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We Were Sharks release video for “Stay”

Ottawa pop-punks We Were Sharks have released a music video for a new song titled “Stay”. The track’s taken from their upcoming album Lost Touch, and you can check it out below.

Lost Touch is set to release on February 23, 2018 through Victory Records.

We Were Sharks (pop-punk) sign to Victory Records

We Were KidsOttawa pop-punks We Were Sharks have signed to Victory Records. Guitarist Jason Mooney had this to say about the announcement:

“Growing up, the bands that stuck with us the most were bands from Victory, and now we get to be part of that family. I remember picking up (any) Victory release and inside you’d find a Victory DVD with the latest music videos. There was no YouTube or Spotify back then, this was your key to what was new and upcoming. It’s an honor to know that we’re part of a roster that has made a huge impact in the scene, and we hope that there’s a kid who finds us and feels as excited as we did when we found those bands.”

You can check out their latest music video for “Beyond Repair” below.

We Were Sharks detail new album ‘Lost Touch,’ release music video for “Beyond Repair”

We Were KidsOttawa pop-punks We Were Sharks have announced that they will release their new album Lost Touch on February 23, 2018 through Victory Records. They have released a music video for their new song “Beyond Repair.”

You can view the video and album details below.

We Were Sharks released their latest EP, Not a Chance on December 10, 2015 through Panic State Records.

Celebrate Shark Week with We Were Sharks’ acoustic version of “Bridge Burner” off upcoming “Not A Chance” LP

Ottawa pop-punks We Were Sharks are taking full advantage of “Shark Week” to let you know they will be reissuing their debut EP, Not a Chance, as an LP through Panic State Records. The release will feature 2 new tracks including an acoustic version of their song “Bridge Burner” which you can listen to below.

Singer Ra​​​​ndy Frobel had this to say about the song’s meaning:

“I wrote Bridge Burner about a person who came into my life who I thought I was a friend. Soon after, I found out I was just a stepping stone to help that person get to where they thought they need to be. I had heard lots of stories about this person beforehand but chose not to believe them. There is always two sides to the story and I felt that you should give someone a chance first. Boy was I wrong.

It wasn’t long after that everything started to change. I started seeing and hearing about stuff this person had said and stuff this person had done. Their whole personality had changed. It was all about them. They didn’t care about anyone else. Before I knew it, they were on to someone else who they thought could help them even more. As we sat down to start writing for “Not A Chance” I knew this was something that had to be addressed. I knew I couldn’t be the only one who’s experienced this. I wanted to write an anthem for all those people who have been stabbed in the back. Who have been used and taken advantage of.”

Pre-order the “Not A Chance” LP here.

Music Video: We Were Sharks – “How To Lose Your Cool”

Ottawa pop-punks We Were Sharks have released a video for their song “How To Lose Your Cool.”

You can check it out here.

“How To Lose Your Cool” comes from the bands latest EP, Not a Chance, which came out in December on Panic State Records.

EP Review: We Were Sharks – “Not A Chance”

Listening to We Were Sharks’ newest EP Not A Chance, I feel like a middle school/high school kid just getting into punk again.  The band effortlessly blends the super catchy, radio friendly pop punk of the early to mid-2000’s with the speed and aggression of 90’s skate punk.  Often times in the course of listening to a song, I went from cringing at certain parts, thinking “really, I used to listen to stuff like this regularly,” to bobbing my head along and getting caught up in the fast verses and catchy choruses.

Take lead track “Without You.”  After a speedy intro/first verse and melodic chorus, the second verse kicks in with a slower approach, essentially taking the same progression as the first verse but breaking it down with palm muted guitars as the singer laments about a relationship gone wrong.  In one of the lines, he calls his estranged lover “sweetie” in an obviously sarcastic manner, and something about the way he sings that part just makes me say “eww.”  But before long, they are back to the shredding, and I can’t help but want to move my body and finger-drum along on the closest hard surface.

Aside from a few cringe worthy moments though, there is no denying this a solid release by a talented band.  They’ve got plenty of divebombs, breakdowns, and pinch harmonics to keep recently converted hardcore kids and metalheads interested.  Their seamless blend of the pop-as-pop-can-be punk with all out speed is a great accomplishment.  I can see We Were Sharks being a bridge between punks who normally align themselves with certain subgenres that otherwise wouldn’t have much more in common than the fact that they both listen to some type of punk rock.

4/5 Stars

We Were Sharks releases video for “Say It Like You Mean It”

Ottawa pop-punks We Were Sharks are touring Canada right now with Harbour, and they just released a video for the song “Say  It Like You Mean It.”  If you can’t get to Canada for one of their upcoming shows, you should check out the video below and see some performance footage as well as more candid scenes.

The song is the 5th track on the band’s latest EP, Not a Chance, which came out in December on Panic State Records.

Catch 22 will headline Panic State Records’ 7th anniversary show

New Jersey-based punk label  Panic State Records is celebrating their 7th anniversary, and they will be celebrating January 23rd at the Starland Ballroom.  They recently announced that Jersey’s own ska band Catch 22 will headline the event.  The band also has a big anniversary this year, celebrating 20 years together.  They will perform their album Alone in a Crowd with original Catch 22 vocalist Jeff Davidson.

The show will also feature performances by World/Inferno Friendship SocietyRebuilder, and We Were Sharks.  If you want to pick up some tickets (and honestly, why wouldn’t you), you can find them here.


Harbour / We Were Sharks announce Canadian tour

Toronto/Ontario based pop-punk band Harbour has teamed up Ottawa’s We Were Sharks for a little winter Canadian tour in February.

Have a look at tour dates and locations below.

Harbour signed to Bullion Records in Japan at the end of 2014. The band last released their EP, “Grade School Summer, Last November”.

We Were Sharks just released their latest album “Not A Chance”, a couple weeks ago through Panic State Records, and is a follow-up to their debut album “Highways”.

We Were Sharks stream new song “Bridge Burner”

Ottawa pop-punk band We Were Sharks have released a lyric video for a new song titled “Bridge Burner.” The song will appear on the band’s upcoming EP, Not A Chance, and you can hear it below.

Not A Chance is slated for a December 11, 2015 release on Panic State Records and will serve as a follow up to the band’s self-released debut album, Highways.

We Were Sharks debut video for new song “Without You”

Ottawa pop-punk band We Were Sharks have released a video for their new song “Without You,” which will be on the band’s upcoming EP titled Not A Chance.

You can watch it below.

Not A Chance is slated for a December 11th release on Panic State Records and will serve as a follow up to the band’s self-released debut album, Highways.

We Were Sharks (pop punk) stream EP, release video

Ottawa pop-punk band We Were Sharks has a new 2-track EP out, and you can stream it below.  The first track, “Run for Cover,”  features Jordan Black of Like Pacific.

We Were Sharks also released a video for “Run for Cover,” and you can also check that out below.