t Panic! festival in Denver will take place on February 17th and 18th, and the lineup looks pretty good so far.  Off With Their Heads will headline the 2-day event, with support from Nobodys, Ray Rocket, The Windemeres, Allout Helter, and lots more.

The shows were organized locally as a “not for profit” music festival to showcase the best of Colorado’s music scene, plus national favorites like OWTH.  You can find tickets and more information here.


Video Interview: Off With Their Heads chat with Mike Felumlee (Smoking Popes) for Live From The Rock Room

Well here’s a pretty fun thing as your Monday evening winds down. If you haven’t been paying attention to Live From The Rock Room, it’s a project started by Smoking Popes drummer Mike Felumlee in which he has bands stop by his tiny studio just outside Chicago to record a few songs and chat for a while.

Ryan Young and “Nice John” Polydoros of Off With Their Heads recently stopped by and played a couple of the tracks from that band’s recent acoustic album, Won’t Be Missed. (Check out “Old Man” and “Clear The Air.”) Today, LFTRR posted their interview with the duo, and it’s as unexpectedly rad as you might expect. Check it out below.

Off With Their Heads recently wrapped the acoustic portion of their touring year. They do have a few remaining full-band dates that you can find below the aforementioned video.

Off With Their Heads to play benefit play in New York with Masked Intruder

Minneapolis punks Off With Their Heads have been extremely active recently. Between putting out an acoustic record, “Won’t Be Missed”, back in October, playing protests, and touring; I am surprised they sleep at all.

To top it all off, the band will be playing a benefit show with Masked Intruder, Bridge Under Fire, and Hope Is in New York’s The Vault on December 14th. They will be raising money for the Standing Rock water protectors; this is what they had to say:

“Off With Their Heads and Masked Intruder are teaming up to raise a little money for Standing Rock last night. Even though the pipeline construction has been halted, that doesn’t mean it’s the last of it. Don’t forget that Trump owns stock in the oil company and doesn’t seem to give a fuck about anyone but himself and twitter. I want to do out tiny little part to make sure Standing Rock is prepared for what comes next. Syracuse (Liverpool) NY, come and help out!”

They will also be on the road this December, check out some of the tour dates below.

Off With Their Heads’ latest studio album “Home” was released in 2013 through Epitaph Records and Masked Intruder’s EP “Love and Other Crimes” came out in July on Pure Noise Records.

DS Exclusive: Ryan Young (Off With Their Heads) on “Won’t Be Missed,” touring as an acoustic act, and the prospects of a Donald Trump presidency

On the eve of gigantic clusterfuck that was the recent US Presidential election, yours truly caught up with the one-and-only Ryan Young from his hotel room in Knoxville, Tennessee. For reasons that are personal and professional, I’ve long been an admirer of Ryan’s work both with Off With Their Heads and with the Anxious & Angry podcast and merchandise venture, and find his unabashed and unapologetic way talking about the hard and painful and uncomfortable shit that so many people have gone through is not just refreshing, but that it’s actually been more helpful at normalizing issues of mental health, substance abuse, etc.,than it’s gotten credit for. So when news of Young’s then-upcoming acoustic album, Won’t Be Missed, broke, it seemed the perfect opportunity to pick his brain and, honestly, to find out how he’s been.

The initial intent, obviously, was to discuss not just Won’t Be Missed, but to delve into the transition from an angry, loud, plugged-in four-piece to an angry, stripped down acoustic duo (“Nice John” is joining Young in the acoustic incarnation of Off With Their Heads). But let’s face it; by the time we actually touched base, it was the night before the country ended up electing the Personified Fart that is Donald J. Trump. Young had been touring through the South in the days leading up to that fateful day, and was presently holed up in said Knoxville hotel on an off day. Voting booths on the Eastern seaboard were about twelve hours from opening, and the general pall over the country, particularly those over those of us who care about people and about helping people get better and about looking out for each other, and who are concerned with the concept of general human decency, was just plain weird. Like, fucking shit tons of weird. To that end, you can probably guess where our conversation steered itself pretty quickly, although the two main threads (Young’s professional careers and the coming Trumpification of America) found themselves pretty interwoven pretty quickly.

I’m going to let the text of the interview speak for itself on this one, because in transcribing and editing it, I actually enjoyed reading it and watching how the conversation evolved. So without further adieu, head below to check out our discussion. Once you read all the way through, you’ll find OWTH’s upcoming tour dates at the bottom. Go hang out. And check out Won’t Be Missed right here while you’re at it.


Off With Their Heads stream new acoustic album “Won’t Be Missed”

Off With Their Heads have made their highly anticipated acoustic album Won’t Be Missed available to stream. You can check it out and find details on their upcoming acoustic tour below.

Won’t Be Missed is set to release on October 25th. It will be Off With Their Heads’ first venture into the acoustic world. The band’s latest studio album Home was released in 2013 through Epitaph Records.

Off With Their Heads stream acoustic version of “Old Man”

Off With Their Heads have premiered a fantastic acoustic version of their song “Old Man.” The original version of the track appeared on 2010’s In Desolation, and this stripped-down rendition is taken from their upcoming acoustic album Won’t Be Missed.

You can give the song a listen below.

Won’t Be Missed is set to release on October 25th. It will be Off With Their Heads’ first venture into the acoustic world. The band’s latest studio album Home was released in 2013 through Epitaph Records.

DS Photo Gallery: Riot Fest Chicago 2016 – Day 1 (NOFX, Refused, Off With Their Heads, The Specials and more)

We know you’ve been waiting patiently, boys and girls, but the wait is finally over!

Dying Scene was lucky enough to have boots on the ground at the Chicago installment of this year’s Riot Fest. We covered as much ground as we could, and chronicled some pretty intense performances throughout the course of the epic three-day festival. Today, we bring you coverage of day one, which included NOFX, The Specials, Refused, Off With Their Heads, and Dillinger Escape Plan. Check out our full gallery below, and stay tuned for coverage of days two and three in the very near future!


Off With Their Heads stream acoustic version of “Clear The Air”

Off With Their Heads have announced more details on their acoustic album and are sharing one of the tracks.  The album will be called Won’t Be Missed and will include acoustics versions of previously released Off With Their Heads songs.  It is set to be released on October 25th via Anxious And Angry.

The band is streaming the first track, “Clear The Air,” which you can check out here.

Off With Their Heads’ latest full-length album Home was released in 2013 through Epitaph Records.