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Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Common Rider) starts poetry blog

Jesse Michaels, former front-man of seminal ska/punk band Operation Ivy and current musician, painter and artist has added a new enterprise to his resume: poet.

The underground jack-of-all-trades has recently started a blog featuring his poetry, called Hits of Acid.

I wish this report was about a reunion of Op Ivy, but until that comes to fruition, we can enjoy Michaels’ nuanced, slightly psychedelic prose-based poetry.

Jesse Michaels (Op. Ivy, Classics of Love) and Sam McPheeters (Born Against) to release split book “Sophisticated Devices/Make No Mistake”

Jesse Michaels of *deep breath* Operation Ivy, Common Rider, Classics of Love, and a ton of other stuff has teemed up with Sam McPheeters from Born Against and a slue of other bands to write, not a split album, but a split book. The book is called “Sophisticated Devices/Make No Mistake” and it will feature a short story written by each of them.

Michaels’ input is the story of a San Francisco man who meets a woman that changes his life, and McPheeters’ follows the story of a man released from prison. The book is due out November 10th via Rare Bird Books, and we will keep you posted as the date nears.

Jesse Michaels (ex-Operation Ivy) releases short film “Strikeforce: Condor”

Punk icon Jesse Michaels, who is best known as the former frontman of iconic ska-punk band Operation Ivy, has just released a new short film titled Strikeforce: Condor. The film appears to be a sequel to his previous short film, Horizon Bastard, which was launched on October 12th. Both films are available for viewing below.

Michaels stars as the character “Yunkie” in both films, although the latest addition may help to explain some of the first release. Michaels wrote and directed both of these works.

Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy, Classics Of Love, etc.) posts excerpt from upcoming book “Whispering Bodies”

Jesse Michaels, who is best known as the former frontman of iconic ska-punk band Operation Ivy, has posted quite a lengthy excerpt from his upcoming book “Whispering Bodies: A Roy Belkin Disaster.”

Click here to read the excerpt from the book, which is being released on September 10th and is currently available for purchase on

Jesse’s current band Classics of Love released their self-titled debut album in February, 2012 on Asian Man Records.

Jesse Michaels (Operation Ivy/Classics Of Love) to release novel “Whispering Bodies”

Jesse Michaels, best known for fronting the iconic ska punk band Operation Ivy, will be releasing a novel next month entitled “Whispering Bodies: A Roy Belkin Disaster.”

Pre-orders are available on, who give a short synopsis of the book:

“Roy Belkin, a reclusive man, Internet troll and neurotic ritualist stars In Whispering Bodies, the debut novel from Jesse Michaels. Belkin must begin each day with the task he calls The Service: visiting Christian chat-rooms to reply to users innocent questions with mocking answers. . .At forty-seven, balding, and mildly agoraphobic, Belkin is a man without direction. He rarely leaves his apartment (he refers to the outside world as The Pounding), and when he must leave, he meticulously recounts the day in his Thunder Book; a journal where he lists all that repulsed him that day.”

Jesse’s current band, Classics of Love, released their debut album in 2012 via Asian Man Records.