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Ivan Drago (skate punk, Australia) stream “Thanks for Coming Out”

Aussie skate punk unit Ivan Drago are allowing fans to stream their latest EP, Thanks For Coming Out. The release features seven tunes full of infectious guitar melodies, catchy, harmonious vocal lines, and the occasional shouty bit.

Thanks For Coming Out can be enjoyed in its entirety below and is the latest material from Ivan Drago since their 2015 debut self-titled full-length.

Introducing Skate Punk Act: Ivan Drago (FFO Frenzal Rhomb, Strike Twelve)

Australian. Catchy. Melodic. Fast. That’s Ivan Drago, a band formed by still active members of various Sydney area bands. Self described as “the band equivalent of waking up at 11am on a Wednesday, asking wearily “Where’s the fucking Berocca?”” Ivan Drago has taken their time writing their debut self-titled full-length and their patience has certainly paid off. There are contrasting styles, from catchy hooks to guitar solos, harmonies to more yelly stuff – there is something for everybody on this record (and perhaps everything for somebody). Give the album a listen below. ————-