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Album Review: Couple’s Fight – “There’s Someone Else”

Another Valentine’s Day gone by and another stellar release from the dysfunctional Phoenix-based duo Couple’s Fight, I certainly hope this is going to become a yearly tradition. While most American’s took the day to appreciate their significant other, x-romantic partners Alaynha Gabrielle and Travis James used the hallmark holiday to release six new blazing dis tracks aimed at each other.

For a basic idea of what this new E.P. Is like basically imagine dance punk duo Matt&kim with less production and if they hated every fiber of each others being. The new record, There’s Someone Else, like the first record, Breaking Up, is composed entirely of songs based on common couples squabbles, but this time the punchlines are punchier, the dance tracks are dancier, and Gabrielle’s big voice and creativity shine far brighter, which is most evident in her more stout jabs at Travis this time around.

For their new record the two piece takes on such romantic topics like the way a relationship changes for the negative in “The Way it used to be,” cheating in the tune “There’s Someone Else,” fighting in public in “Causing a Scene” and comparing one’s partner to their parents in “You’re Just Like with their tongue in cheek songwriting and upbeat danceable tracks.

One track that really stood out on the record was “Anything For Your (To Leave)” about the scary change that happens in a relationship when it goes from wanting to do anything for your partner to being willing to anything to get rid of them. The track is unlike the rest of the record because it features an acoustic guitar, and it almost sounds like it was more made for Travis James main project Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists.

The new Couple’s Fight record even brings the Alaynha and Travis to couple’s therapy with the love expert Dr. Andy Warpigs filling in the vocals of the therapist. What exactly did Dr. Warpigs prescribe for the ailing relationship? A full split of course … and by the way, he’s boning both of them.

All in all “There’s Someone Else” is a fun listen that really highlights the clever word-play of both Alaynha and Travis, and is a definite valentine’s punk classic. Oh, it’s also available for nothing on the bands Bandcamp right now.

3.5/5 Stars

Couples Fight release “There’s Someone Else”

Pop-punk duo Couples Fight released a new album called There’s Someone Else on Valentine’s Day, of all days. We can only assume that was done intentionally, because nothing says “I love you” like a musical chronicle of a  dysfunctional relationship.  You can check it out in all its synth-pop glory below.

The duo’s last release was last year’s Breaking Up.

Couples Fight Releases First Single Off Their New Album

Just two days after releasing a teaser video the dysfunctional duo of Alaynha Gabrielle and Travis James known as Couples Fight have released the first single and title track off their forthcoming E.P.There’s Someone else with a lyric video on youtube.  The Phoenix-based dance-punks lead song is an upbeat poppy ode to the feeling that one’s significant other is slipping away in favor of someone who is just a friend.

The universality of the experience mixed with the synthy dancey track makes the song almost dance-punk’s equivalent to the power ballad. Aiello and James really bring out the worst in each other so there is little doubt that the other five tunes on the record are going to be on par with their first offering. The full record is due out Valentine’s day and the group’s debut E.P. is posted on their Bandcamp page for free.

Check out “Couples Fight” below.

New band Couples Fight turns relationship arguments into cleverly composed “dance punk” songs

Here’s something I thought was kinda fun and worth sharing with you guys. Couples Fight is a new electro “dance punk” band comprised of Travis James (of punk act Travis James & the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists) and Travis’s ex girlfriend Alaynha Gabrielle. The duo of ex-partners sing through cleverly composed relationship arguments, turning them into fun, little danceable electro punk numbers. They just released their debut EP titled “Breaking Up” and if you’ve spent any amount of time in a relationship you will absolutely relate to every song on it. Steam it below.