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Darius Koski (folk, CA) announces full length “What Was Once Is By And Gone” and stream teaser track from it

Fat Wreck folk punk artist Darius Koski has announced that their latest full-length record will be released on November, 3, 2017. Entitled What Was Once Is By And Gone, the album will feature sixteen tracks of country music-style folk punk delivered by the Swingin’ Utters axe-man. To get fans excited for the release, Koski has posted a teaser track called “Because He’s Beautiful” that will make the final cut of the record.

You can check it out below.

Album Review: Darius Koski – “Sisu”

Darius Koski (of Swingin Utters and Filthy Thieving Bastards) follows in a long line of punk rockers turned singer-songwriters.  But where a lot of his contemporaries come out sounding like a punk playing folk songs, Darius fully embraces his folk and country influences.  The end result, Koski’s debut solo effort Sisu, feels like a fully realized folk album with a punk rock edge.

The first song “Fond Of, Lost To,” is a perfect introduction to the album, and to the style of Darius’ solo material.  Acoustic guitar chords truck along with brushed drum beats and standup bass, all behind another guitar playing a riff that you will likely be humming all day.  The vocal style is soft and earnest, with just a hint of grit, and the end result is as catchy as any Swingin Utters song.  This track also introduces a more country tinged sound than what you’ll find on a Filthy Thieving Bastards record, something that is found throughout the whole album.

Koski explores many ideas and experiments with many different sounds throughout the album.  “Listen!” uses slide guitar and harmonic backing vocals to give it a traditional country sound.  “The Sound of Waves” leaves the listener feeling like a trip to the beach is needed, while “Paper Tigers, Plastic Lions” will make you want to find a haunted carnival.  And while every song sounds different, the whole album still flows together.

Sisu has a lot of high points, but not every song really grabs my attention.  Songs like “Empty Thing” and “Contacts and Contracts” seem like filler and I feel like the album would still have been great, maybe even better, if a few songs were cut from the list.  They’re not bad songs, they just don’t seem to really add anything to what is laid out by stronger tracks like the ones mentioned above and “So Help Me.”

Overall, Sisu, is a strong debut album for Darius Koski as a solo act.  It showcases a lot of different styles and influences in the 15 tracks he has put together over the last decade. Fans of the Filthy Thieving Bastards will surely find something to love here, but any fan of country tinged folk punk would likely also enjoy this one.

4/5 Stars

DS Photo Gallery: Darius Koski record release show w/Ryan Davidson, Kemo Sabe, and Keyan Keihani Thee Parkside SF

I started my weekend off early last Thursday with the record release show for Darius Koski‘s brand new, debut solo full-length album entitled “Sisu”. Many may be familiar with Koski as longtime guitarist for famed punk band Swingin’ Utters, but what many may not know is that Koski’s musical influences are vast, and that some of the tracks from “Sisu” come from over a decade of songwriting.

Keyan Keihani was first to the stage, and gently prepared the crowd for a night of acoustic and folk. Keihani plays a soft, heartfelt mix of country, folk, and rock and it was a fitting opening act. His 2013 debut release “Eastbound” can be streamed here.

Kemo Sabe was next to warm the crowd – of which they made a quick affair. Stand up bass and ripping strings are the name of the game for this whiskey-filled trio. Fast folk-punk mixed with an energetic performance made for a stark contrast to the opener, and a bit unexpected…in a good way. There’s not much info out there on the band, but believe me I am hard at work scraping the bowels of the internet to get some more details.

I had never heard of Ryan Davidson before, but he’s friends with my friend Eric (of Camputee Press), so he was good in my book. While born and raised in Northern California, his songs definitely have a pronounced Irish/working class feel to them. I truly love the power that one voice and one acoustic guitar can have. Davidson’s emotions ooze out through his chords and his heart can be seen in his bellowing vocals. But it’s not all slow and reflective…just like classic pub-rock, there’s great hooks and tempo changes that propel you off your barstool. You can have a listen to some of Davidson’s tracks here.

The man of the hour, Darius Koski, was in rare form Thursday night. It was true delight to see Koski take the spotlight and shine. This is clearly not ‘punk’, and I’m not sure you can pin just one genre on “Sisu”. While many punk-turned-acoustic musicians may sometimes tend to get locked into the same style, Koski touches on Americana, roots, folk, country, rock, a touch of bluegrass, and more. His performance on Thursday was one man/one guitar, so many of the songs were a little more stripped-down, which was nice to see. “The Sound of Waves” was incredible to see live, to look at the passion in Koski’s eyes, and the awe of fans. But it was not all slow; “Howls from the Gale” and “Show Me The Way” kept the energy level up right til the end.

We are still streaming “Sisu” in its entirety, which you can listen to here.

Have a look at the complete photo gallery of the night’s performances below.

Darius Koski (Swingin’ Utters) announces debut solo album “Sisu,” streams new song “Listen!”

Swingin’ Utters guitarist Darius Koski has announced he will release his debut solo album Sisu on April 7th through Fat Wreck Chords. Here’s what he had to say about the record:

“The release of this record has got to be one of the highlights of my life so far. I’ve always written songs like this (in a genre other than punk rock), but the only outlet I’ve had for them has always been maybe a song or two on Utters, or Filthy Thieving Bastards records. I have a lot of material that’s just been sitting around for 25 years, with no outlet, and it’s been frustrating. None of the songs on “Sisu” are quite that old, but there are a few that I know I wrote around ’99. I’ve wanted to do this my whole life—I’ve always wanted to be a solo artist, so this really is a lifelong dream of mine. There are so many good vibes and strange positive energy in the last few sentences that now I think I’ve given myself a headache and need to drink some beers, to get back in my own head…”

Fat Wreck has already made a song from the album available for streaming. It’s titled “Listen!” and you can check it out below, alongside the tracklist for Sisu, and info on the solo tour Koski will be playing this April.