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The Phosphorus Bombs (punk, Australia) stream second single “Hitchhiker” from forthcoming album “Cancers”

Aussie punk rockers The Phosphorus Bombs are streaming their second single from their forthcoming full-length Cancers. The latest tune from the band appears to be the opening number from their soon-to-be-released album, and you can listen to it below.

Cancers is set for release on July, 27, 2017 and will be the first material from The Phosphorus Bombs since their 2016 effort with EP Barricade.

The Phosphorus Bombs stream “We Remain” ahead of new LP “Cancers”

Aussie punks The Phosphorus Bombs are to release new album “Cancers” on July 27th. Full track listing and pre-orders are up now on Bandcamp.

You can stream advance track “We Remain” below.

April’s Hidden Gems of Bandcamp

Welfare Beer League

There’s nothing quite as sickening as the “kick to the gut” that is Tax Season. It’s a rare time of year where the poor get fined for not having enough money while the rich get tax breaks and corporate exemptions out the wazoo, almost like some sort of Orwellian Negaverse where all social rationality is reversed. If you’re a perturbed member of the proletariat who got pilfered by porcine politicians, don’t let it get you down. You know we got you! Our team has scoured Bandcamp for the best punk rock at the most affordable prices and returned with six lesser known acts that are sure to put a smile on your ears (ed: WTF, guys?). This one’s for all of those that were born and bred in the brier patch like us! So, check out April’s selection of hidden gems below!