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DS Photo Gallery: Dan Webb and the Spiders/Bundles Album Release Show (Boston, MA)

Dan Webb

A couple of yours truly’s favorite hometown bands recently teamed up to throw a record release party in honor of their new split 12-inch, and the result was one of the most enjoyable show-going experiences of the year in the local music scene.

The two bands of honor in this case were Dan Webb and the Spiders and Bundles. Their split, which you can still stream here, marks the first release on the American imprint (run by Webb himself) of German-based Gunner Records. The evening’s festivities took place at O’Brien’s Pub in Boston’s Allston neighborhood, a no-frills bar in one of the few no-frills neighborhoods left in an increasingly gentrifying city. O’Brien’s has long provided a dark, sweaty bastion for up-and-coming local and smaller national touring bands (shoutout to the great and terrible Ryan Agate), making it the perfect backdrop for the occasion.


The first band out of the chute on this particular evening was Birdwatching. For the uninitiated (as I was until showtime), Birdwatching are a local three-piece who, despite being a newcomer to the scene in ever sense, seem to have perfected the sort of lo-fi, odd-time signatured indie punk sound that’s been building over the last couple years. They’ve got an album release show of their own in a couple weeks that Bundles will actually be opening, a clear sign that Birdwatching aren’t going to be “up-and-coming” for very long.

Dan Webb and the Spiders

While they very easily could have been headlining this particular show, Dan Webb + The Spiders actually played second out of the four bands on the bill. As I’ve told you before, they’re a four-piece that grew out of a one-man project, and they grab you by the scruff of the neck and forces you to pay attention, with a sound that owes more than a little bit of inspiration to the heyday of punk-infused ’90′s garage rock. On the split that this show was celebrating, tracks like “”No Excuse” pay sonic homage to Brit-pop bands, while the band bring more of an uptempo banger vibe to “Odd Combinations” and a throwback Lemonheads vibe on “Running Around” and “Inside the Cage,” though only the former and latter tracks made it into the setlist on this occasion.

No Weather Talks

Germany’s No Weather Talks played third, and marked a pleasant surprise if ever there was one. I’d admittedly not heard them…or heard of them…prior to this occasion, but they made quick fans out of myself and many others in the crowd by midway through their first song. Playing entirely on gear borrowed from Webb and his cronies, the Hamburg-based five pieced play a surprisingly tight set of tunes that are sort of a modern rock take on a classic skate-punk sound. The only band listed on their Facebook page as an influence is Samiam, and I would go so far as to say that a No Weather Talks – Samiam comparison is entirely accurate, if Samiam were fronted by a dynamic female vocalist, in this case the captivating Faye Herr.


What can I say about Bundles that I haven’t said before? Hmmm…well…let’s see. The band consists of three dudes with questionable tastes in guitar tuners and facial hair and even more questionable penchants for quad-revealing short shorts. I kid. Not really. Well…kinda. Anyway, Bundles have become one of my favorite local live bands in relatively short order. While they band joked that they had no business closing a show after sets by the three bands that came before them, that speaks more to the strength of the bill than it does to their own prowess, as evidence by the way they plowed through their set in prototypical punk rock fashion. While the sound is still an intense version of post-hardcore, what has changed a little as the band has grown over the last year or so is the more toned-down points in some of the newer tracks (like “Welcome To The Rusty Nail” from the aforementioned split), proving that 1000mph isn’t always a necessity to get the point across.

Check out our full photo gallery from the evening below.


No Weather Talks (pop-punk) release music video for “Any City’s Song”

German pop-punks No Weather Talks have released a music video for their song “Any City’s Song,” and you can check it out below.

The band’s new album Undoing Defeat was released in June through Undoing Defeat through No Idea Records. Head over here to read our review of the LP.

Album Review: No Weather Talks – ‘Undoing Defeat’

No Weather Talks, the female fronted fivesome from Hamburg, Germany, has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Their success and recognition isn’t unfounded though, it’s the payoff that is spawned by being extremely busy in the short time they’ve been around. They released their first demo in 2012 and later that same year followed it up with a masterfully titled, five song EP, More Passion Less Paycheck. Since then, they’ve been extensively touring, predominantly in Europe but they have also dipped their toe in US waters playing at The Fest in Gainesville Florida a few times. In addition to that, they also released their second EP, Disintegrator in April of 2014. Now, just three  short years after inception, comes their debut full length album Undoing Defeat.

This album doesn’t deviate from the band’s familiar tone. The lyrics are acerbic and shine light on the ills of society like racism, misogyny and abuse of political power. But what sets them apart from others with a similar message is the packaging of that message. They have a wide variety of musical influence, from 90’s indie rock to contemporary post-punk and pop. Each of those contrasting influences can be found in different parts of their unique sound. The guitars draw mostly from post-punk, the drums provide a gritty, fast paced skate punk flare and Fraulein Fredrika Herr’s vocals take on a distinct 90’s, indie timbre (“Silent Scapegoats” highlights this aspect of her voice perfectly). While the sound doesn’t immediately illicit a punk music vibe, the message does and it weaves in just enough of that familiar sound that it can’t be called anything else.

“Solid” would probably be a the best adjective to describe the album. Where others might have highs and lows, hits and misses, this one is markedly cohesive from track one to track thirteen. While that is a good thing, it does leave you wanting a little more. There’s no track that stands out or excels above the others. It’s almost sewn up too nicely. So the consistency is awesome, especially for a newer band but branching out a little more and taking a couple chances could‘ve added a much needed extra layer to this otherwise superb first full length offering. My favorite tracks are the ones that have a bit more of the traditional Punk sound to them, especially “Shake It Off”, “Picture Perfect Propaganda” and “Road Rash” which they made a YouTube Video for. That shouldn’t take away from the others though. There is plenty of variety and quality from start to finish.

Currently, there’s only one track available to stream from the new album, however all of their previous albums are available to stream in their entirety on their Bandcamp Page. They’re also available for download, name-your-price! So go give them a listen and support them if you like what you hear!

3 / 5

No Weather Talks (pop-punk) announce new album, stream lead single “Any City’s Song”

German pop-punk act No Weather Talks have announced they will be releasing a new album titled Undoing Defeat on June 9th through No Idea Records (US) and Gunner Records (Europe).

You can check out the LP’s tracklist and stream its lead single “Any City’s Song” below.

Undoing Defeat will be No Weather Talks’ first full-length release. The band’s first three EPs can be heard on their Bandcamp page.