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Album Review: Human Kitten – “Velvet Waltz”

Human Kitten, the project of Ocean City, Maryland based folk punk artist Elijah Llinas, last released a 16 track album titled I’m Afraid of Everything on October 31, 2016 and hinted that it may be the last release under the Human Kitten moniker. But there was certainly more to be said, a detailing of the relatable grey state of youth shadowed by mental illness in the form of Velvet Waltz.

Originally this release was planned to be a duo of companion EPs, playing off each other and showing two sides of things. This core idea is still present in the mirroring of the album, such as “Stuck Neverlasting” to “Luck Everlasting.” The latter presents a similar state of mind, but swings to a more positive outlook and the feeling of change within reach. Two other companion tracks “Bedroom at Midnight” and “Living Room at Noon” mirror each other in structure. “Bedroom” starts out as a slow and melancholic look at life and builds into an angry determination, whilst “Living Room” starts as upbeat but still vitriolic and moves down into that depressively real side.

The strong vocals followed by a shaky voice barely holding it together perfectly encapsulate the emotions behind the album. The wails of ‘Nothing at all‘ on “Sensory Deprivation” and ‘…a person who you truly believe has earned love‘ on “Living Room at Noon” show a growth in Elijah’s vocals, and the togetherness of the release show his growth as a songwriter. The album has an overall theme of youth and depression, stagnation and realization, growth and loss, and feels like a natural progression from I’m Afraid of Everything with a more cohesive structure.

Velvet Waltz is a look into a relatable depression in the modern day, everyday life, and an occasional lighthearted take on metaphor within a darker construction. Elijah covers everything from social expectations to introversion and video games, with a lot of incredibly well fitting lines such as ‘24 years old I’m still afraid of the telephone.’ The album has some Ghost Mice vibes in the power and the instrumentals, albeit with less tempo, but on a personal level rather than the societal level Ghost Mice discuss frequently.

Overall a more melancholic mood surrounds the album than other Human Kitten releases, with moments of biting anger and pits of crushing dejection. An emotive folk-punk experience that’s just as easy to relate to as it is to sing along, a story of mental illness, introversion, and the desire to grow beyond that and find a better place to stand.

Velvet Waltz is set to be released on October 31st, but you can listen to the first track “Stuck Neverlasting” below to get ready, and pre-order the album digitally on the Human Kitten Bandcamp page.

Human Kitten (Folk-punk) streams first track “Stuck Neverlasting” from upcoming album

Ocean City, Maryland folk-punk artist Human Kitten is streaming a new track titled “Stuck Neverlasting.” You can listen to it below.

“Stuck Neverlasting” is the first track from Human Kitten’s upcoming album Velvet Waltz. Initially his next release was planned to be 2 companion EPs, however now the ideas have been combined to be a single album release. Velvet Waltz is set to be released on October 31.

Human Kitten (Folk-Punk) announces 2 upcoming companion EPs

Ocean City, Maryland folk-punk artist Human Kitten has announced he will be releasing 2 EPs simultaneously by the end of summer. The EPs will be titled “New Game” and “Game Over.” You can find tentative tracklists for both releases below.

Elijah Llinas, the singer-songwriter behind Human Kitten, recently theorized that his most recent album release, “I’m Afraid of Everything,” may have been the last release under the name Human Kitten. However with the announcement of these two EPs Elijah stated: “HUMAN KITTEN ISN’T OVER. I’m currently aiming to simultaneously release a pair of two 7-song companion EPs by the end of the summer entitled “New Game” and “Game Over,” that will explore beginnings and endings, expectations and realities, pasts and futures, and all of the parallels they end up creating… Now I just have to start recording. See ya on the other side.

Human Kitten (folk-punk) stream album “I’m Afraid of Everything”

Ocean City, Maryland folk-punk artist Human Kitten has released new album “I’m Afraid of Everything” today, and has made it available to stream in its entirety on the Human Kitten Bandcamp page. Give it a listen below.

Elijah Llinas, the singer-songwriter behind Human Kitten, also stated that this may be the last album released under the name Human Kitten. He had this to say on the release:

This might very well be the last Human Kitten record. My life has gone through a lot of changes over the past two years, I’m not as sad anymore, and I’m seriously starting to heal and grow and change and if I continue to release any solo albums, it will likely just be under my own name. So here it is, “I’m Afraid of Everything.” Enjoy friends!

“I’m Afraid of Everything” is the artist’s second release this year, with the EP “Sad & Impulsive: Throwaway Demos, An EP” released on April 5th.